The love of a dog

dogs make great nurses and caretakers

whose there?

Okay, my first day using my left hand and it is slow going.  Today, after a long day with medical professionals, I come home and realize how blessed I am to have two of the dearest, most loving beings on the planet right here with me!  ME!

Whew… done with left hand now.

I look into their eyes.  I know I’m lucky.  I’m honored to have them in my life and am truly humbled by their presence.  I believe they are straight from heaven.

My luck doesn’t seem so great in many ways lately, but in doggie land and up in doggie heaven somebody must really like me!

I wish everyone could see in dogs what I see.  I wish everyone loved dogs.

I’m glad I know, the love of a dog.

she's a beauty and she loves me

Egyptian BeautyHound


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