Warrior Women with Blogs Award

Dear Rosemary,

I am absolutely delighted that you chose me as one of your recipients for this ‘lovely’ award!
Your ability to give support, encouragement and friendship, even as you are struggling is a special gift.
Your thoughtful and funny comments have brightened my day many times.   In your words I  feel your compassion and empathy.

Thank you,

Rosemary’s health blog: Seeking Equilibrium.

I am passing on this, ‘Lovely Blog Award’  to blogs written by Warrior Women.  Women who are carrying on in spite of illness and disease.  Also, to the warrior women who are dedicating their time to a blog that offers education, support and healing  for victims of domestic abuse and violence.

You can visit The ‘lovely’ blogs’ who are receiving this award by clicking the provided links in the list below.

My Foggy Brain –  I’m passing this on to you.
This is a blog by a creative woman living life with fibromyalgia, and like most of us, other illnesses as well. She shares how she manages to find joy in crafts and the love of her family, including her 4leggeds.

I’m a little biased because myfoggybrain is one of the first people I connected with and she continues to leave me very nice comments.   Aside from my personal regard, I find her blog inspiring and if you like crafts, such as scrap-booking, papercraft or making cards, then take a little trip over and visit her blog.

Thank you MyFoggyBrain

Victoria at Walking on Eggshells, I present this award to you.

This is a blog written by a mother who is brave and strong.  She tells us honestly and candidly of her experience raising a son  challenged with a mental illness.

Victoria carries on and walks forward in the face of circumstances that present her with a life of living moment by moment.  Revealed in her blog is her appreciation for the precious peaceful moments in time.

Thank you Victoria.

CZ at The Narcissistic Continuum, I present you with this award.

This is a blog that takes me into a peaceful place of healing and learning.  CZ is a gifted writer, experienced and educated in her subject.  Her blog offers creative and fascinating metaphors, along with well-researched facts to educate people about Narcissism, along with offering support for victims of narcissists.

I have personally found her articles life changing.

Thank you CZ.

Leslie Sigal Javorek, at IconDoIt, I present this award to you.

Leslie is a talented artist, which you will see if you visit her blog.  She creates awesome free icons and they aren’t you’re average icons.  They have interesting stories and tales and imagination behind them.

Leslie also lives with a terminal illness — and LIVES she does!  I am personally deeply inspired by her positive attitude towards living.

I am among those, both cursed and blessed, stubborn as hell and determined to survive.”  Leslie Sigal Javorek.

Thank you Leslie!

jeneli, at Almost Normal, I present this award to you.

This is a blog written by a young woman who lives with several serious ‘invisible’ illnesses, one of which is fibromyalgia.  One of the things I always remember about her is that she must take a long bus ride to see her doctors.  That one thing would wear me out!

Because I don’t look sick, and don’t always need mobility aids, people tend to assume I’m in perfect health–that I’m perfectly ‘normal.’ ”  jeneli

Thank you jeneli!

lostintranslation, “An Impetuous Buffet of Loving Indulgence” — I present this award to you.

This is a blog written by a woman who loves to write, which I very much appreciate.  Some of us just have to write. She has a  refreshing youthful spirit and questioning mind, the latter of which seems to get many of us a bit, ‘lost in translation.’

I am just a girl who loves to write…..in circles…in squares….in the margins…on fresh sheets of notebook paper…on hotel stationery…in different colors…in cursive or print or Word…on napkins….on your soul…from my heart.”  lostintranslation

Thank you lostintranslation!

“Mo,” at Mo is blogging…I think, I present this award to you.

This is a blog written by a woman living with multiple chronic illnesses.  Mo writes frankly about the pain and fatigue living with these illnesses.   Her blog also reveals her gratitude for family.  She has found the love of her life, (who I wish had a single twin!).  Surely, it’s a blog worth visiting!

Thank you Mo!

To the recipients:

You can decorate your blog with your award, or you can simply stash it into your box of goodies, where you may go when you are worn down and need little treasures — things reminding you that you are not alone. Or, simply, just to let you know that one person appreciates your work.  I believe our blogs are very much a part of our work in this world.

This award is a way to say thank you to another blogger, or your favorite blogs.   You may present this award to a blog(s) of your choice by posting it on your blog and giving a link to the blog(s) you awarded, along with a little about why you chose the recipient(s).

To see more clearly than my foggy brain can tell you about accepting this award, please go see Rosemary here.

A note as to creating this list. At first it felt a bit daunting.  I was too tired.  Brain fog had the best of me.  I can write a post without too much thinking involved.  I hope that doesn’t sound like I don’t care about what I ‘post’ because I certainly do — but in general, writing a post is a relatively easy task.

I wondered if my giving an award would cause you to feel obligated to post it on your blog, which is why I mildly modified the, “criteria,” and again, I’m trusting is okay by Rosemary.

As I worked a little on this post, now and then, it gradually became an insightful and enjoyable experience.   I’ve learned a little more about each person through the process of describing her blog.  I’ve been reminded of my gladness over stumbling upon and having the honor to communicate with these women.

Thank you Rosemary, for the gift, and the ensuing inspiration of this post.

Mom says thanks!

Tiny here! I know, I'm cute.


22 responses to this post.

  1. […] about this earlier but I think I must have dreamed it instead. I have been chosen by the very nice Dogkisses and the charming Lila to receive the One Lovely Blog […]



  2. Wow. I am truly honored by your kind words and it also feels wonderful to know that I have actually been able to help someone feel a little bit better, a little bit less alone, and a little bit stronger. I have tried all my life to do that and have too often not only been unsuccessful but actually had some people get really pissed off and angry at me for being so “Pollyanna-ish” – like I was trying to be optimistic and positive just to make them look bad! I don’t get that at all. I have to say though that it helps me be able to remain optimistic and positive when I realize others may be looking to me for a reason to believe they can get through their difficulties. We “Warrior Women” all need each other and together we can make it. Thank You, dear friend!



    • Hi Leslie! You are for sure, a Warrior Woman! You are completely inspiring! Your optimism and good attitude has never once come across to me as being anything other than positive and healthy, not at all arrogant or as if you think you are better than others. I’ve been around those kind of people. You have empathy and compassion in your heart, so your good outlook on life, as you have suffered in ways that I can barely imagine, is life-giving. It wakes me up to life!

      I’m happy you are back. I missed you! Thank you, as always, for taking the time to read my posts, and for being my friend! I am blessed to have you in my life, even if it is through cyber space.



  3. Also, do I mind you modifying the award? I can tell you it was so hard to come up with 15. That was tough and then notifying everyone? I lost count of who I notified after you, cj, lynn and judy. Fog galore!!



    • Thanks for saying that Rose. I got the same award from another fellow blogger just after I finished. I’ll have to wait and give it later. Thinking of the people is easy but creating the links and notifying folks does take some energy. Plus, I really wanted to tell why I liked the blogs I chose. It took me what — a week or something? Only yesterday did I figure out how to put the image on my blog where it was actually visible. It was tiny at first. You’d need a magnifying glass to have seen it.

      I would like to say thank you again for the award. It means a lot to me and it made me feel good to know that some of the bloggers I chose needed it as much as I did. You have sent joy into several hearts.



  4. Warrior Women! Love it!!!!!

    I have been so down and so tired. It just seems like one thing after another. I’ve just been beat up. I’m trying to get back into life here but it’s been tough. Think about you often girlfriend!

    I can’t think of anyone who deserves this award more. You are a wonderful writer and you have an amazing spirit. Even though its tough right now it will get better. Gosh, wouldn’t it be cool to get a group and go on vacation where we could get to know each other and kick back. They say money doesn’t buy happiness but right now………it would at least make my life a hell of a lot more convenient. Financial stress definitely does not help this illness. I know what you mean about the power bills and well, just bills in general when you’re on a minimal fixed income. This disease is a thief and it just keeps stealing…………..how to stop it??

    Thank you for all your comments.

    Hugs and gratitude for your friendship,





    • My dear Rose,
      You’re fatigue and weariness touches my heart. I wish I could give you a hug. It will get better though. We must believe that. I’ve been down lately too — I try to remember the last time my young friends were here, only a two days ago. We laughed so hard. They too are like drops of heaven sent to my little home. We don’t laugh accidentally either. These two girls know exactly what they are doing. They came armed the other day — two YouTube videos that would make even the most depressed person in the world laugh! We had not been together except once for a week. They were grounded for one week for staying over here too long. But that night we simply could not stop having fun!!!
      Today is one of the girl’s birthdays and a special one too. I wish I could buy her something but I can’t. I think I’m going to give her one of my necklaces and earrings to match. She is young and lovely and I know would appreciate it.
      It’s ironic that you mention money today because when I woke up, my first thought was left over from an email I got from someone last night, which had reminded me of the money I walked away from when I chose my heart instead.
      So, as broke as I am, first thought was, “Wow, think of all the money I could have at this moment if I had only…” If I had only been able to let someone use, abuse and treat me like a door mat.!!!
      Anything is possible. Maybe one day we will all start some kind of business and make money doing something we love, which obviously has something to do with helping others, like you help me, and like I hope that my words will give you even a tiny bit of comfort.
      I’m wondering too, can you move? I’m serious. That state you live in is pretty but the heat!!!! I could not take it. I’ve always heard dry heat is better than the humidity here, the latter of which I can’t take either. But the mountains are the place to be! So, I wish we could live closer to each other. We would help each other and laugh together even when we are sick and down.
      I’m thinking about you and will wish joy into your heart every time I think of you today. Joy, along with a bit of relief for your mind and body.
      Your friend,



  5. Eee, thank you! I love the fact that you remember my boring bus journeys! When I am less exhausted I will figure out how to sort all this out on my wordpress, at the moment it’s a bit hard making sentences work for me.

    LOVELY dog photos. They have such happy faces.

    Take care



    • jeneli, the bus rides are easy to remember! how to spell your name isn’t though and I had it spelled all of three different ways until I edited. Also, remember, no action required in acceptance okay!



  6. Posted by myfoggybrain411 on June 23, 2010 at 12:02 AM

    You are, and continue to be, such a wonderful inspiration to me. I am so honored to be among these other bloggers! I am so glad you continue to write. I know when I’m feeling down and I need a “lift me up”, I can come to your blog and grab a moment of “exactly what I need” reading!

    Thank you so much!! I don’t even know what to say….

    big gentle hugs to you and praying for you and your son and 4 leggeds… 🙂



  7. Thank you my Friend, and thanks for the lovely words about my blog….I need to get some time and work on this. I am so frazzled, I am taking care of both my Mom and my sister (Mono Girl) and it’s really wearing me out.

    Thanks again!



    • Hello Mo,
      I know how it is to be taking care of two people at once. I did that for a while. I don’t regret it but it sure got the best of me. But I recovered and am back to my normal state of pain and fatigue. Yippee!
      You are good to care for your family. I love that about you.
      Try to remember yourself in the meantime okay.
      And you are welcome. You most certainly have a ‘lovely blog.’



  8. Dogkisses,

    Thank you so much for the little ray of sunshine you left me…it made my day! Also, thank you for such kind words when describing my blog! I feel honored to be thought of and acknowledged here… You really are an inspiration (to me at least), and I am thankful that I discovered your blog!
    I proudly posted it on my blog, and when I’m feeling a bit better I will be sure to pass it on!
    THANK YOU again!!!


    I absolutely love the title ‘Warrior Women With Blogs’ – Fantastic!



    • Victoria– You are most welcome and I changed the criteria for my recipients b/c we all have chaotic lives and some of us are in a lot of pain. So, like I said, stash it in your box of goodies and you can post it next year if you feel like it.

      I laughed when I read this, “You really are an inspiration (to me at least)”– several people say my blog is inspiring and I think Lord how could it be?! I had a friend who picked on me a lot, in fun, and would always say, “You’re a smart girl no matter what everyone else says.” This friend passed on two years ago and you see, I don’t know how I’m inspiring when I’m usually talking about depression, mental illness, pain, or death, but that is life isn’t it?
      Thanks for your comment.
      Mostly, thank you for your work in your blog. It means a lot to me and I’m sure to the world. And one day, it may mean a lot to your son when he is grown.
      We are Warrior Women!



  9. […] was given to me by Dogkisses – one of the first blogs I started reading after joining the land of bloggers here at […]



  10. Congrats on the award! You deserve it.

    Your dogs are too cute! I am just LOVING my little dog, Sugar. She’s added so much joy to my life!

    I made my blog invite only and would like to send you an invite if you would like to keep reading, but I need your email!



    • Hi Barbara,
      I sent you a message. Hope you get it. And yes, I would very much like to keep reading your blog. Thank you!
      Thanks for the congrats and also I’m so glad somebody noticed my beautiful 4leggeds. They are indeed cute!
      I’d like to know how it went with training your puppy, Sugar. I so hope it went well.
      Blessings to you and your son,



  11. Posted by lostintranslation11 on June 22, 2010 at 7:30 PM

    Dogkisses!!! In my current crazy-emotional state, you’ve brought me the loveliest relief ever…tears of joy!! I am moved beyond words that you would bless me and my writing(!!!!!) with this. I’ve been struggling with my writing for awhile now, and since writing is as vital to my life as oxygen, it’s the most beautiful thing that you’ve included me in this and it is so encouraging and inspiring.
    You, your words, and your blog have been blessings to me since your first comment on my blog and I’m so very grateful that we found each other out here in this massive blog-land!!
    Thank you my friend!!!



    • lostintranslation– hi,
      I thought I replied to you but somehow I can’t find it.
      You are most welcome for the gift as well as deserving. I love your passion — and don’t let the bad guys take that from you!
      Thank you for your reply too!
      dogkisses xoxoxo



  12. Thank you, Dogkisses! What a wonderful thing to say about my blog and my DEDICATION to helping people understand the ‘narcissistic disorder’ so they can restore their self-worth and self-esteem.

    You can’t avoid the inevitable harm of loving someone who throws you away like last-year’s toaster. It’s traumatic, and the sad thing is that people obsess over what happened until they feel crazy themselves!

    Right when we need other people more than we ever did, we’re inclined to isolate, fearful that we cannot trust our perceptions ever again. That is the terrible legacy of the narcissistic relationship and it’s long-lasting impact on people’s ability to trust others or even themselves.

    I am so very touched that you have found comfort and inspiration from my writings! Thank you for this award. It feels so validating and it encourages me to keep writing.

    Big hugs,



    • CZBZ– You are most welcome!
      Thank you too for your comment here.
      With only a few words, you have clearly represented why I think your blog is ‘lovely’.



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