Horse pills and little angels

she calls me an angel and gives me sweet treats when all I do is what I do best.

“I think dogs are the most amazing creatures; they give unconditional love.  For me they are the role model for being alive.”  ~Gilda Radner

“What’s your pain level?” the nurse asked.

“Nine,” I quickly remarked.  I was too tired to say nine and a half and would have said ten, but that’s reserved for pain that sends a person to an emergency room.  If I hadn’t had a doctor see, then it would have been an emergency.

My blood pressure was high, which for me means severe pain.  The doctor said I needed another round of the horse pills I had taken.

“I don’t know why I feel this bad,” I told my good friend after the appointment.  “It’s a simple bladder infection,” I said, but my whole body ached.

“You started out on the edge of good health,” he gently responded.   “Now your body has to use all it’s energy to fight the infection.”

My friend didn’t have much time to spare, but he made me a wonderful egg sandwich.  It was no ordinary egg sandwich.  It came with such tenderness in his heart, that I felt like the most special person to him in the world.  That right there is healing.

I went home and straight to bed.  My beloved canine companion, little Ruthie, woke me with a gentle kiss on my arm around seven o’clock.  She knows exactly when dinner time arrives.  Ruthie is such a tender dog.  She always asks for what she needs in the sweetest little ways.

Our other dog heard me stirring around and came into the bedroom.  They both wanted to eat and go outside. 

The first thing Ruthie did when we walked outside was spot a rabbit.  Holding her back was hard and it made me irritable.  I raised my voice, which made me feel guilty, but I knew I couldn’t take being pulled by her.   I brought them back inside, fed them and returned to bed.  They both settled on the floor beside my bed, like little angels watching over me.

The dogs don’t sleep in their usual places when I’m sick.  They are more protective of me.  They’re vigilant little guardians.

Living with chronic pain and exhaustion is hard.  Getting sick on top of being sick is depressing.

I decided to rent movies to make it through the next dose of horse pills.  I hoped depression wouldn’t get the best of me, but then I have these little creatures walking on four legs.  They are the best medicine in the world!  Dogs really do rule.


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  1. Ms Dogkisses, I feel so bad that I can;t help you out somehow. You’ve got your hands full. My cat cudddled up next to me today when I wasn’t feeling good. She was so close, pressing against me, and purring. Then she started grooming me! She licked my cheek and then my hand. She was intent on making me feel better I guess. My dog lays under my bed, and will ask to come up with me. She is really not allowed on the bed…especially if Dad is home. She gets nervous when I stay on bed so long…I let her come up.

    I hope the horse pills help you overnight, and you will be beack on the mend soon.




    • Hello Mo!
      Thank you. You did help me out by telling me you wish you could.
      That is so sweet about your cat! I love to hear them purr. I don’t have one ’cause my son visits and he’s allergic to them indoors. Does nothing but sneeze constantly.
      I’m glad you let your dog comfort you too. Our furry friends are the best little nurses!
      I hope today gives you some peace. Thanks for your very nice comment.

      hugs and dogkisses 2u.



  2. Posted by licoriceroot on July 31, 2010 at 11:24 PM

    Goodness. I surely hope you feel better soon. It is SO hard to be “sick on top of being sick”. You must take good care of yourself, indulge in some movies and time in bed and you will feel better sooner. Having your dogs, I’m sure, helps to fight the depression that seems to accompany dealing with chronic illness. Those sweet eyes, the way they just know, and a doggy kiss or two are usually enough to get me through another few hours.
    As for the mental health system in our country, well, it just goes without being said that the mentally ill are one of the most neglected populations in our country, and families who care for them aren’t far behind. We live on the fringe of society, for now.
    Warm wishes and hugs.:) Celia



    • Hi Celia,
      Thank you for your nice comment. I felt kind of weird writing about being sick like I did here, but now, I’m glad I did. Your comment, as with the others, makes me feel like I’m not completely alone. I find it very hard to ask for help. I need a ride to the store for water, as I’ve discovered mine may be bad, but since nobody has offered and I have not asked, then I’m going to drive myself, which I truly dread. My water smells bad when it rains — and it’s pouring down as I write. I’m not about to drink it! Sigh… Maybe I’ll find my positive attitude soon cause I seem to have lost it since yesterday.

      hugs2u2 🙂



  3. Oh, Miss Dogkisses,

    I am so very, very sorry to hear how SICK you are and how much PAIN you are in!!!!! I wish I lived nearby so I could bring you some chicken soup. I don’t make chicken soup, but I would figure it out for you. I make a mean chicken enchilada casserole, but I guess on your stomach that might be a bit much.

    I am sending positive energy across the miles to you, though. And, of course, sending up many prayers for you and your son. And, for your puppies. I know they are not puppies, but they are so sweet to take care of you as best they can and to be so gentle in their request for food, I don’t know, puppy just seems more right. (terrible grammar, I know).

    You drink lots of water and cranberry juice–do you have cranberry juice? Dang, if I couldn’t make the soup, I could at least go to the store for you.

    Know that you are cared for and thought of. Take care of yourself now, and don’t overdo when you are feeling better. Keep drinking that cranberry juice, too–even when you aren’t sick.

    Many hugs,
    p.s. Thanks for your comments on my page! : )



    • Hi CJ,
      I just finished a nice salad, which is all the food I want. My son is doing pretty good, esp., putting up with my irritable mood.
      You know my doctor said I could drink the cranberry juice but that once you get an infection, all fluids are basically the same. He said cranberry juice prevents infections but does zilch once you get one. How about that! And nope. I’m out of juice and I think I’m going to have to drive to the store! I just want to stay in the bed.
      Yeah, puppy sounds more right to me too 🙂
      Thanks for your comment. Actually, your own writing inspired me to write more directly about pain and being sick.
      Thanks for your well wishes and prayers. I gotta go back to bed now.

      Miss Dogkisses 🙂



  4. Wow. I am so sorry you’re going through all this! I hope the horse pills kick the infection’s ass and that you can feel better SOON. The sandwich sounds yummy.



    • Hi Barbara!
      Thank you. I appreciate your well wishes. I’ve been thinking of you. I’m so sorry I haven’t visited your blog lately. Maybe you can see why in this post. Being sick sucks. Thanks for stopping to comment! I hope you and also your son are doing okay, or better. I’ll try to make myself come catch up with you over the next few days. I’m pretty sure I’ll be home much of the time and with time on my hands.

      Take good care and my very best wishes to you!



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