A letter to my blog

a letter to a blog and dogs can ride horses

Dear Dogkisses’s Blog,

I’m writing to say how much I’ve grown to respect you since you were born.   I admit that you were an accident and I didn’t have a plan as to how I would care for you.

I remember what fun it was the first time I clicked publish.  The life in you began to shine.

Unfortunately, I don’t know your exact birthday, but it was about one year ago.  I’m sure I could find it somewhere on your dashboard, but I changed the dates of my first several posts.   I can’t believe I trashed the “Hello World.”  I’m sorry.  I thought it was terrible writing, but now I can see where it would be cool if I could see your first appearance.

I realize you are just a blog.  I know I can do almost anything I want to with you.  What I failed to realize when you were younger is that how I treat you has an effect on others.  The blogosphere doesn’t revolve around you.  You live within it.

I’ve been working on cleaning up your archives.  Not only did I click publish too soon, without doing a spell check, much less a full edit, I also failed to work harder at finding the right words, or better words than some of the ones I chose to use.

I should have watched more videos and read more about blogs before giving birth to you, but please know I’m trying to learn and do better in creating you and your, um… online presence.

From this day forward I will have a greater respect for you and your capabilities.


Your maker and caretaker.


4 responses to this post.

  1. What a wonderful reflection! Before I started blogging, I hadn’t ever thought about what the act of blogging meant to the bloggers. Maybe it was because most of the blogs I had seen up to then had been overtly intended to be a marketing tool for big corporations and spammers. But I’ve come to think of my blog as a living creature all on it’s own and my readers as a lifeline. Who knew?

    I’m glad that you started and continue to keep up your blog, as it has been continually a source of inspiration – and comfort – to me. I’m quite sure that your many other readers agree.



    • Hi Leslie,

      I thought you would appreciate the reflection. Thank you for reading my blog.

      I am back from camping and so nice to see a comment from you.

      hugs and dogkisses,




  2. That’s the fun part about blogs. They don’t have to be perfect to be great.



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