Man of Action from IconDoIt

“Man of Action,” from IconDoIt, the store, on Zazzle.

this man of action rocks! (direct link)

I absoulutely LOVE this “Man of Action” pin/button so I purchased two at a very modest price from IconDoIt’s store on Zazzle.

I can’t wait to give them for Christmas presents.

Bloggers know how much other bloggers mean to us.  My friend Leslie, from her blog, IconDoIt, is a talented creative survivor!

Leslie has been an inspiration to me since I first discovered her blog.  I’m quite sure I would love her art even if I didn’t know what an awesome person she is.

Check out the “Man of Action” via the link above and click on image to visit IconDoIt, the blog.

IconDoIt also has some wonderful holiday cards.  My favorite so far is the “Sugar Plum Fairy.”

My first purchase was the “FenceSitter” poster and I gotta tell ya, it is fabulous!

With each purchase Zazzle offers coupons for your next purchase and a discount for you to offer a friend.


PS  This is shared from my heart, with love and appreciation for Leslie and her amazingly strong will to live.  I do not benefit in any way financially for sharing this with you.


4 responses to this post.

  1. Just visited Leslie, what an amazing lady – you were right about her being an inspiration and TALENTED.



    • AWESOME! I love her art and also anytime you need an interesting image (she always has a little story or history behind her images) or a great Icon, well, that’s my favorite place 🙂



  2. How does one send a proper bear hug through a blog comment? In my tardy, feeble way, consider this to be a dozen hugs! You have always been so kind and supportive to me despite such troubles of your own. Thank You, my friend.
    Love, Leslie



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