sweet memories

“Mother of the Year” is written on the front page of the little book my son made in elementary school.  I’m pretty sure all the moms of the students in his class were elected.  The year was 1993.

Today I was trying to find something on the bookshelf and came across the book, which is an entirely wonderful personal treasure.

The first page says he is happy that I was elected.  Then he goes on to say why.

“The best thing about my mom is that she’s fun to be with and nice.”

The next question asks him what the most important thing his mother has taught him.

He wrote that I taught him to, “Stop wars and boms.”  Boms, not bombs.

He drew a picture of me, holding my palm out with the word stop written beside my mouth in one of those little cartoon type clouds.  There was another person with a gun and he wrote the word “okay”  beside that person.

I guess in a child’s mind stopping war and bombs is that easy.

The next part was written in larger letters:  “Don’t use Drugs!”  He spelled that right.

The next page reminds me of how much energy I had.  “Mother on the Move” he titled it.  I scanned it but it’s almost twenty years old —

mother on the move, before fibromyalgia

I love my little book.

My son and I had a great time in his childhood.

I actually could clean a house in ten minutes.  I played with him all the time but I only played Lacrosse once.  He must have thought I was pretty good.

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  1. Posted by ruthie on December 28, 2010 at 8:55 PM

    i like the way he spelled beet….

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  2. It is wonderful when we find things like that, it can make you smile, and wish for the old days again. Those little boys know the direct route to theier Mommy’s heart don’t they?



    • Hi Mo,
      I was thinking of you today. You must have gotten the wave of my thoughts. I hope you are doing alright.

      Yes, they do know how to get to our hearts 🙂 Every time I come across the little book my heart feels warm. I just wish I could still clean a house in ten minutes, or in a day for that matter. Oh well. I can still ride my little “magic bike” and sometimes we have great fun doing that.



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