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“So, what do you write about?” the eye doctor asked.

“Pain,” I answered.  I could have said life, health or my childhood memories, but pain seemed as good an answer as any.  The conversations at the eye doctor have the feel of the ones at the dentist’s office.

“Really,” the doctor remarked with enthusiasm.  “Where do you write?”

“I have a blog,” I said.

“Oh.  You’re a blogger.”  His enthusiasm was gone.  He didn’t ask me anything else about my writing.

Okay, so I’m a blogger.

I haven’t personally thought of myself as a blogger, even though I see nothing wrong with it and obviously, I am one.

I’ve always looked at it like I have a blog.  I like to write and I write in a blog.

I don’t usually say I’m a writer.  I say I like to write.

Saying I’m a writer seems to imply many things that are not true for me, one of which is, that I make a living doing it.

My sister and I were talking over the telephone yesterday.  I brought up the subject of blogs, since I’d just been to that doctor.

“I’ve never even heard of a blog until you had one.  I don’t know anything about them.”

“Well, people call people with blogs bloggers,” I told her.  “Apparently, some people don’t have such great attitudes about bloggers.”

“Well, I don’t see why,” my sister said.

My mom was asking what we were talking about.  I could hear her in the background.

“Michelle’s a blogger Mother!” my sister shouted out, as if that was new news and kind of cool too.

I laughed.

“A what?” I heard my mother ask in the background.

“A blogger!” my sister said, again enthusiastically.

“Well, I knew she had a blog,” she replied, as if to say, well duh, but my mother’s tone changed when she added, “but I didn’t know she was a blogger.”  The way she put emphasis on blogger left me wondering what she thought of the word.  It didn’t sound like too much.

I feel like a writer.  I want to do it every day.  Sometimes, it’s all I want to do.   I don’t think I’m that good, but I enjoy the process.  I don’t like throwing away ten pages that it took to get one decent and maybe even nice sentence or paragraph, but I sure like it when I get it right.

When I don’t write, it’s because I’m either sick or too busy.  If I ran out of ideas, I think my memory would have had to have failed me completely.  I simply run out of energy or can’t concentrate.

Writer or blogger, either way, I like to write and I write in a blog.

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  1. Well, Miss Dogkisses, you already know how I feel about your writing. I am pleased to see that you have had many others confirm my opinion. You are a writer, you are an excellent writer, you need to write almost as much as I need to read you. Blog on!




    • Hey CJ–

      Jan over at PlanetJan mentioned me getting a t-shirt with, “I live, therefore I blog,” printed on it or was it, “I blog, therefore I live” –I forgot, but they might both be true.

      It’s so nice to see a comment from you again. I was glad to see your post and I need to read your writing too CJ! You tell it like it is and I like that!

      Thanks for stopping by and for your sweet words.

      Miss Dogkisses.



  2. You might want to get yourself a nifty little badge or t-shirt that says, “I live, therefore I blog.” I find that when you tell people you’re a writer, they want to know what you’ve written. Titles please. I’ve found blogging to be much more freeing, and I love it when people from halfway around the world comment and ask for my feedback. That alone makes my day. It also seems that half of the breaking news coming out of Egypt and the Middle East is via bloggers, so wear the badge proudly!



  3. Welcome to the starving writers guild! You know, I’ve been blogging for more than three years now. This winter, I’ve often thought I ought to cut down on the time I spend blogging, because I’m not reaching many readers, and my blogs accomplish nothing. I should be using my time more productively, my conscience tells me.

    But I have also experienced depression (winters are always bad, but this has been worse than most). I’ve found that blogging gets my weary brain working, and lifts my spirits. I enjoy it, it helps me, so I do it. I think bloggers who stick with it are probably having an impact on someone, somewhere, somehow, more than we can guess.



    • Thank you John! I’m proud to be in such a humble group of folks.

      I also feel guilty about the time I spend writing or blogging. This year I decided it’s time for me to do some things in life that I want to do, so the guilt isn’t as strong as it was. It hasn’t been easy so far and some days I know I’m writing to myself. Blogging, rather than writing in my office program, offers me comfort, most especially when I get feedback. Sometimes, I feel like I depend on my blog too much for my mood, but then I guess there are much worse things I could be relying on.

      I’m sorry you struggle with depression. This winter has been particularly bad for me too. I’ve been staying inside way too much. I wish I had one of those lights that help people with seasonal depression. Writing is good for the spirit and winter is a good time for reflection. (That’s what I tell myself, but I’ll be glad when it’s over!)

      Your blog is awesome and you are an excellent writer. It is so absolutely real and down to earth, yet in it are some of the most important questions we need to ask ourselves and our government.

      Personally, I feel very happy to have come across your blog and ‘met’ you. I’m reading again, although slowly due to fatigue and my obligations, but I’m enjoying Anne Tyler’s book, thanks to your review.

      I believe if our words reach and maybe help in some way one human being, then that is a good thing. Your blog has certainly reached me. Several times after reading your, “Dispatches from ConsterNation,” I’ve gone on to learn a few things. Yesterday, inspired by your post, I took time to read more about world hunger.

      From one human being blogging to another, Thank you for your work John.




    • In reply to you John, If you can but inspire or make someone think alittle- if we reach just one person to either bring a smile, or give them hope, or pass a little knowledge their way we have all done our job.. And like Michelle says your knowledge passed on left its imprint, and thats all that matters so long as we enjoy what we are doing and trying to help those who pass on by. ~Dreamwalker~



  4. Posted by FLYNN on February 11, 2011 at 7:38 PM

    Blogging is fun! However, the very word BLOG sounds almost “alien”, like from a Klingon (Star Trek). BLOG! Come here! I’m used to the word “writer”.



    • Flynn, thanks for a morning laugh!

      I used to get the word confused with blob and imagined an unshapely figure floating in space. (Did I just describe my blog?!)

      PS Yes, I grew up watching Star Trek in the ’70’s. My memory is poor, but my grown son always reminds me of the characters names.



  5. YOU are a WRITER!.. a very accomplished one at that..
    Ive been filling out forms recently and they asked what were my hobbies? I put down all the usual ones, Reading, my Watercolour painting and others, I hesitated and then I put Blogger.. I thought What the Heck!… As I Blog more than I paint..
    So next time someone asks what you do… say I’m a WRITER! For that is what you do.. Very well might I add from what Ive read here..You’re a writer who publishes her works on her website so that it may help others.. A very commendable hobby if you ask me… which has led many to the printed world of books.
    Be Proud of what you do.. For you do it VERY WELL..



    • Hello my friend and fellow blogger, Dreamwalker,

      I guess it’s official now. Bloggers we are and proud to be one! 🙂 I’m glad you said, “What the Heck!”

      There are times over the past couple of years when I’ve said I’m a writer just to see how it feels. In one way, not saying it is denying a big part of who I am.

      Writing is a passion the same way gardening was when I used to plant flowers that attracted butterflies. When the butterflies came to drink, dance around and on some plants, lay their eggs, I felt completely connected to our great Mother. I felt that my work meant something and obviously, the butterflies were very happy!

      You are like a butterfly landing on my blog. Exactly like that! I’m glad the wind blew in the right direction bringing you here. I’m glad that you see worth and value in my words.

      Thank you very much for the lovely compliments and encouragement!

      Carry on Dreamwalker, Your work is mighty powerful!



      • Thank you Michelle, you underestimate your own work and worth my new found friend.Your writings are excellent.

        I was a caterpillar a long while roaming under the cabbage leaves lol until I realised we all have to pull ourselves up and weave our own cocoon of protection and transformation out of the threads of Life. I was in the pit of despair along while before I emerged the butterfly, using ‘Mnd over Matter!’ and even now some days I forget I can fly!…



        • Thank you Dreamwalker.

          I have a hard time giving myself much credit. People tell me I’m very hard on myself, which is true. I’m trying to be kinder to me. I dreamed one time I was almost a butterfly, but I never made it out of the cocoon.

          Someone once said to me, when I was only thirty, that he was a prisoner of his own mind. I had no idea what he was talking about. He also said he was haunted by his past. I didn’t get that either. Now, I get both.

          It is those walls we create in our minds that imprison us, but the good thing is, I hope, is that if we built them, we can take them down.

          Here’s to flying free, like “Kamama”–Cherokee for butterfly.



  6. And what do writers write about? They write about pain. Your pain fuels your writing.



    • Hi Rossa,

      Yes, you are right, very often pain does fuel writing.

      As a child, my grandmother and I used to write letters and it was first love that fueled our writings and second, it was the weather. That was the “body” of the letter. Telling about our weather and asking about theirs. Of course, if there were any aches or pains to discuss, my grandma included those.

      In my spare time, I write about a healing garden, a place I dream of having one day. In the positive and wonderful words I come up with to describe this place, the idea, I guess, is fueled by pain in that it is a place to heal.



  7. How funny…I have had the same kind of conversation with my sister. She doesn’t get it although she does read my posts. She has never left me a comment, she says she doesn’t know how. Now, when my Mom was alive she read all my stuff and commented…and she was 87! My kids roll their eyes, my Hubby pats me on top of my head and says…that’s nice dear!

    If I miss a day or two, or even a week (which is happening now) it’s because I am sick.

    Kepp posting….I enjoy your posts!




    • Hi Mo,

      I’ve said this before, but sometimes when I write a post, I’ll think to myself, I bet Mo would get this. And you did.

      I think it’s wonderful that your mother read your blog. Really wonderful! That must have felt very good to have her support you like that. I know she is still with you and in your heart I bet she is there with every post you write.

      I wish my mom or sisters wanted to read and/or comment, but maybe it’s best this way. I’m free to write about them, even though I do try to be nice.

      I have a friend that pats my head too. I’m not sure what that means.

      I’m sorry you are sick and having more sick days. I haven’t felt too well either. I hope you get to feeling better soon.

      Thanks for your support by visiting me and commenting! Especially while you’re not feeling well. Thank you.

      With many well wishes,



  8. Posted by licoriceroot on February 10, 2011 at 6:09 PM

    There you go! And I think you are a darned good writer And what you write in your blog is great!!!!!!



  9. I really liked this post. I have seen what you are talking about, in regards to people having vastly different responses to the word “blogger”. I can relate so much to this post too.
    It sounds like your sister thought it was cool. That’s nice! Cling to the good and the positive in life. It’s nice when someone appreciates something that you do, or just the act of you doing it. That’s something that a person tends to take for granted when they are not disabled, but when you are… well even the smallest bit of acknowledgement can mean a lot. At least it does to me. (LOL)
    So I say, focus on the fact your sister had a positive response. 🙂
    I enjoyed the post!



    • Hi Deb,

      I’m glad you commented. I knew I couldn’t be the only one who hears negative remarks or gets people’s attitudes when I say I have a blog. One of my friends (one I haven’t seen in years) recently visited my blog, not commenting he instead called me up and asked me what I did for a living that enabled me to have a blog. I couldn’t believe he didn’t know I’m not able to work at a real job, but I reminded him that I have disabilities. I had to explain what this meant in real life and that me having a blog is where I do what I’ve always done, write.

      You are so right. It does mean a lot to receive positive feedback about something we do in this world, even if it isn’t bringing in income.

      Thanks for reading Deb.
      dogkisses 🙂



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