Pain, Fatigue and Dogs

dogs know how to fight fatigue, just look...

Sometimes I think I forget or am in denial of having Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia.  I go and go and go and then I crash.  I try to keep a balance, but some days life demands things and I do more than I should.  That’s the way it’s been lately.

I have a pretty bad infected foot, which I thought was fibromyalgia pain, until I pulled my little toe away to look.  I saw what was NOT fibromyalgia.

A month or so ago, I bought a pair of boots.  I wore them around the house, just for fun, and also to take the dogs out in the mornings.  My foot began hurting after several days.  I’ve had foot pain before after wearing a new pair of shoes, which is why I didn’t do any close inspections of my foot, especially beside my little toe.

Well, it sure didn’t look good so off to my doctor I went.  He gave me antibiotics and cream, made a joke about me wearing boots around the house asking if I thought someone was going to come by with a camera and did I want to be ready.  Very funny while my foot was swollen and infected, but I’m used to him.  I like him.  I don’t like that sometimes I think he lets things go, like my foot!

It only got worse.  A round of antibiotics started to help and here’s where I went wrong, I guess.  I missed a few doses.  Now, I have a hole in my foot.  I went back to the doctor.

“Do you think I need some more antibiotics?” I asked him.

“No,” he responded confidently.  I would like to send you to a podiatrist with your permission.”

Well, duh.

So, off I went to the fancy foot doctor who didn’t have any manners at all.  I don’t know where he’s from, but I bet it ain’t North Carolina.

I told him how I had thought it was fibromyalgia for the first several days of pain.  Maybe that’s why he had a dismissive attitude towards me, but then I am so tired of trying to figure out why people who act weird act that way.

He kept saying what I hadn’t done or what I was doing wrong.

He sent me to the x-ray room where they took several images of my foot.  Fortunately, those looked good.

“How long have you not been taking antibiotics?” he asked when I returned.

“Since I finished the ones my doctor gave me,” I told him.

“You do know you have a hole in your foot don’t you?”

I told him that I most certainly did.

“I’ve been to the doctor twice already.  I would have gone to the emergency room if I hadn’t known I was coming here.”

“You’re wearing closed shoes first of all,” he said in a tone that I didn’t like.

It was cold outside.  My family doctor had complimented my shoes.  Why had he not put me on another antibiotic I wondered.

The foot doctor explained how serious the infection is because of where it is and I’m too tired to describe it, but I took heed!  It can go up and into my leg if it gets worse.  He says if I do everything he told me to do then it should be getting well within a week.

So far so good.  Ten days of a very strong antibiotic.

I’d told my family doctor how my son said I was going to lose my foot and later, my leg when he saw it getting worse.  The doctor joked again saying not to let him get near any knives.  From what the foot doctor said, my son wasn’t far off from being right.

The good news is that hopefully, the antibiotics, along with soaking it in vinegar water will heal it.  The soaks hurt like crazy.

I dislike antibiotics very much and this one is kicking me down like a sick dog.

Tiny love hereSpeaking of dogs, mine are once again being very good nurses.

Yesterday, when I finally returned from the hospital, I lied down and put my foot up.  I know they felt how stressed I was.

Our big guy, Tiny, (the cutie with the big head) whom I’m going to write about soon, well, he crawled up beside me on the sofa and lied down on barely enough space for his wide body and put his head on my belly.  That’s what he’s been doing for the past few months whenever I don’t feel good.  He lies there looking at me with his big beautiful hound dog eyes.  Yesterday, just for extras, he gave me a kiss.  He doesn’t give many.  I felt very special indeed.

My pretty little girl curled up at my feet in her soft ball of silky fur.  She is absolutely the softest dog I’ve ever petted in my life.  Absolutely!

Dogs Rule!!!

They were incredibly sweet with both of their heads resting on me and their eyes saying, “OH WE LOVE YOU!”

cooking for mom

I’m also grateful to my son for the many meals he has cooked for me lately. I’ve gained a few pounds, which is a very good thing.

However, he is staying with me and it is driving me a little nuts.  I’ll be glad when he wants to go back to his apartment.

Just the truth.

I’m going to give in to the fatigue for a little while, which means I’ll have to be alone.

I think I’ll finish a good novel I started weeks ago, The Accidental Tourist, by Anne Tyler.

I’m tired.  Too tired to think much.  I’ve been writing, but have nothing ready to click publish.

With that said, I’m offering a few links of interest I found today about pain.

I am here to tell anyone who suffers from pain each day, whose life is circumscribed and whose goals are slipping out of reach, that you are at last being heard. We are in a pain renaissance.”

Read more: “The End of Ouch” –TIME

–“an adaptive mechanism in which severe pain in one area of the body inhibits pain in another is impaired among women with fibromyalgia. Normally, this system works as a check on the amount of pain the brain can handle; if your arm is sore and someone steps hard on your toe, your arm will temporarily feel better as all of your brain’s pain attention is focused on the new insult. In chronic-pain patients, this mechanism is faulty or nonexistent.”

image of sleeping dog via OLX, Tiredness Disorders

we love mom
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  1. Hi Michelle.. Im back!…. you said you were struggling with the light in a certain area.. this is because of a blockage within your aura… I was going to leave an Url for a page on my site for meditation, but it may sent to the spam box.. So if you go to my site type in Meditation in the search box at top of page and scroll down you will find a meditation I adapted -A meditation for my friends-…. It may seem a long read, but read several times till you get the gist of it.. then relax, light a candle and send out your intent and call upon the healing angels to draw near too…. then try to follow the medi… you will find it relaxes your muscles loads…
    Also in a morning Michelle.. do some deep breathing exercises, and tap your head, several times, down your arms, your kidneys and legs thighs and calves.. to wake up the aura, and get your cirulation going..
    Hope this helps.. ( Im away for a few days now until after the weekend so if I dont respond to you that is why.. )
    Take care and sending HEaling thoughts your way Dreamwalker



  2. I wanted to invite you to my magic tree. 😉
    I know, sounds ridiculous, but it’s a fun little story I made up as part of The Daily Post challenge. I couldn’t help but think of my health struggles, and those of my blogger friends. So I wanted to personally invite you to my magic tree. If only it were real. 😉 But we can pretend for just a bit.



    • Thank you for the invitation Deb! I’m going to visit your magic tree again!

      “The Healing Fruit” — Blessings and Healing to all who visit 🙂



  3. Oh, and I forgot to say – you know those antibiotics may cause a herximer reaction from the Lyme & whatever else you have going on, right? I always get them around day 14 after I start any antibiotics, even though I did the year long IV Rochepin with a PICC line. I truly think you can never get rid of the Lyme entirely, hence “chronic Lyme” sends the body into CFS/FMS. And all the EBV, & HHV’s certainly don’t help, either. I’m waiting on results from my XMRV test… and while I wait, started on the Valcyte like the Stanford docs are studying. I’ve likely had the CFS/FMS for 18+ years. Officially diagnosed Jan, 1999. If it’s out there, I’ve likely tried it…
    And you might try soaking your foot in the hottest salt water you can stand – as .uch salt as will dissolve. ER docs passed that on to me after I went barefoot in the wrong place & ripped a huge chunk out of the sole of my foot. Really nasty. Incredibly painful with ground in dirt & gravel… but the salt water soaks worked miracles for me!
    Gentle hugs –




    • Hi Ash, I’m not sure what herximer reaction is. I read on the label that this particular one can cause intestinal issues even three months after you’ve quit taking it. It sounds pretty serious. I wish I didn’t have to take it to be honest. I’m scared not to. The doc said it’s a serious infection. He said no salts but instead vinegar and water, which I need to do about now. It does flush it, but there is still a hole! I guess it will heal soon. I’ve never had any problems like this one before. I’ve had injuries, but not infected ones.

      I haven’t been tested for XMRV. I could but my doc said he would have to send it to the Mayo clinic and then he forgot. I ought to follow up on that. (After my foot heals).

      I had Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever too. Lyme in ’03 and RMSF in ’05. From there came the diagnosis of CFS, and then Fibro. What luck huh? Those little ticks being the vectors they are sure humbled me.

      I also used to live in the mountains of North Carolina. So beautiful! I miss those hills. My son and I dream about homesteading. We wish we could raise animals. I read about your goats. Do you still have those?

      I must go rest, but I look forward to communicating with you again. I hope you have a peaceful evening.
      –hugs to you too,



      • A Herx happens if you still have Lyme or other tick-borne bacteria in your system, and you take antibiotics for any reason. It’s essentially a severe flare caused by the release of toxins into the bloodstream from dying off bacteria. It means more pain, more fatigue, more everything bad.
        You can read about it here:

        From what I gather, you had the Lyme, then had RMSF, and during this time were diagnosed with post-viral syndrome and CFS/FMS. The ticks that carry Lyme are known to carry a number of other tick-borne parasites, including babesia, etc. Scientists don’t even have tests for all of them because there are so many sub-species and each one takes it’s own particular test.

        A tick carrying Lyme has to be attached for 24 – 72 hours to transmit Lyme to you, and you have to be started on antibiotics within 2 – 3 weeks to actually have a chance at killing the Lyme before they form spirochetes (hard shelled spores during which the antibiotics can’t hurt them) and spread through your system, AND you have to be treated for at least 3 weeks with the appropriate antibiotic (usually doxycycline). Even then, if you hit it within 3 weeks and take antibiotics for 3 weeks, some people will develop “chronic Lyme” in which the Lyme goes through cycles of being in spores, “waking up,” spreading and damaging more and reproducing.

        Most people don’t get treated within the 3 week window of opportunity, or aren’t treated long enough or with strong enough antibiotics. There’s also the question of what else the tick that gave you Lyme may have given you – and those usually take different antibiotics. I don’t know how long it was between your tick bite and the start of treatment, so can only make a guess that it wasn’t fast enough or long enough.

        Once you have “chronic Lyme” it’s very hard to get rid of fully, and the symptoms of chronic Lyme and CFS are pretty nearly identical. Many doctors think CFS is actually the way the body reacts when subject to many infections which it can’t handle, so in one person the “trigger” for CFS may be Lyme, in another Babesia, in another Epstein-Barr, etc.

        Current speculation throws XMRV into the mix, and suggests that XMRV acts to “re-activate” latent infections (infections you have once and then go dormant, like the many Herpes family viruses such as the one that causes cold sores, or Epstein-Barr (infectious mononucleosis). If your doctor wants to send an XMRV test to Mayo, then say no – it needs to be done by the folks who know what they are looking for, and currently the only licensed test is done by VipDx. More info on that here:

        It all gets really, really complicated, but I can point you to some blogs and other sources that I think will help you get a handle on it if you like. During my illness I’ve had to become very well versed in the basics of medical science where it applies to CFS/FMS, and have worked to educate my family as well as some of my doctors about it. As hard as it is, with the brain fog, the exhaustion, etc., you have to step up and become your own patient advocate, deciding which of the many treatments in current study you might want to try, what supplements you can’t do without, etc. But there’s a big community of folks out here who all have CFS/FMS/Lyme, etc., who can help make it a little easier to sort through. Sometimes it’s hard to sort the hogwash from the pearls of wisdom, but with a doctor who’s willing to learn and work with you on it, hope comes back.

        And hope counts for a lot, doesn’t it?



        • Thank you Ash!

          You know, I can’t believe I actually understand almost everything you say here. Too bad we don’t get some credit for all we learn about diseases and conditions and sometimes, I think the doctors need a little help. They don’t have the time illness has given us to study and learn in quite the same way.

          I’ve got the brain fog as I write, as I told you in my message, but I wanted to at least respond a little.

          I was treated within about five days when I had Lyme.

          When I had RMSF, I was not treated for almost two months. My life has not been the same since that tick bite.
          I appreciate the links you gave. Very interesting information.

          I must go meet the landlord to clean up the flood in my kitchen. My life sure can get interesting and it sure does wear me out.

          I ate fruit from a cyber healing tree today. Maybe that’s how I’m still kickin’ when all day I’ve only wanted to lie down.

          Peace –will talk soon 🙂



  4. Hi Michelle, I hope reading my post about my Black One brought the good kind of tears, healing tears. You can see now why I was moved to tears to see your Free & read what you wrote to her. We are very alike in our love of our canine companions… unconditional love despite all that ails us. (just had to pause to give ear rubs & an invite up on the bed to my Kasha-dog, a 90# German-maybe-Malamute) I don’t know what I’d do without her & my Shunka before her. Nothing quite as comforting as a huge living teddy-bear-dog, is there?
    Many wishes for peace & heart-healing & relief from the pain! Take care –




    • Hello Ash!

      Yes, it was a healing. I loved your story and you’re right, we do have much in common. Thank you for reading about my sweet one. She is still very precious to me. I have another dog now, the one in my gravatar (or avatar, I get those confused), she’s part German, but only about 46 lbs. She is the most tender-hearted dog ever! Free picked her for me. She kissed her from above and sent her straight home with me. She just let out a very loud big girl bark as I write. My son is here tonight and he’s playing with her. Even though she is still tender she has learned to speak and ask for what she wants. She demands what she needs sometimes. They are the best and I don’t know how I would make it without them.

      Thanks for your comment and I’m glad to have met you. Peace to you and yours.



  5. You may have a hole in your foot, but the doctor has a hole in his head. And that’s not something that antibiotics can cure. When you’re feeling dog tired, it’s nice to be amongst furry friends.



    • Yes, they are being sweet four-legged nurses! I just wish they would let me have the sofa, like all to myself for a little while. One just got a new memory foam bed. That’s the nicest bed in my house and he wants my sofa.

      About the doc with the hole in his head, I just hope his skull has enough of what is needed up there to make my foot better. I had no idea the impact one little toe can have on the quality of my life. Back to my furry friends now. I think I’m going to bribe them onto that dog bed.



  6. It’s not enough to deal with all the stuff we already have, that you have to go and get a hole in your foot? 🙂 That just sounds so extremely painful. I can’t even imagine what those antibiotics are doing to your stomach! I am praying for you and sending some very gentle hugs your way. Good thing you have those 4-legged angels surrounding you to help you get through these difficult times.

    You know sometimes you gotta tell these doctors off a little bit. Don’t let them talk to us like we are small children. “I’m sorry, I’m in pain here, I think you should be the one helping me get better. NOT treating me like crap. Maybe you could try changing your attitude a little bit and tell me what we need to do to turn this hole in my foot into something that looks like NOT a hole!” or “Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed Dr.?” or “did I do something to offend you?”

    I don’t know, doctors just think because they are way too entitled sometimes.

    I’ll get off my soapbox. I just hate to hear when my friends get treated like crap, when they are in need of help.

    You take care of yourself.



    • Hi Tamiko! It’s been a while. I hope you are doing well. Yeah, I didn’t think I had enough going on so went looking for a hole and sure found one.

      The pills are horribly strong. I wish I didn’t have to take them, but I guess I don’t have a choice this time.

      I was thinking today that if he acts that way when I go back to see him I’ll say something to him. I was so tired that day, but I usually take it from doctors b/c most of the time when they act like jerks, it shocks me and only later does it hit me that I could have taken up for myself. Now I’ve been warned so he better be nice (er) to me next time.
      Thanks for the suggestions as to what I might can say.

      Thanks too for the comment. I’m bored trying to stay off of it, but I think it’s getting some better.

      xoxo Michelle.



  7. Silent prayer for you tomorrow morning at St Paul’s. Wish I could do more.



  8. Dogs and cats are such creative sleepers!

    I’m glad you’re reading “Accidental Tourist.” I just remembered that one of the main characters is a professional dog trainer.

    Take good care of that foot!



    • Hi John,

      Yes, they’re quite creative. My little dog (about 50lbs) can curl up in the smallest space. The big guy apparently thinks the sofa is only there for him and sometimes he feels like sharing. They do surround me when I’m not well though, which is very sweet.

      I’m far enough in the book to have just heard about the dog, Edward, treeing Macon’s boss, who has come looking for him. Perhaps the dog lady they spoke of in the former chapter is going to come into the story next. I smell romance? I’m enjoying the story, but had put it away for a while, so hopefully I can hold my eyes open long enough to finish reading.

      Thanks for stopping by and yes, I’m working hard to do what the doc said to do. Gotta have my foot!

      Take good care and hope you have a nice weekend.



      • Oh, the dog lady is the heroine of the story. Anne Tyler’s speciality is “quirky” characters. Every review of a Tyler book contains the word “quirky.” The dog lady is one of Tyler’s most quirky characters. Lovable and Laughable, too. Happy reading.



  9. Awww Michelle, so sorry to hear you not well, I’m sending some extra thoughts out in healing, When you are sat relaxing pull in the energy by imagining a white healing light pull in through the top of your head and send it down to the parts that need healing and feel the warmth of the energy as it goes down.. to you leg and foot.. …
    Amazing isn’t it how when we mention the ‘F’ word lol people look at us a little side-ways… I often then get asked WHAT is ‘FM?’.. as it’s not as widely recognised here in UK as there.. so you can imagine the problems sufferers have.
    I like you try to pace myself most days but well we think we can do more on our good days and so we just go ahead and get on with it. We suffer later…
    Ive just finished an 8day shift rota at work with no breaks, working each day different hours. But I haven’t worked any more HOURs than a normal week which can have a day off in the middle of it.. But because I haven’t been able to rest up… I’m shattered.. I crashed out in bed last night as my shift didn’t end until 9pm and spent half today just resting and knitting.. Even that you have to pace LOL.. or the old wrists ache.. But having said ALL of that…. I AM A WHOLE LOT BETTER than I was 7 years ago.. when I was so wallowing and I’m so pleased to see that you take each day as it comes and you don’t give in… Our State of MIND is the KEY Michelle and your well on your way to unlocking the Door to Wellness and Wholeness once again.. … Its a gradual process and you have to think why and what caused your symptoms to occur in the first place.. Now therein lies a whole lot of MIND-field to wade through as I had to… with issues that went way back into my childhood…
    So… Know that there is LIGHT at the end of the tunnel and lol send some it down to that TOE of yours and love Light and healing are being sent to my newfound friend… Hugs Dreamwalker



    • Thank you Dreamwalker.

      I read this earlier and then fell into a deep sleep. I dreamed again. Haven’t in a long time ’til recently. Feels more like me, even though gotta say it was a very hard dream, lol, but that feels normal too. I work things out in dreams.

      The medicine is making me sick and more exhausted than ever. I dread it for nine more days.

      I’m not practiced at pacing, I must admit. I bet knitting is relaxing. I can understand about the pacing with it, like writing I guess.

      I wasn’t sure about the views about FM in the UK. I recently read where doctors there are more likely to see it as a psychological problem, which made me shiver. I don’t think the condition is psychological, but I do understand that healing our mental and emotional self is a crucial key in healing from the illness.

      I’m confused about fibro. I wonder if Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is the bigger beast, or the only one. They are so much alike. Either way, I agree with you, that our State of Mind is the key to recovery.

      Do you think having A Sense of Wellness and Wholeness is or can be the same as finding or having Wellness and Wholeness? Like when a person is at peace with her or his illness and the ways in which it has changed her life and in turn, that peace offers a place to experience joy and hope, Wellness if you will, even with an illness? Maybe I’m too tired to get my thought out clearly.

      I agree too that it is a process of looking back. There are patterns that were created long ago. It isn’t an easy process and if I could go on my merrily way, never again thinking of anything negative from the past, then I surely would.

      Now, down to my little toe! I can’t believe it is teaching me all this!

      Thanks for your healing energy today. I hope you have a peaceful Blessed day. xoxo



      • “A Sense of Wellness and Wholeness”… to me this comes from wanting to be Well and Whole Michelle.. I was not happy being restricted by my illness, and so set about finding out WHY it had happened.. A lot of soul searching and self help. And being determined like you to try to carry on as normal. I realise a series of events and emotions let me to the place I was in..and I had to dig very deep to clear alot of the debris from my aura that held me down. Stress I try to avoid but some days its impossible. Thats why I am so blessed to have found a really good Acupunture therapist who has really helped with the FM. and also in unblocking certain areas that were causing me problems.
        But Yes everything is a lesson, teaching us along our journey, and its hard to understand that we can so often cause our own illnesses.. But WE hold the Key to our Wellness.. and I tell myself each Day.. I AM Healthy Whole and Complete… it helps Michelle… Along with the line… I Love MY SELF!…..
        Love Light and Peace.. and sorry for the delay in answering your Question here. Dreamwalker x



  10. What we do to be cute huh? New boots….I’d have done the same thing. Sorry the foot guy is such an ass. To be so condescending about Fibromyalgia is cruel, but I have run into a few doctors that act the same way. I hope this little toe heals up real quick so you can wear cute shoes when it get nice and warm out!

    I showed the Hubby the pic with the Great Dane on the couch. He complains when my little Keeshond – all 25 lbs of her – gets up on our bed….I showed him it could be worse!

    Feel better soon!




    • Thanks Mo. I appreciate your hopes of healing! I think it looks better already, thank goodness, but my tummy is very upset from the medicine. Yuk you know.

      I should take a pic of the dogs and I on the sofa together for your hubby. They barely give me any room, but I can’t say no to them either 🙂



  11. I’m very sorry about your foot. I am glad that you’ve gotten with a doctor that seems to be taking it more seriously at least. I will pray it will heal quickly! (((hugs)))
    And I agree, dogs are a great comfort.



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