Update About Jack

Jack is still alive.  I can’t believe it.  I almost buried him.

Earlier today I posted on a whim, feeling quite emotional about this fish, thinking it had died.  I tagged the post pet loss, because he had become our pet and I thought we had lost him.

I took him out of the bowl and his body jumped all around.  This poor fish!  Owned by someone who can’t tell if he is dead or alive!

He is lying on the bottom of a different bowl, which I wish I hadn’t put him in because I just learned it changed his environment too quickly, but he swims a little if I stir up the water.

Now, I don’t know what to think.  Jack must be very sick.

I had no idea owning a fish could bring so many emotions.

The girl at the pet store said it would be sooo easy.

It was certainly not easy when I thought I had frozen him and then almost buried him alive.

I’m not feeling too good about it.

They say he is a great fighter fish.  I hope the little guy makes it.








11 responses to this post.

  1. Oh how horrible! I would have no clue how to take care of a fish. I’m glad he has survived…I will keep my fingers crossed Poor Jack! Poor Mrs. D.K.!



    • Thanks Mo. The pet store people said he was the easiest fish to take care of. That all they needed was a bowl. Not true.

      Thanks for your support Mo. I sure appreciate that.

      I hope Jack makes it.



  2. WOW!!!!! Is it the water temperature that did it? Very glad he’s still alive!



    • Hi Rose,

      I didn’t know he wasn’t dead so I have no clue why he’s still alive. I’m upset about it though. They said he may not make it. I sure wish I had done my homework.

      I told Dreamwalker I may write a post about this day, maybe, if I don’t crash first.

      Thanks for hoping for Jack. He is a very cool fish!



  3. Have you enough air in the tank? if not and have no air pump try buying a few oxygen tablets to drop in the water.. Im sure that the Pet store can help.. They may do a Water test, Yes FISH are not easy to keep… and we have a huge corner unit Tank that holds 190 Litres and do a partial water change every 2 weeks replacing a third of the water and cleaning fliters etc and adding Water treatment that conteract the things added into tap water. It takes two of us a good hour which we now have down to a fine art to clean the tank out ..
    I hope that your little Jack fights back. and recovers… Thinking of you and Michelle, please dont beat yourself up over this… Hugs Dreamwalker



  4. All my fish died. And they had babies and then the other fish killed them after I finally but them together again.
    Fish aren’t really reliable pets as you have found out.



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