The Crowntail Betta fish, Jack, died this morning.  This time, I know he is gone.

I now know the difference between a sick fish and a dead fish.  What a horrible way I had to learn and I am not buying any more fish.

I had driven back to PetSmart, which didn’t do any good.

The young woman who sold him to me was there.  The first thing she said, in front of my son, was, “Let me ask you what you might have done wrong,” and she giggled, saying she knew that sounded bad.

When she learned that I had done exactly as she had instructed, she said maybe Jack was depressed and starving himself!

I couldn’t believe it.  Why would my fish be anymore depressed than any other fish if her instructions on how to care for him had been correct?

She said it may have been the real plant I used, instead of the fake one.  She sold me the real one.

She finally said maybe he was sick when I purchased him, that he would most likely die and that they would reimburse me for my expenses.

I returned home with hope for Jack.  He had started swimming a little and hadn’t lost his beautiful colors.  I gave him dried blood worms, but he wouldn’t eat.

I thought about him being depressed and starving himself.  I understood this all too well.  I stared at him and thought he must be a pretty smart guy, because that is surely one way to get out of a fish bowl.

I barely slept all night.  I had night sweats and finally got up after drying off for the fourth or fifth time.  Yesterday was a stressful day and Jack was only a part of the story, so I guess, stress did me in.

I looked in the bowl after finally giving up on sleep and knew, for sure, that he is gone.

Jack was a beautiful fish and had a lot of personality.



6 responses to this post.

  1. It’s hard to lose a living creature……I am so sorry sweetie!



  2. I am very sorry for your loss. I have had a few betta fish over the years and I got very attached to the ones I had as well. They seem to have far more personality than your average fish, in my opinion.



    • Hi Deb,

      Up sooo early this morning… I was much more attached to Jack than I had realized. He was the coolest fish I’ve ever met. I feel very badly that I didn’t know how to properly care for him, but maybe he was already sick. Betta fish are awesome, but I must say, I don’t think I’ll buy anymore fish. It broke my heart.

      I’m getting ready to post my award. With all the bazaar true stories in my life, it was very hard to lie!



  3. Well. I must say that you did everything possible including getting heartsick over Jack. I know this will sound silly, but I feel guilty when I kill a plant. I totally understand that you feel like this. We are sometimes just ruled by our emotions, and poor Jack went out feeling that you cared. Poor Jack. Poor Mrs. Dog Kisses.

    Take care.



    • Thanks Mo. I surely did get heartsick. I also feel guilty if I kill a plant. And me, I guess most of the time my emotions rule. Apparently, this is considered uneconomical in the realm of being human. “Behavioral economics” –I’ve just discovered.

      Thanks for understanding and sharing that with me. You are a very kind woman!



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