Memetastic True Story Revealed

I wrote five stories about myself in an earlier post, MEMETASTIC BLOG AWARD. Only one of the stories is completely truthful.

I confess –this does feel like a confession and one which I hadn’t expected — Story number THREE is the whole truth.

I have an authentic Mile High Club button.  I earned it in college.flying free a mile high, image of mile high pin, nightlights on a plane

I couldn’t believe I found the button, or pin rather, when I looked for it yesterday.  It’s a shiny little pin that one would wear on a shirt, but I don’t think I’ve ever worn it.

It’s as shiny as it was when it was given to me by the professor, who eventually became my long time friend and mentor.  We went on several flights together, but that was the only time we did anything like we did the day we earned our pins.

The only bold-face lie out of the five stories I wrote is number four“I love Comic Sans, Oprah, and Dr. Phil.”

I didn’t know what Comic Sans was until several days ago when I received the Memetasic award from Deb, at

I’ve never watched a daytime television talk show, unless it’s a PBS special or something of that nature.  I read an article in Oprah’s magazine a couple of years ago, which I enjoyed, but I never watched her show.

I didn’t know who Dr. Phil was until I saw his face on a magazine, while standing in line at the grocery store, which was around about 2004.  I asked my friend who was with me to tell me a little about him.  She was altogether shocked.

The other stories are mostly true.  I’ll likely write about the truth in those in a follow-up post.

About my little wheel-chair in story # 1.  I actually loved the chair because it was the only way I could get around.  And the day I could walk again, which I remember vividly, I was a very very happy little girl!

I have a history with pilots and airplanes.  I don’t know why.  As a result, I’ve flown in old planes, small planes, huge planes and a few in the middle.  A few times, I’ve flown the planes myself, but have never attempted to land one.

My dad took me on my first plane ride when I was about eight years old.  He and his buddy, Carly, who had a plane, but I’m not sure about a license, were quite the pair together.  We lived in the country and Carly had a landing strip on his land.  One time they took one of my sisters and me on what my dad’s friend called the, “roller-coaster in the air.”  We did, “donuts.”

I had great fun, but my older sister has since told me that she was scared.  I was surprised.  She says she didn’t want me to know when we were flying. She was always doing what she could to make me feel safe.

The best times I ever had in airplanes was with a man, Rick, whom I once loved very much.  Flying was a hobby for him.  Sadly, he died in a motorcycle accident not that long ago.  As you may have realized if you’ve read parts of my blog, there is usually an element of something hard in my stories.

The funnest flight I ever took with Rick was when he rented a Cherokee plane for my son’s eighth birthday.  My son is part Cherokee, so this was very special.

Shortly after we were in the air, we looked back to see my son sleeping in the backseat of the plane.  At first, I was afraid that Rick would be offended, but then, he was never offended.  He was the most peaceful human being I’ve ever known.  He laughed.  He knew my son fell asleep whenever he felt safe and relaxed.

“I guess he’s really enjoying himself,” my friend said chuckling.  We had a peaceful quiet trip.  We landed at a great little place where we walked across the road to a country southern home-style restaurant.  My son got to fly the plane for a bit on the way back home.  My friend laughed about my son sleeping on his birthday flight from then on.  He said it was the greatest compliment a pilot could ever receive.

I guess, looking back, I’ve had lots of fun in the air!

Thanks for reading my stories.  As always, thanks for visiting Dogkisses’s blog!

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  1. […] Memetastic True Story Revealed ( […]



  2. Posted by ruthie on March 19, 2011 at 9:10 PM

    oh my word! you can see i forgot to add my name on my last reply, and i forgot to say it was the “blog” i was speaking about at the end of my post. I think it is time for a rest, my writing seems to be disjointed! searching for the moon….ruthie!



    • It’s okay, I knew it was you 🙂 I’ve been rather disjointed myself, in my writing, my thinking, my memory, and lots of things. I also need to rest. Go see that moon!

      Michelle, and the doggies, ruff ruff…



  3. Posted by Anonymous on March 19, 2011 at 7:40 PM

    Ah, the truth is wonderful!! and I did wonder about that story #1, too, as it reminded me of your little magic bike which seems very special. I could completely relate to your mile high clubbing and that is because I mostly live “in the clouds,” a very special place to be, and that is the truth! I think your writing is superb and you show much vibrancy in your writing. I appreciate how you share all the stuff and I could tell it usually is regarding something that was hard and also painful that oftentimes you turn into humor or playfulness in some regard. You have much of your father in you, or at least I sense that from some of what you write that exhibits your personality or take on life. Anyways, such fun to read and thank you for posting the update, I was so curious to which # it was! Thank you for taking the time to write and share so we all can enjoy, and well, I have thought about it but aside from the bit that I just cannot figure out some of this computer stuff right now, I do feel quite introverted about what I write and even publishing to your comment board seems vulnerable beyond my comfort zone……i wonder if you knew that???? the moon is peaceful and so are you, xoxoxo ruthieann



    • Dear Ruthie,
      How nice that you read my stories, and put so much thought into this reply. Maybe that’s where I got the idea about my little magic bike from, which I have ridden just the other day. I have to get my lights fixed so it’s magic comes to life at night, which is my favorite time to ride it on my road.

      And yes, I do have a lot of my father in me. Another very insightful observation you’ve made.

      I hope you wanted me to publish this. I enjoyed reading your comment. Thank you.

      “the moon is peaceful and so are you” –xoxoxo



  4. You go Girl!



  5. Well you are not on your own with Comic Sans as I must be Duh! in that department too lol… Loved this story, and I have flown on big planes,and in a helocopter one time on a Trip out over the Rockie Mountains in Canada,.. Now that was something else, Mountain range after mountain range of snowy capped mountains…
    Love the fact your Son felt comfortable enough to sleep haha…. your friend sounded a great guy,And Im sure he lived his life the fullest—- and clever you to have a mile high pin.. you should wear with pride….
    I still have that helecopter pin on a lapel of a walking coat i have, and often people will ask what it is…
    Keep writing your stories they are Great reading .. Dreamwalker x



  6. I guessed wrong! LOL
    It does sound like you had lots of fun in the air!



    • Well, Deb, after the stories I wrote, I can see why you guessed wrong.

      Your true story was funny, esp., since it was so wild to you 🙂 –That kind of stuff happens to me if I go out in the world.

      And yes, I did have lots of fun. Don’t like to fly anymore though. If my dear friend Rick was still alive, then I’d fly –free as a bird!



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