A friend with paws

A lovely poem by a young girl who loves a dog

 Ruthie Mae

She’s as beautiful as a bay

She loves to play

She loves it when I tell her to sit and stay

She gets mad when I don’t say hey

She loves to drink lattes

She was born in May

She loves to run and walk on a beautiful day.

Golden fur like Autumn leaves

When we run together we feel the breeze

I’ll chase the dragonflies

She’ll chase the bees

She gives me her paw

when I’m on my knees

She gives me her paw

Then I know

She’ll be there with me through it all.

Ruthie Mae,

Ruthie Mae.

A lovely poem written by and offered as a gift from my sweet and dear friend about her relationship with and her love for my dog, sweet Ruthie. 

“She gives me her paw when I’m on my knees.  She gives me her paw, then I know she’ll be there with me through it all.”  –by a girl who loves a dog!

Image via Wikimedia Commons (File: Joshua Reynolds – A Young Girl and Her Dog.jpg)

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10 responses to this post.

  1. Quite the talented writer, she captures the essence of their relationship as only the young can do. I think as we get older, we try too hard!
    Tell her she made me smile today, and that is no small feat.




    • Thank you Ash. I must remember to tell her. Maybe I’ll print the few comments for her. I think her older sis helped a bit with her last line, but she loves Ruthie an incredible amount. She used to fantasize that I’d give her to her, but I think she knows this cannot be and hopes for her own dog one day. She had one, who she still loves, but it is a sad story. So I’m esp., glad she knows Ruthie!



  2. Very sweet!



  3. Loved this little poem…. Tell your young friend she has talent.. and is very much in tune with the vibes of unconditional love.. Its a two-way thing and it seems that your little friend and Ruthie Mae have got the balance right LOL.. I so wish the rest of world would get its balancing act together…. Sending you much love and Peace.. I hope you have since rested from your midnightly prowls along to Dreamwalkers Sanctuary, And I hope you found some peace within its doors…
    Love and Light Michelle…. Dreamwalker xx



    • I’ll tell her exactly what you said. I know she’ll be proud. She is proud of her poem, rightly so :)! I agree that they are in tune and it’s very nice to see them together. My dog acts like a teenager when she comes over, like hey, my friend is here so could you please leave us alone. She stares at her the entire time and if I say her name, even when the girl is not here, my sweet dog goes hunting. I only say it when the girl is really here.

      Thanks for your sanctuary. I enjoyed my time there, as always. Peace Dreamwalker… I hope you have a nice Mother’s Day too.



  4. That is an awesome poem! I love it.
    Please tell your young friend that her poem is great!
    I wrote my post about a dog today as well. 🙂
    Dogs are great.



  5. Posted by ruthie on April 1, 2011 at 10:20 PM

    this is the MOST beautiful poem EVER!! I love it, so sweet, just melts my heart with the tenderness expressed. I hope you are feeling better from your time of rest. Take good care, ruthie



    • Hi Ruthie, Glad you liked this poem. I wish now I had reprinted it and made it look better for her. It seems so sweet as it is. I’m still quite tired. My time of rest has been rather stressful but with intermittent periods of resting. Thank you. Hope you are doing well.

      With many well wishes,



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