Honoring our Earth Mother (from Dreamwalker’s blog)

With Sincere Gratitude to Sue Dreamwalker for her generosity in allowing me to share this post from her blog.

From Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary:  

A Special Goodnight for all Mothers.


By sending your thoughts out into the ethers, you send out your intent, and you draw to you that which you need, and that which will sustain you.

I send you all a special Goodnight, and wish all of you Mother’s Out their a Happy Mother’s Day on Sunday 3rd April here in the U.K.

I will let my daughters words speak for themselves..

Our Great Mother

Mother’s Day

On Sunday 3rd of April it is Mothering Sunday in the UK. On this day we will show our love, gratitude, appreciation and healing to our Mothers. It is also a day when we should show the same qualities and expression to our true Mother. Mother Earth. If we don’t share the same feelings for both then we have a problem.

For Mother Earth gives to us total unconditional love, to us her children, just like your own birth mother should do.

Let’s think about this for a moment. How often is our blessed Mother Earth overlooked and taken so much for granted, and yet she provides us with so so much.

Air to breathe, the food we eat, water to drink. Everything we need to sustain our life on this planet. Mother Earth needs your healing now; she is sick and has been overlooked for too long.

We have made her sick and it’s time we took responsibility for this, can you imagine making your own Mother ill by poisoning her, beating her. It sounds very harsh but this is the reality of the situation.

Mother Earth is moving into a more beautiful state of being just like we are and she will rid herself of everything that stops her from achieving this,just like what we are doing in our own lives.

Send her healing today and everyday, let everyday be Mother’s Day!! Send healing to our beautiful Mother’s!

Take a moment each day to be in gratitude for what Mother Earth provides us with, Feel it in your heart. The air we breathe, the water we drink, the plants and vegetables we grow and eat to sustain our life. The elements Earth, Air, Water and Fire for without these we couldn’t survive! The animals that teach us so many lessons and give us so much joy! The trees that offer us shelter, protection, healing and wisdom. The Great Sun for her warmth and light, and the Moon for its rhythms and cycles. The beautiful mountains and also our dear brothers and sisters sharing this special time here on Mother Earth…the list goes on and on!

Then send your love and healing to Mother Earth in which ever way suits you best. Reiki, Seichem, Spiritual Healing, Prayer, visualisation, meditation, drumming, chanting and singing again the list goes on and on! We are the co-creators of this planet so let’s get to it and help our Mother!

Please feel free to share this message

With lots of love and Blessings Julia XxX

If you are not familiar with Little Grandmother  check out her videos on youtube and visit her website www.littlegrandmother.net

Thank you again Dreamwalker for offering this as a gift.

6 responses to this post.

  1. Hello Michelle… How’s you.. I was thinking of you today and so I thought I would send a few thoughts via vibes over to you and your Son..
    I hope things are still going to plan.. Wishing you a relaxing Sunday… and Hope the weather kind… and your pain levels less… and all the good things in life are wished your way… Hugs to you Dreamwalker xox



    • Hi Dreamwalker! We are okay. I am very busy! Too busy to blog, but hope I am back at it soon. I miss my blog, so it is good for me to feel connected. ( Hiddenlives also sent me a sweet message). Things are going well, as I write. A few rough spots and some obstacles, but hopefully, within days, we will have the chance to work our plan. I’m very excited about it, even thou a bit nervous. Change is scary, but it had to happen.

      My feet are still all well! The Alchemist is a great healer.

      PS I just noticed which post this comment was attached to. I love this post from your blog!

      Take good care. Hugs to you also my friend.



  2. My Dear Michelle.. thank you for visiting me.. and I was so pleased to hear you have a plan it sounds a good plan and I hope that is comes to fruition.. I am also so pleased you are feeling better.. It sounds as if your Healer is being able to work his magic upon you… I so hope that you grow in strength and that you and your son soon heal…

    Wishing you many blessings my dear friend… write when your able to.. your healing Plan is the Best medicine right now.. and I add my thoughts and prayers to your plan.. xox Sue



    • Ahhh.. So nice that I thought to come by my blog, and found your message! Thank you my friend.

      Visiting your Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary blog is always a delight. Even when you write about the sadness in the world, it is beautiful.

      Yes, it is good to have a plan, and to work towards realizing it. Many things have happened, and changed, and it is good.

      I loved your poem about the light. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers, and mine are with you too.
      Hugs and doggie kisses, Michelle.



  3. Hi Michelle, thank you my dear friend for sharing this with your many readers, I have had a wonderful Mother’s Day with visits from both my Son and Daughter and new addition my Granddaughter… A Morning I have already shared my thanks with our Earth Mother, as I was given beautiful plants as gifts, and a Book I cant wait to read…
    Have a wonderful Sunday too.. and I hope you are feeling rested after your sleep-less Night… Take Care..~Dreamwalker~ xxx



    • Thank you Dreamwalker. I loved being able to share the beauty in my blog. It is a gift.

      I too have shared my thanks with our Earth Mother. I was quite moved by the post.

      I’m glad you had a nice family time. What kind of plants did you get? I must read your post about planting seeds. I want to help my son with a space he has. He’s sort of waiting on me. I’ve bought only four plants, herbs for tea. I think we should plant the seeds in starter boxes, already!, b/c the ground is full of clay. I’ve grown nearly everything in this kind of dirt, but I’m always scared something will happen to the little seeds if I put them directly in the ground. We have to fence it in ’cause the deer eat everything!

      He has a neighbor who is planting in the space, but he’s planting little trees so we need to get moving before all the space is used up. He is a nice man, much older, 78, who walks everywhere and looks about 58 and has a beautiful girlfriend who is 74 and looks younger than me. Sigh… That is what living right and walking everywhere can do for you I guess.

      I’m more rested now. Still fatigued and having pain, but things are quiet today. I hope to get outside. Maybe over to my son’s if the winds are calmer. They’ve been strong, but that is March where I live. Time to fly kites!
      xoxoxo –dogkisses too, esp., on Mother’s Day!



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