Eight legs walkin’

we love mom

Eight legs ‘a walkin’

Walkin’ round my home.

All just so,

I don’t walk alone.

Eight legs ‘a walkin’

Walkin’ round my home.

Oh, don’t you know?

I love you so!

My sweet little Ruthie,

You hold your head high,

Your spirit made strong,

Furry tail up,

wagging all the time!

Now that you know,

I love you so!

My sweet little Ruthie,

I remember you then.

Your head was down,

Furry tail drawn in.

Sweet little Ruthie,

I remember you then.

Jumping in my car,

Never looking back.

How did you know?

We would love each other so?

I know you were kissed,

From the angel I missed.

She waited ’til she knew,

I found you.

Every moment since,

You’ve celebrated your life.



Your head is in the air,

high and mighty strong!

You are a big girl now!

So you be certain,

I am very proud!


He puts his large head,

so soft…

gently on my leg.

He knows where it hurts.

His big deep brown eyes,

gazing into mine.

Mine with fears,

loneliness and tears.

Oh, how I love YOU!

This is what Tiny tells.

He always knows when to tell,

Oh yes, he knows!

I’m amazed every time,

He lays his head next to mine.

He hears my heart call,

his little legs start walkin’

lovin’ is a dog’s law.

Tiny knows…

He knows when it’s time to tell.

Right when I was thinking,

It was too late for me,

Tiny comes closer.

Oh, can’t you see?

Oh, don’t you know?

We do love you so?

Yes, I say,

I can see!

I can surely see!


My sweet little Ruthie,

My dear boy Tiny,

I have not forgotten.

I hope you know,

I do love you so!

I don’t understand,

why took the two-legged left.

Oh no,

I don’t understand.

I cry and wonder why.

Why does it have to be this way?

Every silent day,

Every silent moment,

I wonder why.

I always end the silence,

Saying Yes,

I remember!

I remember that you’re here.


I remember!

Eight legs ‘a walkin’

Walkin’ round my home

All just so,

I don’t have to walk alone.

I don’t know how to make it,

I don’t know what to do.

I only know,

I sure do love you.

I thank Lord Jesus.

I thank Great Spirit.

Praise Jah!

For the Dogs!

Thank You for the Dogs!!!

These dogs You have given me.

Love renews my spirit,

moving through my body,

healing my wounds.

These dogs,

they keep saying,

We are eight legs ‘a walkin’

Walkin’ round this home,

All just so,

You never walk alone.




These are my blessings,

These eight legs ‘a walkin’

I always know,

I don’t have to walk this road alone.

big hound dog eyes says I sure do love you

Dogs give...

In Memory of my sweet Free…

Perched on the wood,

Crow spoke.

You can’t walk this road alone.

Not anymore…

You can’t walk this road alone.

From Free,

Crow spoke.

Thank You Free!

Thank you for visiting Dogkisses’s blog.

16 responses to this post.

  1. Beautiful Words here Michelle.. and they come from your heart.. Its amazing how we are given those animals who walk our pathway with us, even if some only walk with us a short while, there Love and personalities stay with us, helping us through our tougher times as they bring their unconditional love. Asking only that we love them in return.. and arrgh isnt that the very best gift anyone can give us.. their unconditional love…

    We are all truly blessed when we have pets like Ruthie in our lives… and its a great honour you have done her in writing your poem..
    Love and Blessings to you… and appologies for only just getting around to say hi.. Dreamwalker xx



    • Hi Dreamwalker!

      Thank you. This was from my heart.

      You are right, it is amazing that we are given the animals to walk with us. Truly it is. They are very special beings. So much to give and if we listen, so much to teach us too.

      My mom and sister came to visit me today, so I had the company of two-legged family too. That was nice but I’m pretty tired. I’ve been way too tired lately.

      I did have fun writing this post though. Ruthie is a very tender sweet dog. I’ve never met a dog like her, but then, they each have their own personality don’t they?

      I miss visiting and must come over very soon to read in your blog. Surely the next time I can’t sleep that’s where I’ll be :).

      I hope you are doing well my friend.



  2. Love it! I read it like a song too! It sounded like something I could hear my cousin singing with his guitar. Great job!
    It made me happy enough to smile, which is kind of amazing considering the morning I’ve had. 🙂 Thank you for sharing!



    • Thanks Deb, sure am glad it made you smile. I know how it is when things are going rough and something makes you feel good. I hope your day gets easier. I’ve had a hard time too and seeing your smile and comment makes me feel better. 🙂



  3. Simply beautiful! Your words here have a way of touching the heart.



    • Hi Victoria! Thank you.

      I’m glad you stopped by and commented. I haven’t been to visit you in so long, but sure hope you are doing well.

      Take good care,



  4. Well, I don’t know if you’ve set this to music but I sure heard it as a song as I read it!

    You’re not only an inspiration in perseverance and appreciation, but an inspiration in thriving no matter what.

    Sing it!




    • Hello my friend,

      You are right. The words came as a song, but they sure didn’t look right on paper. I tried writing it like a song, but the last time I tried that, people commented on the status of my mental health, so I didn’t want that to happen again 🙂

      I had to change it for the written word. I’m so glad you ‘heard’ it.

      Thank you for saying I’m an inspiration. I am honored. I think this is the heart of my writing, hoping somehow what I write will inspire, even if I don’t have a clear vision in my mind of how this happens, which I don’t.

      I sing it, but only to the dogs. ruff ruff…

      –there’s… eight legs ‘a walkin’ round this home… eight legs ‘a walkin’… and two hearts ‘a lovin’, all just so I don’t walk alone…



  5. I love this. Sorry my comments have been so short, but I still am under the weather. I wanted you to know however, how much I enjoyed this.



    • Hi Mo, Thanks for your compliment 🙂 and taking the time to comment, esp., when you aren’t feeling well. I haven’t felt so great either. I perspire so much trying to sleep I just get up, like now, at 5 something in the morning! Sigh… One can only hope for a better day each day. At least that keeps me going. I hope you feel better soon. (((HealingHugs!)))



  6. Beautiful, just beautiful!
    I hear you, loud & clear.
    Dogs are the greatest gift given to humankind, our teachers, partners, allies, & staunch companions through thick and thin.
    Glad you have a pair to keep vigil beside you.



    • Hi Ash–

      Thank you! This was fun writing. I love it when words come into my mind and then I feel it in my heart to talk about the love of a dog. Their medicine is loyalty and they never fail us do they? Plus all that unconditional LOVE they offer makes them great at the roles you mention.

      PS I’m coming over to your blog to respond to you today. Sorry but I’ve been busy/tired. There should be one word we could use for that. ’til soon 🙂



  7. Posted by ruthie on April 4, 2011 at 12:16 PM

    Ok, you did it, you trumped that other poem, amazing!! melting, melting, i love the way you write your feelings through analogies of poetry and stories. The feelings jump out on the page at me, it is amazing! I love the mystique of trying to figure out which dog did what, who is who, and keep track of what has already been said, it is just pure and simple fun. The pain of the heart is masqueraded by the jolly spirit from which it is written, but I sense it, I sense the heartache, it is familiar. Also, I can just see the doggy tails a’waggin, they love to be with you! They walk, they sleep, they eat their little doggy food and drink their little doggy waters and make drips all over the floor, but the minute you indicate you need them, they drop all they are doing and wag their tails and lick your face to show their loyalty and have you scratch their little ears, that’s the love of a dog! They exist for you ~ even though they are at times seemingly caught up in the moment to run and play and bury their bones or chase their tales. Very well written and jam packed full of delight! Thank you for posting!
    peace, love & joy, ruthie



    • Oh Ruthie, you still sing! Thank you for reading and for your wonderful insightful observations!

      Monday is getting away from me quickly, so I must go for now, but thank you so much for reading and commenting.

      doggie kisses xoxoxo



  8. Posted by SandySays1 on April 4, 2011 at 12:12 PM

    Very touching. A toast to my relatives and your friends.



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