Words and Perception

A moving video about how words change our perception. 

Thank you for visiting Dogkisses’s blog.  Feel free to leave your thoughts.  Have a blessed day and pass it on…

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  1. Wow! That touches me at so many different levels. Beautiful! Thanks…Elizabeth



  2. Beautiful words Michelle.. We could all learn to change the way we ‘See’ our world too… those of us who are lucky enough to be able to see it..By Changing our words, But not only our words, but the way we think.. Our perception adds much to the way we view our world… I recently read a book by Neale Donald Walsch, called. ‘When everything Changes Change everything’… Well worth a read..
    Quote— From Pure ‘Being’ flows ‘Consciousness’,From ‘Consciousness’ flows ‘Awareness’, from ‘Awareness’ flows ‘Perspective’, from ‘Perspective’ flows ‘Perception’, From ‘Perception’ flows ‘Belief’, from ‘Belief’ flows ‘Behaviour’, from ‘Behaviour’ flows ‘Events’, From ‘Events’ flows ‘Data’, from ‘Data’ flow ‘Truth’, from ‘Truth’ flows ‘Thoughts’, from ‘Thoughts’ flow ‘Emotion’, from ‘Emotion’, flows ‘Experience’ and from ‘Experience Flows ‘Reality’….
    End Quote




    • Hi Dreamwalker, Thank you for sharing the quote from the book. What a great way to say what is said in the quote. I mean, there are volumes of literature saying just that. I think I’m in the experiencing place most of the time. Maybe I need to back up and start from the beginning. In due time, I hope. I hope you have a peaceful weekend. Hugs and doggy kisses xoxoxoxo.



  3. Posted by Spirit Walker on May 27, 2011 at 4:55 PM

    Thank you. That little touch of kindness was just what I needed today. 🙂



    • Hello Spirit Walker,

      I’m very glad you enjoyed the video and thank you for taking the time to comment. I almost didn’t share the video, but then I thought well, that’s part of what this blog is for; to share what helps me along the way in life.




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