Green Healing and Lizard

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Another Awesome Green Healing!

I always imagined that a horticulture therapy class would be fun and healing and I was right! I love the class.  I’m also in-love with a lizard!  Who would have thought that my springtime heartstrings would be drawn in by such a creature.

He (or she) lives in a small Cabbage patch, along with some Brussel sprouts and Rainbow Chard.  I’m not sure about the gender.  Perhaps Deb, from can tell me, but for now, I’ll refer to little lizard as a male.  I think he has a mate or a sibling, because the first time he appeared, another one was following him about.

Gardening has always captured my full attention.  Time passes easily and way too fast for me when I’m working with plants and dirt.  I’ve found myself in gardens all day many times in my life.

I haven’t been able to do more than have a few potted plants in several years, due to muscle and joint pain.  It’s too hard to bend over.  Fatigue slowly took my stamina and my time in the garden lessened with each passing year.  I later moved to the woods and enjoy what I am able to grow in pots, but it isn’t the same as working with a garden in the ground.

One garden I grew was such a part of me that I grieved for the best of a year after I had to leave it behind.  I dreamed of it for a long time.  I finally wrote the new tenant who moved to the house where my garden was.  I included a sketch, with a description of the flowers and which butterflies would be visiting.  I received two of the most wonderful long letters in return the next summer.  One was from the mother and the other from her six-year-old daughter.  They were wonderfully surprised when the garden bloomed and the little girl loved the butterflies as much as I did.  I stopped having the dreams after that.  My garden was loved.

The raised beds where I’m taking the horticulture therapy class are high enough that I don’t have to bend over too far and can even sit on the wooden frame.  Because of this, I am again altogether involved with the garden.  It’s a good thing the class ends at a specific time or I’d be there all day.

During class, I focus my attention on the task at hand and not too much thinking is going on.  I try to listen well when my classmates or the coordinator talks, because I learn so much, which is very cool.

There is so much I could say about each class, which is good, but a little tiring to my brain.  I’d really like to tell you all about what I’ve learned and have become aware of after only attending three classes, and maybe I will in time.

Having been taking photos too, I’m aware of a lot going on at once, and more than just my cute little lizard friend who turns from green to brown right before my eyes.  He’s cute and smart!

I notice a lot about myself.  Of course, I notice how good I feel while I’m there and after I leave.  I also notice how I try to fix things.  It seems I want to save the world.  Apparently, a part of me thinks I’m capable of this, I guess.  Why would I try if I didn’t think I could?

For my birthday last year, my mother and son brought me home a gift.  It was a miniature sculpture of a little girl, on a bicycle inside of a glass bulb.  It reads, “Given the right cape and a nice tiara, I could save the world!”  I can see now why they both thought it fitting for me.

A shovel got away with a young man during class yesterday and dirt went flying across the garden, landing directly on a female classmate.  We were preparing the bed for our tender young Bok Choy plants that we transplanted two weeks earlier.  The young man felt very badly and apologized.  The woman who was blasted with dirt jumped back in surprise and concern, as she wasn’t sure what had happened.  Then, she looked at her shoes and remarked about the dirt on them.

“They look like good gardening shoes,” I told her.  “I bet that dirt will come right off.”

I wanted to fix the situation.  I wanted to make him feel better and help her to let go of her worry over the dirt.  I also wanted her to know he was sorry.

As with the other classes, each time I have seen these particular traits in me.  They are heavy traits, and likely a part of what makes me sad and tired.

I hope the ‘Green Healing’ helps me to realize that I can only do so much.  I am not  responsible for the world.  I can’t make everything right.

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  1. I have always loved gardening, I wish the winter away anxiously awaiting spring and being able to dig in the dirt. Watching my perennials pop through the soil makes spring my “new year”, I always feel more positIve in spring a time of new beginnings.

    I always feel closer to God in the garden, it is my place to pray and lose myself in thought. I’ve spent many many hours healing my heart in the garden. I have had to move a lot the last 10 yrs and I always put a garden in.

    It sounds like you and your son have found a shared pleasure, that’s great. I too have come to realize I can’t save the world and it’s not up to me to “fix” it all the time. Whenever I see someone in need I immediately start thinking about what I can do to make it better. Although its great to be helpful but I’m learned that if you don’t allow a person to try to fix things themselves in essence you are saying you don’t think they are capable. I find it especially hard with my son but I say a prayer and let it go (or try) and he is quite capable.

    Good post, I think I’ll go check the garden and see who’s poking their heads through the soil.
    Happy gardening!



    • Hi Carrie, Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment!

      Yes, the springtime is lovely and especially when you get to work with the dirt and watch something grow. There is nothing comparable really. I wish I had my own garden, and as I was just outside, looking at moss, which is about all that grows in my yard, I longed for a sunny space for a flower garden. The best I can do around here is plant some shade loving annuals in pots.

      I do enjoy the positive time with my son in horticulture therapy. I’m excited to go back and see how the Bok Choy is growing. We were talking about it today. It’s kind of cool that we are both wondering about the tender plants we planted. We also have potted Cacti from the class, and his clearly expresses his rather easy way of approaching life. Mine is rather messy, because I tried to get too many plants in one pot, lol, kind of like the way I live my life.

      I hope you have a space where you can either enjoy some flowers or veggies, or help them grow. Peace and many ‘Green Healing Days’ to you.




  2. I am happy that you had a good time! The photos are great. I would love to have some raised planting beds, like the ones in the photos. Bending is so hard on me anymore, with my muscle problems. I wouldn’t have anything at all planted around here, were it not for help I get from family.

    I am not sure what type of lizard that is. I do know for sure that I have seen that type before. Not in my state (we don’t have those), but in other’s photos. If you want to email me the state you took the photos in, I can probably research it and find it. But off the top of my head I am unsure. He (she?) sure is cute though!



    • Hi Deb, Was just over at your blog, but am so tired I didn’t comment. My eyes need to close.

      For sure, if it wasn’t for the raised beds, I couldn’t do much gardening, so they are wonderful! It really is fun, even though I still get really tired. Each week we do something different and with many choices, like planting seeds, weeding or choosing plants from the greenhouse to transplant.

      The little lizard lives in NC. He is mighty cute! A classmate told me the name of the lizard, but I can’t even remember now. Will ask next class.

      Thanks for taking the time to stop by and leave your thoughts 🙂 Big hugs, Michelle.



      • Hey Michelle, I just looked it up and I think it’s a Green Anole. Your classmate should know if I’m correct or not, but that’s my guess. I wish we had those here. They are very interesting looking. Apparently, from what I read, they can change colors, depending on things like temperature, stress, etc.



  3. Hi Michelle… Awww.. it was so nice to wander around that garden with you.. And the Lizard lol.. and to know you are enjoying it so much.. To get out and into the garden is wonderful thing.. And to know too that you forget time while in there shows just how much you are enjoying..
    Forgive me too for not being around much.. I too have been busy, and was away for a time, and this post must have got deleted with many more blog post that came into my inbox.. as I got over 500 in a few days.. and no way could I wade mayway through them, so I just cleared my inbox of wordpress and started again.. 😉 .. Such as we have to do at times..
    And reading the I know also that you have had to restart over again.. And leave behind much.. Letting go is one of my lessons, but one in which I am having more success with..
    The changes in the vibrations which we are in at this moment are helping me cope, although some days a tiredness sweeps over me, much as in the old days in the height of my own FM attacks.. But nothing like they were.
    I am enjoying a few days off from work.. and we have been decorating,.. Well someone has.. Ive been supervising mostly 🙂 .. with ” You’ve Missed a Bit here LOL ” ..
    All good.. And I have had my granddaughter too which takes up ALL of my energy.. at 14 mths and walking and into everything she is a little live wire.. But she is wonderful..
    I hope that you and your Son are continuing to build upon your strengths and feel the energy recharge within both of you… For Green is Healing… and so is the little Lizard.. who came to say hello.
    Take care of yourselves.. Much Love and You are always not far from my thoughts..
    Love and Blessings.. Sue xx



    • Hi Dreamwalker,

      Thanks for your comment. I did see your reply on your blog. My apologies for not writing and keeping in touch better. Lately, when I get time to myself, which is not that often at home, I guess I need to either rest or just fiddle around, doing some chore. Also, I’ve had to delete posts in my inbox too, so I sure understand. I wish there was more time in a day 🙂

      Thank you too for taking ‘the walk in the garden’ with me. I do love the gardens there, and the little lizard! I would like to volunteer there more and work with other groups too. They have many exciting opportunities.

      Sounds like you have much to do and it must be exciting to remodel in the springtime. I’m happy you have time with your sweet granddaughter. She is a lucky little girl 🙂 My son’s dog is the closest I get to having a grandchild, but what a wonderful little guy he is!

      I don’t know what to say about the energy on the planet. In a way, I think we are living in scary times. In another way, there are plentiful opportunities for a new generation of people to save the planet, literally.

      Thanks again for stopping by and leaving your heartfelt thoughts on my blog 🙂
      Peace and Blessings.
      Love, Michelle.



  4. You and the class were obviously meant to BE. I love how you write about it and I can picture you there, with your quiet smile and concentration. I am truly happy for you. I am glad you found the class and that it found you. I love the story about your old garden and the letter you wrote and how you got two letters back the next summer. That is very special. I would be the same way, happy knowing my garden was loved. I loved this blog post, it made me smile. For you. Laurie F.



    • Thanks Laurie, you are sweet. My son really enjoys the class too, so that makes it ten times better for me knowing this. He made a beautiful mobile last week, but I missed that class and didn’t make one. His is beautiful, made from two sticks and pretty leaves and flowers. We have great coordinators too.
      I am very grateful, and I hope we get to keep going because we will start cooking soon! Big hugs for you, and I hope you are doing alright (or better). xoxoxo



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