Green Healing ~ from lizards to ladybugs

lucky little lady

Beautiful Lady and Morning Dew

How brave a ladybug must be!
Each drop of rain is big as she.
Can you imagine what you’d do,
If raindrops fell as big as you?
~Aileen Fisher

The little lizard who captured my heart a few weeks ago didn’t make an appearance in the gardens this week.  I missed him but on our way to the greenhouse we spotted the pretty little ladybug living in the patch of clover. 

I’m a volunteer in the horticulture program, but I sure do get a lot out of the class.  I feel good when I can help someone, even in the smallest way.  It makes me feel useful.

I took photos of the students working yesterday, and although I’m not a photographer, the abundant sunlight and pretty gardens naturally make good pictures.  The images depict what may only be known by those of us participating.  I hope they will serve as a reminder to the students of the good times and ‘green healing’ we’ve had together.

I feel a bond forming in my heart for the students.  I care about them.  They are very special people. 

Something happens while we work together in the gardens.  Something that I don’t feel like I have the right words for yet.  Personally, my heart and spirit is lifted and nourished.  Based solely on my observations, I believe this good energy flows through the other students as well.  I hope so. 

I am most grateful for this opportunity.  It is a blessing.

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  1. […] Green Healing ~ from lizards to ladybugs (

    BlueGreen, from Green Healing Notes



  2. Hi Michelle, Glad You are finding such healing within the garden.. When we unite with others of like mind we do indeed begin to share a bond.. For in essence we are All One..I just love my own garden and we are getting the Allotment ready now for planting… We are starting to get the seeds sown in the green-house .. I love this time of year when all the buds and leaves start to blossom out and the hedgerows start to green up.. The Birds start to twitter as they too know its nest-making time…
    Ive especially enjoyed it this year as Ive been able to walk out with my grandchild… She is 15mths old now and very inquisitive and learns very quickly..
    I gave her a lady-bug as it crawled upon my hand, and let it crawl over her fingers, she shook it off at first because it tickled.. But with patience, on my part and that of the ladybug she let it crawl up her arm.. I collected it again and placed it again upon her open hand, When the Ladybug opened her wings and lifted off… She followed it up into the air with her eyes wide.. as she said “Oooh”… and laughed… I intend to teach my grandchild all the wonders of Nature .. For Nature is Healing, and Nature is our greatest teacher..
    Love to you my dear Michelle, and forgive again my late replies to your posts.. I am getting around my list of to do’s.. But I am starting to enjoy Spring outdoors more here, than sat at my PC For long periods..
    Wishing you and your Son a special Sunday and Long may the healing continue..
    love ~Sue Dreamwalker xxxx



    • Thank you Dreamwalker. I absolutely love your story! I can easily imagine your granddaughter’s eyes wide with awe. I remember the first time a ladybug was placed in my hands. It was great to know that all things that crawl are not to be feared. My mother was/is afraid of any creature that crawls, so I’m not sure who showed me the ladybug, but I remember still the experience.

      I wish you many happy Springtime days!
      xoxo, big hugs,
      Love, Michelle.



  3. Michelle, such lovely words and a perfect picture. Thank you, Paul



    • Thank you Paul. I like the picture too, obviously, but it was such a nice surprise to see the ladybug on the way to the greenhouse. What a wonderful place to be!



  4. Gardens are indeed therapeutic in so many ways!
    When I had a large vegetable and flower garden, I made it a rule that I would only think positive and hopeful things when I was in the garden. This sort of meditation helped me, and I think the garden thrived on the growing and healing vibes.

    Thanks for sharing your experience! I wish there was a community garden in my area. Now, I just have window boxes — but I make sure that they are planted with native plants with yellow and other bright colours!

    Happy Springtime! Here’s to greeness, sunshine, and maybe a fairy or two in your garden!



    • Hi Phylor, Thanks for commenting. I imagine your window boxes are beautiful. I need to get flowers soon to plant in my planters. The place I go for this class has many plants that I can likely take a few of the extras from the greenhouse. Lots of really cool plants too.

      Gardening in wonderful therapy, just about any way it is done, with others or alone, and from growing the family’s food to little Cacti in pots on the porch.

      Happy Springtime to you too!

      PS We have a garden gnome and one fairy holding a tulip in our yard 🙂



  5. I always loved working in a garden too. Growing up, a large part of my family’s food came from our garden. Sadly we can’t grow a large garden on the family property anymore due to flooding. A logging company came in years ago and took out a tremendous number of trees up the hollow from us, and trees hold back a surprising amount of water. Without them, what used to be minor flooding is now major flooding downstream from where the logging took place. There is no way to grow where we used to anymore, as it floods regularly now. It makes me sad. I always assumed that my kids would grow up learning to garden and raise their own food, like I did. If I were well enough, I would do some sort of small garden up here on the mountain, even though there isn’t much suitable space for it. But I’m just not able. I require help for the little plants and things that the kids & I do grow. But I’m trying to teach them what I can. Still I wish they were out picking bugs off potato plants and learning to grow corn, green beans, squash, and all the other goodies that I worked hard on as a kid alongside my parents. You are exactly right. It is a good energy. It really is. From the first tilling of the soil, to giving away extras to friends and family, it was a wonderful feeling from beginning to end. They are happy memories for me!



    • Hi Deb, I also have wonderful memories working in the garden. I earned my first wages by picking green beans. Five dollars! That was a lot in the ’70’s.

      I remember how far my feet would sink if I stepped in the wrong place in the garden. Almost to my knees. My grandma loved to garden, can and she had a butterfly garden. She was digging potatoes in her nineties.

      The raised beds are very nice. They are about two and a half feet high, so you don’t have to bend down. I’m surprised at all we can grow in those beds. If I had the sunlight, I would want a bed like that to work with.

      I’m glad you get to grow some things, and it’s too bad about the trees and flooding. I get joy from potted plants, but you’re right, nothing like being in a real garden.

      Wishing you a good springtime day!
      Big hugs,



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