Green Healing ~ Horticultural Notes

And the beat goes on…

life in the gardens

Quietly and Softly

soft and cheery, from Mother Nature.

Colorful Communications

We always begin Horticulture Therapy by gathering in a circle to share plant news.  This time together is good, interesting and takes us in many directions.  We often visit our past of garden or plant memories and look to the future with hopeful or creative garden dreams and ideas.

Last week I arrived just in time to hear another participant sharing his idea for a creative planting container.  The young man was more engaged than usual and when he smiled and became excited about what plants to choose and where he would put his new container, I felt like I saw the heart of horticulture therapy.

I like to call these times Healing Happenings, which are moments in time when hope or happiness fills my heart and mind.  I’m not talking about everything being right or all problems being fixed.  I’m talking about a little piece of time when worry and stress take a back seat and the beauty of life emerges.

healing horticulture

Sweet Peas make Smiles

Personally, ‘healing happenings’ include moments when I enjoy what I imagine most Mothers do, which is seeing our children, no matter what age they are, smile and be happy.  They’re also moments when I feel that my family will be okay.

a view of the big picture helps us stay hopeful

Therapeutic Gardening

“Drop by drop would make a lake.” (Azerbaijani proverb)

there is hope

The Intern in an early Garden

And then, there is faith.

We hope the garden grows and have faith in a plentiful harvest.

new lettuce and a few sprouted carrots

our garden grows

lettuce and carrots growing

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  1. I haven’t figured out how to link to other blogs from my new blog, Green Healing Notes. Avatars and Gravatars have me confused.

    My latest post is here: Green Healing on the Farm



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  3. Hello World!

    Green Healing Notes (Michelle’s new Photo/Nature/Journal blog)



  4. Hi Michelle.. Thank you my friend for this wonderful post.. Full of Hope and Faith.. and Healing..

    Planting and growing our own with nature helps us to connect back to that source of creation.. It brings us Hope for without Hope what do we have?.. It brings us Faith, faith in knowing that Mother nature comes through for us.. We plant and we water and wait.. and low and behold she springs forth with an abundance of Greenery.. Which brings Healing to our World..

    Mother Natures Pharmacy is in abundance.. So too is our own ability to heal ourselves All we need too is Faith and Love… as we draw upon those same energies which bring the miracles of Life within those plants to grow.. So too if we call upon our hearts in Love and hold that same faith, so too can our bodies heal us from within… Such is the power of our Hearts and our Healing..

    We but need that seed of Faith to know ALL is well in our World..
    Hugs to you and Blessings Michelle..
    ( many thanks for your film link.. I have yet to find time to watch but I promise I will ) xx ~Sue



  5. What a lovely article, Dogkisses! You touched my heart…because one thing my nephew and I do together is ‘garden’. He’s not exactly thrilled to be pulling weeds and clipping bushes, yet gardening clears the pathway for intimacy. Words get planted. Conversations grow. Kids bloom. I get pruned as needed which is a lot. ha!

    I love all your pictures! You’ve inspired me and maybe on day you’ll see a few pics of my garden. We don’t grow fruits and vegies at my house though–just flowers. And hearts.




    • Oh, so nice to know. Thank you CZ. I sure hope if you take some photos of your flowers, that I’ll see them! I love flowers. Did a bit of container planting today. My mom gave me two plants, both that I’m not familiar with. One is Heather, and I’ve seen it growing. So pretty, but the pot I put it in is small, so we’ll see. I also have some herbs, which I love!

      I love too your poetic and funny description of gardening with your nephew! I’ve always thought that pulling weeds is one of the best therapies there is. Get to the root of things, you know.

      May your garden grow bright and cheery!

      Michelle aka dogkisses 🙂



  6. […] to something recently published by Michele of Dogkisses Blog.  It was a very recent post called Green Healing – Horticultural Notes.  Let me ‘borrow’ a few words from that Post. We always begin Horticulture […]



  7. Michelle,

    Not only will you ‘keep on’ but you will grow in strength, just like those lovely plants. I’m a bit quick to use a cliche but, nonetheless, I am reminded that to find ourselves, first we have to become lost!

    And this caught my eye earlier on today: Listen to your life. See it for the fathomless mystery that it is. In the boredom and pain of it no less than in the excitement and gladness: touch, taste, smell your way to the holy and hidden heart of it because in the last analysis all moments are key moments, and life itself is grace.
    Frederick Buechner

    You can count on a few of the dog hugs later today being on your behalf.




    • Paul, A quick reply here, just to say thank you for your kindness on this day. I sure needed encouragement. And, am trying to see our crisis as an opportunity. If I have the energy, I may write about some of what is going on, but weaving it into the ‘Green Healing’ seems to be how I communicate lately.

      Thanks for the beautiful quote too.




  8. DK, what a really beautiful piece of writing. You using the phrase ‘green healing’ touches on the essence on what we all need to do to ‘survive’ in this crazy world. And, of course, I’m using the word ‘survive’ in a mental rather than physical sense.

    It reminds me of the odd moments during the day when I hug one of the dogs and really give in to the feeling; almost as though the dog and I recognise it could be the very last hug in our lives. The emotional intimacy that flows from that private bonding across the two different (very different!) species is truly breath-taking!

    Indeed, writing this comment has inspired me to explore the consciousness of green healing in a post on Learning from Dogs for tomorrow. I will quote some of your valuable words above, if I may. Paul



    • Paul, Thank you for your kind comment. Your words are most inspiring. Today, my heart is sad, but it isn’t the time or place to write about it. I’m glad to be writing, and actively engaged in the ‘Green Healing’ but I must say after the past few days of a family crisis, I will be challenged a bit to keep on, but I sure hope I will.

      Sometimes, I guess we have to consider the soil, and all that lies deep within the darkness of that. It all works together doesn’t it?

      Am going to water some gardens right now. It has become hot and humid quickly, after several days of cool weather.

      I look forward to reading your own ‘Green Healing’ post!

      Give your dogs a hug from me 🙂



      • Guess I ended up borrowing more than a few words from your Post! 😉 And feel free to republish in full a Post coming out tomorrow (2nd May) on Learning from Dogs regarding coconut oil! Paul. p.s. the dogs liked your hugs and seem to want more!



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