One Green Healing Day!

Today, I’m practicing accepting the moment.  My other options don’t look good.  I have a lot on my mind, some of which I simply don’t know what to do about.  I’m taking a break from trying to come up with solutions, at least for a little while.

I’ll take another break in a few minutes, with my pretty, insect-hunting four-legged companion, Ruthie Mae.  She needs me, and I need her. She let me know today how much she loves me, and how she misses us spending more outside time together. 

She walked over to me, as I was rubbing Tiny’s belly, which he loves of course, and put her paw in my hand in the sweet way she has always done,ever since the first time she introduced herself to me.  Ruthie does have good manners, even though, she doesn’t use them a lot of the time.  She looked me in the eyes, as if to say, hey thanks for loving us, and then she gave me a soft little kiss on my hand!  I promise you she is one of the sweetest dogs in the whole wide world!

I’ve regressed.  I meant to talk about butterflies.

I’d like to share a photo of the beautiful butterfly that I was friends with today. 

Beautiful Butterfly

A Green Healing Moment!

I make a lot of garden friends in Horticulture Therapy.  First it was the lizard, then the ladybug, and recently my son spotted a lizard by the bog that had an orange throat, and of course, butterflies!  I love the butterflies, but I’ve noticed that I do love all my garden friends.

I must go check my books of butterflies, my favorite of which is, BUTTERFLY GARDENING, FOR THE SOUTH, by GEYATA AJILVSGI, if I can find it.  I have nature guide books, but let’s find out what Geyata has to say about this amazing and beautiful creature.  

ZEBRA SWALLOWTAIL (Eurytides marcellus) 

Family: Papilionidae

Size: 2 3/8- 3 1/2 inches

Range: All 

 Flight Time: March-October 

Broods: 3, possibly more  

Overwinters: Pupa

Though the Zebra Swallowtail has bright striking colors, when it goes to rest in the shade, it gets a little darker and blends in with the environment. 

I know one thing this butterfly likes, and that’s drinking from Asclepias Tuberosa, commonly known as Milkweed, which is a nectar producing flower, but is also the plant that Monarchs lay their eggs on.  Milkweed is the only plant Monarchs use to lay their eggs on.  Something in the plant makes the Monarch poisonous to prey.

I once dreamed I was a Milkweed plant.  I was happy and lived in a great large field with many others like me.  But, that’s a story I’ve told in this blog.  Ruthie Mae says I don’t have time to give you the link.

That’s it for today.  The sun has gone down, and my girl needs a walk.

Thank you for visiting Dogkisses’s Blog! 

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    More pretty butterflies 🙂

    Winged ~ Perched and In Flight, Green Healing Notes



  2. I hope some day when you come up thru the mountains to visit me for a time, that you bring sweet Ruthie Mae! I’ve read so much about her that I feel I almost know her. The bond between you two is so loving & kind!
    Besides, Kodi wants to see his girlfriend!

    Big hugs & much love to you –



    • Also, you take the most gorgeous garden photos, Michelle! I just adore this one! Keep up the terrific picture-sharing, please! I look forward to every one!



      • Thanks Ash! Ooops, I had to update this comment. I thought it was the post with the beets in the bucket. –Yes, This is my favorite photo, other than the little ladybug and I am quite fond of the little lizards too, but this one is striking isn’t it?

        I loved the gardens today, but as you know, from my other reply, I found another tick on me today, so that has to change. I’m sure they won’t let me volunteer without being dressed, but it would be best!

        I have lots of photos! You can only put 200 on Flickr and then you have to pay a yearly fee. I’m at 200. Green Healing Notes is a nice theme for photos I think.

        Hugs and Love,



    • Ash, yes, Ruthie Mae will surely come. I feel like I know Kodi too. And I am sure Ruthie Mae wants to see her younger guy, even though she will always love Tiny of course.

      Woof woof xoxoxo



  3. Loving both your butterfly facts and openness of the often underrated slow down. My “break”has certainly helped me see this. Though I don’t have much energy or time to post my own stories right now. I’m certainly taking one out to watch our mason bees collect mud from under our vegetable beds while I teach my boys how to build homes for them at the picnic table. You inspire me. Thank you for that



    • inventingeden –Hi. I’m pleased to hear from you again! Making bee homes sounds really exciting. I’d like to learn more about bees. I read a good book, The Secret Life of Bees, which is about people really, not bees, but each chapter begins with quotes from some awesome books about bees, and the author amazingly weaved that into the story. And, if I inspire you, well, that is priceless to me. Sometimes my life feels like a big pile of mistakes, or just never having the resources to help my family the way I wish I could. I love blogging and this is one of the reasons, because people say the nicest things, and, I believe they mean them. Thank you 🙂

      Wishing you a good day,



  4. Please tell Ruthie Mae that if her person wants to talk about stuff with my person, my person is always here to listen by email or im or whatever. My person is patient with me most all of the time but I think I have to stop biting her. She knows I’m just a puppy and will learn…..soon, I hope. Love, Lexi, mom to Laurie F.



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