Hope Grows in the Garden

Horticultural healing

Horticultural Healing

Green Healing Days

I hope the little Squash grows well.  I believe it will.  With that said, I must tell you that I am so tired, I can’t write much of a post, but I simply had to share something about yet another, Green Healing Day!  I’m actually quite amazed at the opportunity I have in my volunteer work.  I had no idea that my time in the gardens, and with the people I’ve met, would offer me so many blessings, but it most certainly has! 

When I have more energy, I’ll tell you more about what makes this Squash special to me.  Perhaps by the time I can write another post, the Squash will have grown a lot more. 

Today, while I was taking a photo of it, the petals on the flower were a little wilted from just having been watered.  Just before I snapped this photo, the wind blew gently and the petal opened for me.  It was like that flower posed just for my camera.  I’m quite sure I’ve turned into one of those people who talk to plants. 

That’s all for today.  Thanks for visiting Dogkisses’s blog.  I hope that you too have some ‘Green Healing’ days!

11 thoughts on “Hope Grows in the Garden

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    • ising4God, Hi. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

      I can’t imagine plants don’t like you🙂 I read some of your blog and you seem like a very nice person! So, you keep trying, and perhaps one day you’ll meet a plant that will grow for you no matter what the conditions.

      There is always hope in a garden, or even in one potted plant. I love having hope.

      Happy Growing!


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    • Thanks Laurie, I hope you are feeling better. And, you know, Green is a metaphor really. Personally, it means something to do with nature, and almost anything can fall into that category. Even in the dead of Winter, there is ‘Green Healing’ and it can last a few seconds or a lifetime.

      Lots of Love, and Green Healing wishes for you and your family,


    • Thanks Paul.

      I remembered you were in AZ first thing when I woke up today. I thought to myself where did I get CO from? I think the photos on your blog remind me of CO. Glad to get that straight in my mind🙂

      Green Wishes to you also!


  3. Hi CZ,

    Oh shucks, I forgot the exact name of the Squash. I almost wrote it down today and forgot to do that too. We planted it there for a few reasons, surely one of which must be for the aesthetic pleasures like you mentioned.

    I feel like it’s MY Squash,🙂 but not sure that’s true. The Intern asked me to plant them. I think she knows a little something I don’t about how I’m going to feel when I see it’s strong vines growing. Horticulture Therapy really works for me. I’m learning things about myself and the plants are great to use as metaphors in personal healing.

    I’d tell you all about it if I could, but I must sign off. Thanks for leaving me a note though. I’m always very happy that you visited and it’s nice to hear that this blog brightened your day. That’s Nature for ya!

    Hugs to you,


  4. Hello Plant Talker!

    The rain is pouring outside today which is good because it saves us from running the sprinklers but it’s also bad because it means we can’t finish planting our flowers. Your blog brightened the day though. What is more fulfilling than watching a garden grow? (Maybe eating it?)

    What kind of squash are you growing? It looks like you’ve placed it very close to the edge of the raised bed which should be beautiful when it’s draping over the retaining wall.



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