Green Healing ~ An affair with Nature

My favorite flower of the day. 

Cosmos Bright Lights

Believe me, it was hard to choose only one photo to share with you from my visit to the gardens today!  I wish I had time to share more of my journey lately, but extra time is sparse.  

Today I watered the plants, which is part of my volunteer position at the Botanical Gardens.  Normally my son helps me water, but he’s visiting his Grandmother for a few days.

There is so much to see when I go that I get carried away.  I start taking photos and find myself still there several hours later. 

People browse around and I hear oohs and ahs over a plant they’ve never seen or one they particularly love.  I enjoy the people and sometimes they ask me questions.  I like it when I’m able to give an answer.

The colors and garden creatures capture my attention in a way nothing else is able to these days.  Life isn’t easy as I write.  I may be avoiding some of it by spending hours taking photos of flowers or simply admiring the amazing size of the Cosmos and Sunflowers.

I wonder if I’m having a love affair with Nature. 

Back to the flower.

Normally, Cosmos would attract butterflies, but I only saw one today.  It was passionately fluttering about as if it couldn’t decide where to stop.  I think the place is heaven for them. 

I did see many bees.  While watering the Thyme and Sage hundreds surrounded me.  I stayed calm and rather enjoyed them.  I’m sure they were asking me why I was bothering them on a hot afternoon when they were busy –as bees 🙂

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  1. Posted by LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words on August 25, 2012 at 3:37 PM

    a beautiful photo
    harmony in clarity
    Take care



  2. […] Green Healing ~ An affair with Nature ( […]



  3. A beautiful Bright Flower… And yes sometimes we do other things while putting off what we do not want to do…
    Im a bit like that with my ironing.. I dislike the thought of spending time ironing clothes and yet once I start I dont really mind as I put music on while I iron away..
    But often our minds will go to great lengths to lead us in directions from facing a situation we don’t really want to tackle..
    I hope that your Son enjoyed his weekend with Gran, and I hope to Michelle you have had some space to be YOU..
    Love and Blessings and remember.. You are important! Hugs Sue xx



    • Hi Sue, I agree. Our minds will “go to great lengths” to distract us. I spent time moving flower pots today. I must really, really be trying to avoid things. Thanks for your well wishes for us. I dread the coming week, but hopefully things will go smoothly during this time of change and limbo.

      I’ve been drinking “Amazing Grass” for a few days. I’ve eaten food too, but not so much. Being busy and living alone makes cooking a task, like ironing I guess. It’s good with lots of protein and nutrients. I’d rather have a whole meal, but the drink gives me energy. It’s chocolate too 🙂

      I hope you have a good week. (Wow, I just remembered I have fresh strawberries in my fridge! Still thinking of strawberry pies and cobblers).

      Big Hugs and Love, Michelle.



  4. what a lovely yellow colo(u)r. I hope you can keep having your love affair with nature since it produces such wonderful photos and blog posts!



  5. on butterflies: we have a butterfly “bush” full of flowers, but the butterflies (not necessarily the bees) prefer other plants this year!
    What a lovely shade of yellow!
    I hope you continue your love affair with nature since it leads to wonderful photos and interesting blog posts, lol.



    • Thanks Phylor! I think I need to open up comments so that you can see what you’ve written, which isn’t the case when I moderate them.

      You are so sweet! I hope your doing well. I will try to visit your blog soon. Am so very, very fatigued, and looking for places to live is stressful, you know.

      Yes, it is a Cosmos ‘Bright Lights’ –usually not my favorite. I like purples and pinks, which is the favored colors of the butterflies. Where are they this year?

      Big Hugs,



  6. Lovely Yellow colour! 🙂



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