Illuminating Blogger Award

My enthusiastic thanks to CJ, at Food Stories, for giving Dogkisses’s blog the Illuminating Blogger Award! Thank you CJ! 

Blogger Award

“A fabulous award that anyone can bestow on their fellow bloggers for illuminating, informative blog content.”  CJ

Visit Food Stories via above link.  CJ is a nurse, with type-11 diabetes, offering interesting food facts and education, along with ‘illuminating’ tasty recipes! 

Below are the five blogs I’ve chosen for this award:

Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary

IconDoIt, the blog!  (Deb also has a nature blog)

Learning From Dogs

The Soulsby Farm

I enjoy many blogs when I have time to read.  It’s hard not to choose more bloggers.  In the interest of time, I can only offer five.  The ones I chose have particularly ‘illuminating content’ via images and of course, each of them are also informative and interesting.

Again, thanks to CJ at Food Stories for the award and creating the Food Stories blogroll/nominee page.

Thanks also to the blogging community for offering interesting and illuminating content 🙂

Accepting the Award (See below)

Just follow the steps below:

The Nominee should thank the person that nominated them by posting & including a link to their blog.

Include a courtesy link back to the official award site ( in your blog post.

Share one random thing about yourself in your blog post.

Select at least five other bloggers that you enjoy reading their illuminating, informative posts and nominate them for the award.

Notify your nominees by leaving a comment on their blog, including a link to the award site (

I hope you have fun!

Oh yeah, one random thing about myself…

I like good thrift shop finds!  Today I bought a nice mirror for my son framed in thick strong Bamboo.  It’s pretty, matches his furniture and I saved about 150 US Dollars!  Only spent 8.  Pretty good 🙂

For the sake of illuminating content, I’d like to share a photo from the horticulture gardens where my son and I are volunteering and having many ‘Green Healing‘ Days!

Image of Merlot sweet peppers

Green Healing Merlot Peppers

Please see Terms of Use for copyright information on images and text in this blog, by Michelle, ‘dogkisses’ and/or Dogkisses’s blog.  Thank you for respecting this license.

21 responses to this post.

  1. Hi Michelle, Here I am, visiting again.. and still got to get to grips with this wonderful award you gave me.. Amazing about those tomato plants 🙂 and yes such are the healing vibes of gardening.. its contagious ..
    We came back from our trip away to find the wind and rain had blown and bedraggled many of our plants.. And of course the weeds had taken over again… We spend some time between showers weeding .. But the rain is relentless here… and its a record amount of rain fall for June in 100 yrs here..
    And so cool too with winds.. and storms. There was even a mini tornado too.. Very unusual for the UK.. But the Jet stream has moved lower down so that’s why we are getting the bad weather.. and July has been forecast to stay much the same in the next two weeks..
    Ive come by to check up on the rules.. and make a start…
    Ok now to your next post! 🙂 Hugs xxxx



    • Hope you enjoy nominating folks for the award. I’m trying to recall what it was about the tomato plants. The color in the photo came out that way. I was very surprised!

      I’m sorry about the bad weather. On the bright side, I guess, is that storms and cool weather are nice, I think. Sounds lovely now with the terrible heat here.

      I hope we get to go to the coast this summer. My son wants to go. He is working part-time 🙂 and so, I sure hope it works out for him. I’m a little ‘gun shy’ about things working out these days. Just don’t want to count my eggs before they hatch, you know.

      Lots of love, and sending prayers your way. Stay safe and hopefully your gardens will be okay. HUGS xxoo



      • Never be ‘Gun-Shy’ Think Positive..
        We want to move from our 3 Bedroom home to somewhere more in the country.. We are Manifesting in our minds at the moment and driving out into the country to look at places we like.. Not to view them, just manifesting at the moment.. But thats a start, Keep doing the same.. always think of what you want as if you already have it Michelle… We Really DO create it as doors open in the Universe to let them in.. 🙂
        Love to you and your Son and I am sure he will be fine.. All things happen for a reason… and this is the next step.. Hugs to you xx Sue xxx



        • Sue, Hi! I missed replying to your comment. Thank you for your very sound advice. I used to practice visualization, and it sure seems like a good time to do it now.

          I see a rather small house (maybe I should think bigger), with a front yard and for sure a front porch, much like my grandmother’s porch. I’d have to have a swing too. There are flower gardens in just about every corner and a nice healthy veggie garden, with a fence. (I could imagine a garden without a fence if I lived in another state I suppose, but too many deer here for unfenced gardens anymore). Of course, the dogs have plenty of room in our new home.

          I’ll keep adding to my vision.

          I hope you find exactly what you see in your new home. And more!

          Peace and Hugs,



          • 🙂 keep the vision Michelle, And small is good, not so many rooms to clean! 😉 ,,. I have created a story board with pictures too… it all helps.. sending you some hugs.. ~Sue xxxx



            • A story board is a great idea! I should try it. My little house needs to show up soon as I’m pushed for time and this place makes me crazy with darkness. I can’t wait to grow Sunflowers in my very own garden. hugs2Uxxxx


  2. […] Illuminating Blogger Award ( […]



  3. Reblogged this on IconDoIt and commented:
    What a lovely award to receive! Thank you Michelle for nominating me! Folks – check out the Dogkisses Blog for Michelle’s inspiring stories & gorgeous nature photography!



  4. Michelle, Thank you so very much for this wonderful Award. I hope to acknowledge it very soon… Love those Peppers I don’t think I have ever seen any that colour here..
    Wishing you some relaxing time Michelle.. Thinking of you and sending you my Drum Beats.. And Thank you so very much again.. ~Sue xxx



    • Hi Sue Dreamwalker! Oh, You are very welcome for the blogging award! Your Blog/Sanctuary is lovely and illuminating, and equally moving and inspiring. I’m delighted and grateful to have ‘met’ you, become friends and have a place in Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary that I can visit any time, day or night, –like the many times I’ve come there during wee hours of the morning to sleepily read or enjoy your art!

      Thank You Sue.

      About those Peppers 🙂 Indeed they are some fine peppers. I had never seen that kind before either. Somebody donated several Pepper plants, and about a dozen Tomato plants to the Botanical Gardens Horticulture Therapy program. We didn’t know what kind many of them were because the name tags were missing or scattered about.

      We know now these peppers are definitely the “Merlot Peppers” which one of the tags had labeled. It’s fun to be surprised like that! And, I cooked one of them last night, or rather my son did (He made us a wonderful Poultry dish with a Yam sauce, extra garlic and veggies, including this awesome Purple Pepper, Yummy!).

      The Merlot Pepper turned Green after being cooked, and pretty much taste the same as a Sweet Green Bell Pepper.

      The photo was fun too, but that’s a story for another time.

      Peace and Love,
      Michelle xoxoxo



      • Michelle thank you for that Info.. and look forward to the photo story! … I cooked some of that Red Cabbage recipe today as we had my Daughter over for Sunday Lunch.. She said it was scrummy . Ive got a dozen plants in allotments growing.. if the pigeons keep off them.. Ive covered some with netting etc.. but they still enjoying the young leaves.. Oh well.. such are the Joys of Gardening.. 🙂
        Hope you feeling brighter.. and more rested..
        And its so nice to know you find my blog a delight to visit on your sleepless nights.. Hugs to you.. Sue xx



      • Sue,

        I must tell more. I gave my mother two of the tomato plants. Her neighbor from the country saw them. “Those must be foreigners. I ain’t never seen none like them!” Turns out they are from Italy, so he was right. I had named one of them ‘Sweet Treats’, even though I had no idea if I was right on. Then, the plant took off after my mother literally adopted it like a child, along where it’s still growing and giving her many, many little grape-like red Sweet Treats! I was right on and I love hearing the lightness in her voice when she talks about them.

        That’s Horticulture Therapy, or if not, then surely a horticultural therapeutic Green Healing happening.

        I guess you caught me at a chatty time…and talking about food is so easy and relaxing 🙂
        Big Hugs and Love!



    • Sue, We must be on the same drum beat today. Aho! I didn’t get to use the recipe for the cabbage yet. My days have not always gone as planned lately, that’s for sure. Almost made it yesterday and was thinking of it again today. Serendipitous that you mentioned it here, I think. I’ll leave you a note on your healing recipe page and let you know mine turns out. –Hugs (PS I wish your garden good healthy growth, and you much peace and joy… xoxo)



  5. Posted by Food Stories on June 21, 2012 at 12:44 PM

    Congrats on your nomination 🙂



  6. Congratulations! I don’t know all the blogs you chose, but I do follow Dorky Deb and she does “light” up the world — her blog is very illuminating.
    Again, Congratulations — you really deserve the award!!!!



    • Hi Phylor! I guess I was so tired, but you were the first person I chose, and I’m sorry you are not listed! I will pop over to your blog though, and give this to you. I copied and pasted and what not, so I don’t know what happened but YOU HAVE A WONDERFUL and I think ILLUMINATING Blog 🙂

      I also forgot to tell folks. Have lots on my mind, and very busy. I may have to take a break for a while, again…

      Thanks for your sweet comment.

      Big hugs and love,



    • Update, and my apologies for failing to list a unique and interesting blog that I like and awarded, Phylor’s Blog (

      Thanks Phylor 🙂



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