Garden Friends with Wings

Garden Friends with Wings! by Rosa Blue
Garden Friends with Wings!, a photo by Rosa Blue on Flickr.

A short visit to the water gardens was a nice break on a hot day. I ran into our new friend and co-volunteer, which was fun.  My son was a trooper to endure the heat, while I was captured by yet another garden friend!

We had a few much-needed Green Healing moments.

17 thoughts on “Garden Friends with Wings

    • Thanks CZBZ!

      I agree with you about this particular garden ‘critter’ –Pretty darn stunning, lol.

      I have more, and more, and more images! Gosh, I just don’t know what to do with all my photos. If you ever need one, just let me know. You are welcome to use any of my photos anytime.

      I’m glad you saw this one. I think of you sometimes when I see the dragonflies😉
      Big Hugs2U!


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  2. Hi Michelle, love the Dragonfly, they are one of my most favourite winged friends.. along with butterflies… Hope the weather has cooled a little, we have had a day without rain today, one of the first for over at least 6 weeks.. I think we are having our own rainy season.
    Love and Hugs to you xxx Sue


    • Wow! That’s a lot of rain Sue! I’m glad it’s slowing down. We’ve had a couple days with some much needed rain.

      I thought this is a dragonfly, but was told it was something else, with a name I can’t remember (dansel?). –Either way, I am astounded by the beauty.

      Love and Hugs to you too,


  3. This is a simply gorgeous photo. As my students know, I’m a bug person. I find that being out in nature (in my case this involves sitting in the dirt) is good for the soul.


    • Hi Jan, Thanks. Was a surprise really. The sun was bright and I couldn’t see the photos until I uploaded them on the computer. I was pretty wowed myself😉 I have several others that are just as cool, but dang I’m tired. This heat is about to get to me. It rained today, but we need more. I hope you are well and get plenty of time in “the dirt.”

      PS I enjoyed my short visit to your blog today, as always. Again, thank you for the memorial post.


  4. I agree with Rossa that these photos are worthy of a film, documentary on the garden (PBS perhaps?) or illustrations for your book.
    Thanks so much for sharing your adventures in the healing garden. A water garden is a great place to cool down and enjoy all that nature has to offer.

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    • Thanks Phy, You know, I have looked into making a photo/journal type book, but so far, every time I get close or start working on a project, a personal crisis happens. I’ve always wanted to write a book, but now am so tired most of the time it’s hard to imagine I will ever do it. A photo journal might be easier, I think. I hope that I get to do something creative like that in my lifetime. Thanks for all the encouragement.

      Hugs and Love,


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