Green Healing ~ The Sunflowers

Visit my photo/journal blog to see the lovely Sunflowers! 


Well, I’m back sooner than expected to share more Sunflower photos.  I really can’t help myself.  If I wasn’t tired, which I am, I’d give fun names to the ones I saw today!  I guess some folks might think if you’ve seen one Sunflower, then you’ve seen them all, but today only strengthened my personal observation that each one is unique.

Note:  Click on images to see the original size.

Drop Dead Red Sunflower, Green Healing Notes Blog Images

My friend and I had gone to the gardens to have lunch under the naturally vine-crafted Gazebo by the herb garden.  I thought it would be cool spot to sit, but I used all except one napkin for wiping the out-pour of sweat on my body, and I had on a summer dress! 

I may be a mountain woman in my heart, but I’m not sure.  We lived in the mountains when I was a toddler, but soon moved to…

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  1. as you know, I just love Sunflowers… Keeping my fingers crossed for ours we planted, the Rain hasnt done them any favours..
    Wishing you a Good Week to you both.. Hugs Sue xx



  2. How beautiful, and I always thought that sunflowers were only YELLOW! Lovely to see, and hear from you. Hope all is well, Love, Laurie



    • I guess I thought the same. I’ll ask about how many different colors they come in. I thought the red ones were the ‘Black Mammoth’ ’til I found a tag in the garden that read ‘Drop Dead Red’ so I don’t know which ones are Black Mammoth. I love them all! It’s hot here, but I might go over there today and see what has bloomed. Hugs to you sweet Laurie xoxo



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