Green Healing ~ Lotus and Little Frog

“Hey,” one of the Horticulture Therapy Interns whispered to me during a recent group session.  “Did you get a look at that Lily?” 

I looked across the way toward the pond garden.  I couldn’t believe my eyes!  It was floating almost three feet above the water and extraordinarily large. 

“That’s a Lily!” I exclaimed. 

“Uh huh,” she murmured, smiling in a playfully delinquent way. 

She knew I would get excited and I did!  I quickly found myself standing on the side of the garden’s frame taking pictures.  I was in awe.

Beautiful Lotus Lily! 

Image of Large White Lotus Lily flower, "dokisses blog photos"

Lotus Lily

“I finally understand about the Lotus now,” a co-volunteer and friend said as we stood there, altogether captured by the flower.  By that time the intern had joined us. 

We talked about acknowledging the darkness in the waters where the flower comes from.  I’ve noticed the dark waters of the ponds, as well as all the life living in and around them.  There’s the frogs, the various kinds of Lily pads, some with intricate designs and one with a smiley face.  Pretty little red fish swim around and all kinds of moss and plant life grow that I can’t name.  Of course, there is my gorgeous winged friend, whom I met there at Noon one very hot day. 

So, after hanging around the pond for a few weeks, a surge of adrenaline hit me when the large white Lotus flower appeared.  Nature took me again to a place where I feel connected and my senses peak.  This surely qualifies as a Green Healing.

My companions and I were standing on the garden’s frame when the Horticulture Therapist walked over to ask that we re-join the group.  I suspected by the look in her eyes that she would rather not see any of us up there again.  She’s a terrific therapist and I respect her a great deal.  I also trust her.  I won’t be standing on the sides of our pond gardens anymore, besides, that’s for “Little Frog!” 

A cute little pond frog

Possible Prince Charming?

"little frog" posing by the pond garden

“Little Frog” definitely has potential!

Back at the gardens this afternoon, I checked the pond where the Lily was showing off for us.  The plant looked very different after four days!  In fact, I think I’ll end with one more photo of what it looks like today.

Lotus Lily Flower, Closed Petals

The Lotus Lily Flower, Closed Petals

There were also new Lilies coming up.  Some stay on the water when they bloom and the others grow on top of a long stem, straight up toward the sky, like this beauty did. 

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12 responses to this post.

  1. Stunningly gorgeous, Michelle! I don’t recall ever seeing one in bloom, at least not like that! Thank you for sharing all your experiences with us through your gorgeous photos!
    *gentle hugs*



    • Thanks Ash! I was amazed by this flower. Truly.

      Also, The other day as I was driving on a country road, I saw a HUGE Lily pond. I’d seen them building it several years back, but never looked closely at what was growing in it. Wow! There were many lilies. One very large one like the one in this photo. I think I’m going back to ask if I can take photos 😉

      Big hugs and Love, xoxo



  2. That lily is so beautiful that it looks fake! I have never seen anything like that. That comical frog made my day. The expression on his face is priceless…



    • Hi Mo! LOL, it kind of does look fake doesn’t it. Every time I look at it, and remember it floating, I say Wow! And I laugh when I look at the frog’s face too 🙂



  3. This is a beautiful flower and image you have posted for us here Michelle. The Lotus has much meaning in its symbol, and rightly so when you see the purity of the flower..
    I also Love ‘Prince Charming’ We have a few lonely princes in our small pond.. and lots of babies.. Jumping about… Love them, as with all that rain, we they are keeping the Slugs at bay..
    Hugs to you my special friend.. ~Sue x



    • Thank you Sue! This Lotus flower is for sure on the top of my list (if I had one) of the most amazing scenes in Nature I’ve ever seen. For sure! This one seemed to float in the air, so big, and fragrant too. Simply Beautiful!

      And that little frog is VERY cute! I haven’t seen it again, so it is safe from any kisses for now 😉

      The heat has been pretty bad again and so I haven’t been able to go to the gardens as much. When it’s scorching at 9am, that’s not a good sign for me. I miss living in the mountains, however, I’m already seeing a few leaves fall and I’ve noticed they have strong bright colors. Yellow and Red. Seems early to see signs of Fall, but I guess some trees start changing much sooner than others.

      My time is up for now, my friend. Thanks so much for leaving your words on my page and in my heart.

      (My apologies in this late response). Big Hugs and Love, Michelle.



  4. I think the frog looks charming, even if he isn’t THE prince charming. Thanks for sharing the water lotus picture. I’m more familiar with traditional water lillies. And this definitely qualifies as green healing.



    • Thanks Phy! Actually, the frog is the closest to a Prince Charming as I’ve been lately, so I think it’s pretty cute 🙂 Not sure if I’ll try to kiss it though. Isn’t that how they turn into Princes?

      I added a comment with a photo of the post bloom. Those Lilies do amaze me and for sure a Green Healing.

      Hugs and Love,



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