I am A Full Woman

From the wonderful blog, “Beyond Meds”

I love this video! Beautiful images!

Everything Matters

Beautiful and haunting in a really good way. A celebration of the lives of women everywhere. 

from youtube:

Over the past 45 years photographer Linda Wolf has lived and traveled world-wide collecting portraits of women. Her work celebrates the inherent dignity of all women—inclusive of culture, race, color, shape, size, age, religious affiliation, spiritual belief, sexual orientation, abilities, and life experience. Her images celebrate the strengths that make each woman a full woman—to be valued and respected simply as women: resilience, heart, wisdom, intelligence, compassion, experience, intuition, beauty, love. Mostly contemporary, the images were taken in China, Thailand, India, Mexico, Guatemala, the USA, Europe, Africa, Iran, and Israel/Palestine.

“Full Woman,” the song that inspired this video, was graciously donated for use by the composer, Rachel Bagby. For more info about the dream that gave birth to “Full Woman” go to ez.com/fullwoman

This video was produced, directed, photographed, and edited…

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  1. I noticed your comment on Learning From Dogs and thought I’d pop by to say that I will join in with prayers for your son.
    PS – I am also delighted that I found your site, even if not under the happiest circumstances.



    • Long Life Cats and Dogs, Hello! Thanks for stopping by! I love the name of your blog, so I’ll have to come see you soon.

      Also, thanks for your kind words. Not sure which comment you saw, but I must admit, things aren’t as good as I’d like these days. That’s for sure, but then, they’ve been much worse in the past. I hope they get better again soon. I always say, bloggers are so nice, and I wish the whole world could be as nice 🙂



    • Thank You. How very thoughtful and kind of you. I’m not sure which comment you read or when it was from, but as I write, he is doing relatively well. I guess I take things one day at a time because things sure can change quickly. I really appreciate your prayer, and the faith I hear in your “trust” 🙂

      Peace and Blessings,



  2. Wow that was unusual. I just wrote an very long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t show up. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again. Anyway, just wanted to say great blog!



  3. Hi Laurie, I love the video too, The numbers showed up after I reblogged it. I was going to edit it, but was unsure if I am supposed to rename or use the same name when reblogging a post. Now, it’s showing up under the same title as the original post (I think) which is “I am a full woman” –When you reblog a post, the title is a number unless you edit after reblogging. If you know more than I do about this, please tell 🙂

    Love, Michelle..



  4. I put this comment somewhere else but I truly loved it and thought it was amazing. thanks for posting it. ps what are the numbers for? love, Laurie



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