Butterfly la Blue

A colorful play in blue, with the Red-spotted Purple Butterfly. 

Butterfly, You are so pretty!

Thanks for visiting Dogkisses’s blog.

Note:  I also had another visitor to my ‘Green Healing’ garden the same day the Red-spotted Purple stopped by for the photo shoot.  A brand new, as in new-born, and very, very tiny lizard took its first crawl on a leaf in my favorite container of flowers.  I was truly in awe. 

Pop over to my other blog, Green Healing Notes, for a look.

Peace and Pass it On.

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  1. We put in some butterfly attracting plants, and got mostly the small white butterflies, a few of the “mini-monarchs” which I think are viceroys, and that’s about it. Doesn’t spell well for them — they are losing their habitat in Mexico (Monarchs) just as folks are becoming more aware of them here. When I was little, we would raise Monarchs in a jar — put the caterpillar in a large jar with lots of milkweed (change as needed) until it spun it’s cacoon, watch and wait til the cacoon burst open to releive the beautiful first gentle, tentative wing beats of the butterfly. Then, of course, the lid with holes punched in came off (we went back to “butterfly alley” — a strip of government land full of milkwood) and had a group fly off.
    Though butterflies (and birds) are down in numbers, it’s good to see that the numbers of bees is up both bumble which weren’t in trouble, and the smaller wild and tame honey bees. Perhaps they are making a comeback! I sure hope so. We’ve had a lot more house finche fledglings at our thistle feeder than ever so at least they are doing well.



    • Phy, yes, I’ve heard the butterflies are having a hard time, and the hummingbirds too. I haven’t seen a Monarch in years! I’d love to go where I might see them migrate. We surely see a lot of bees at the Botanical Gardens, and many people around here are starting to raise Bees. I’m going to the gardens tomorrow for Horticulture Therapy. There are dozens of Black Swallowtail Caterpillars hanging out on the Fennel. (I think it is Fennel. I’m having a really, really hard time with my memory. Stress, I guess.)

      Seems like so many plants and animals are losing their habitats. And, I can’t stand to listen to politicians who obviously don’t care and think that those of us who do care are just crazy liberals. Who is really crazy, you know?

      I hope I get some photos of the caterpillars transformation! Surely I’ll post those if I do! We are eating watermelon tomorrow for therapy! Yum. They are the ‘Sugar Baby’ ones. I think of my childhood when I think of watermelon, only I don’t put salt on it like we did back then. I love your stories Phylor! Thank you for sharing with me.

      Hugs and Love,



  2. Michelle as you know I just love Butterflies so loved this one. We haven’t had many winged friends in our garden this year. In fact we have noticed far fewer maybe all that rain didn’t help thank you for sharing and all the links too 🙂 Sue xx



    • Love to you also Sue. I read an article from the UK about butterflies, and how they are not seeing very many this season. I also found a few blogs about butterflies, and one has a lot of information (and pretty photos!) –I can’t type too much b/c I have a ‘trigger’ finger, which is my right thumb. It hurts and I had to have a shot of cortisone. I kind of which I hadn’t done it, but was in so much pain.

      I hope to come visiting soon. Life is still giving me a hard time, sigh… I’m tired a lot, but surely this will change soon, and I hope for the better 😉

      big hugs and love, xoxoxo



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