Painted Pretty in Nectar

Another Green Healing Day has passed leaving me with memories (and plenty of photos) of all kinds of different butterflies.  I have literally dreamed of colors and patterns, blending together and it’s almost as if I am those butterflies in my dreams. I can feel the colors and movement in the dreams. I like that🙂

Painted Lady Butterfly, in the colorful garden.

‘Painted Lady’

I got some really great shots of the Winged Wildlife in the garden, but for some reason, I particularly like these two photos.  I hope I’ve identified this beauty correctly as the Painted Lady.  The wing patterns are complex and stunningly colorful.  I also happen to love the orange Mexican Sunflowers (Tithonia).  If you ever want to attract different species of butterflies, then I highly recommend planting this prolific and bright blooming annual.

Painted Lady

A Closer Look at the Painted Lady

My apologies for not posting/writing more often, as well as my lapse in communication.  I have a lot on my mind and so for now, I hope you enjoy the images I share.

Thanks for visiting DogKisses!

12 thoughts on “Painted Pretty in Nectar

  1. In case I haven’t mentioned it, I’ve put blogs on weekly digest to help me with my overwhelmedness. So, I haven’t lost interest in either of your blogs. I try to once a week read each entry and comments, and then add a comment or two of my own. Just wanted to let you know, too, I haven’t forgotten about the award — I’ve just been so overwhelmed with real life and such that some things sit, 99.9% finished (like the award) but I need to find the time for the .01%.
    The pix are, as always gorgeous. You really have a good sense for this and the ability to “capture” the wild moment.


    • Hi Phylor, I replied to you today, but I can’t find the replies! Very odd. I have an issue with my email. A long-standing issue now. I guess it’s time for me to take care of it.

      I hope my replies are somewhere. I am confused with both blogs on the same dashboard.

      Please don’t worry about time for the award. I was very late. And you are so kind to comment when you have a lot going on. I hope you are taking good care of yourself. (Boy, I need to give myself that advice) I would do better to set aside a time for reading blogs, but I get so tired and sleepy, I have to do it when I am able.

      Thanks for your sweet thoughts and kindness!
      With lots of love and big hugs,


    • Thanks CZ,

      This is for sure my favorite butterfly photo of the year. I love the Mexican Sunflower, the vibrant colors, and the beautiful butterfly, the “Painted Lady.” ‘She’ sure blends in with the colors.


    • Thanks Lisa and Stell. So nice that the ‘Butterfly Bush’ is working. I’ve seen many beautiful butterflies over the past few weeks. Hope you see many more and maybe even a Monarch.

      Have fun chasing butterflies🙂


  2. These are GORGEOUS photos! I’m afraid I’ve been holed up most of the day sorting teacher cr@p and on the computer. When I did look out the window, there was a beautiful hummingbird sipping from the fountain. It pays to keep your eyes open.🙂


    • Hi Jan, Thank you!

      Glad you spotted the hummingbird. They are wonderful! I haven’t been able to get any shots of them this year. They fly high in the gardens, so they show up accidentally in some photos.


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