A Dog Smile

Thanks for the hike Mom! by Rosa Blue
Thanks for the hike Mom!, a photo by Rosa Blue on Flickr.

Dear Human Mom,

Thanks for the hike!  I had a great time.


Your friend,

Sweet Ruthie.

9 responses to this post.

  1. Ruthie looks happy — being outdoors with you could help her (and you) adjust to a world without his physical presence. I think in your and Ruthie’s heart, Tiny took a hike with you two that day.



  2. Someone was having fun!



  3. Ruthie looks adorable.. and I have no doubts Mom is giving her some extra TLC to help heal her also….

    Michelle you have my thoughts and I give my love…. always only ever a thought away… Bless you..
    Love Sue xox



  4. Priceless picture!



    • Thanks Mo! I totally agree. I was so happy to see a smile on her face after our Tiny passed on. Now, I have to get a bit better and stronger so we can have more hikes!



  5. p..s. I love you, Love, Ruthie



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