Bird Legs and a Tree

Bird Legs and a Tree by Rosa Blue
Bird Legs and a Tree, a photo by Rosa Blue on Flickr.

Interacting with Nature.


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  1. The layers of the onion again maybe a reminded to shed the layers which lay beneath the skin, I was re-reading your poem to the right after I had to enlarge the screen, I AM FREE… we need to become Free again Michelle, letting go of all that worry and stress from within…. Breathing in the pure Spring air and breathing Out all the Debris which we all often hold onto.. I AM FREE……. 🙂 Love dear friend



    • Oh, Thank You Sue!

      I can’t get that poem bigger in my sidebar, but maybe I’ll upload a new photo because I too enjoy reading it again.

      Free’s spirit wrote that. It just came through me.

      She was smart! I agree, we do need to peel the layers back, and be free again.

      Thank you my sweet friend!
      Sending you lots of love, and big hugs xoxoxo



  2. Shadows have always intrigued me and I hope you do not mind me sharing my poem with you Michelle..

    Shadows in the sunlight, dark against the wall.
    Twisted shapes of nothingness, reaching up so tall.
    Everything that’s solid, distorting out of shape.
    The shadow of a mountain reflecting in a lake.

    The shadow of the Eagle is detached and flying free.
    While bound at the roots is the shadow of a tree.
    We all have our shadows, trying hard to hide
    Never always visible, but always there inside.

    Shadows of your conscience telling you what’s right
    The shadow of a secret, hidden out of sight.
    Distorted in the dull light, shapes are thin and broken.
    Shadows that are incomplete are best out in the open.

    Get to know your shadow, let it be your friend
    Dig deep and discover, give it a chance to mend.
    Remember everyone has their shadows, waiting to appear.
    And only the brightest sunlight makes it visible and clear.

    Wishing you a wonderful Day this Valentines Day Michelle.. Hugs and kisses Sue xox



    • Hi Sue! Thank you for this absolutely beautiful and moving poem!

      I love it! Honestly, I hadn’t reflected on this photo or why I like it, but your poem drew me in. I could certainly benefit right now from more, quiet introspection and contemplation of the layers underneath; as with the onion I so desired a few weeks ago, before Tiny’s Thundersnow.

      I used to have a few good books about our ‘Shadow’ self. I read and enjoyed Joseph Campbell’s writings and talks about Myth. I also used to write with a pen on paper and your poems remind me so much of the way my own words came out.

      I’m sure I’ll read your poem again, and again 🙂 What a lovely Valentine’s gift! Thank You! Hugs and Kisses to you too my friend. xoxoxo



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