Green Healing ~ The Feeder

I think I’ve said this before in my blog, but I can’t believe the beauty that one bird feeder has brought into my daily life!  It is a blessing, for sure.

Life has been hard lately.  Pain has been nearly constant and my level of fatigue has been off the scales.  I am truly, exhausted. 

Honestly, I don’t feel much like talking (or writing) about my level of pain these days.  It is rather depressing, but when things get better, I look forward to saying, I made it! 

Now, about the feeder and the beautiful wild fliers that have come to visit.  (See the photo gallery at the end of this post).

I’ve started to recognize the sounds of a few birds, particularly the Red-bellied Woodpecker.  I love seeing that bird!  I think I may have seen some little ones today and they were mighty cute little birds, but I’m too exhausted to identify my beautiful feathered friends.

The finches are easily recognized and lots of fun.  They are the least afraid and let me get pretty close to take photos.  They look at me too, which is pretty cool. 

The one bird I can’t get a good photo of is the Cardinal.  They fly away as soon as my hand goes for the camera.  There are two males having much fun chasing two females.  Their red wings are magical when they swiftly breeze by into the wooded areas.

There are so many birds around here that I can’t begin to name each one.  I’ve practiced watching them, without trying to get a photo.  This was hard at first, because of their beauty and my wish to share it with the world, but there is something to be said for the act of being still and observing.

The Mourning Doves are also not hip on me and my little Canon.  They’re also always the same color of nature, which makes getting a sharp photo a challenge.  I love to hear their soft call and the two of them are quite the pair.  One is always looking out for the other.

Aside from watching the pretty birds in my yard, being outside more often means spending more time with my sweet dog, Ruthie.  She is very happy about this.  She’s had some sad days since our Tiny boy passed on, but today she was happy. 

I took her to the dog food store recently.  She met a boy dog she liked, got a true dogkiss, and moved on to choose a Bully stick to chew on.  The store obviously puts them on the low shelves so the dogs can smell around, choosing the one they want.  I love letting her choose a chew.

She smiled so big at the excitement, which of course included a pet from a few humans.  Oh, I was glad to see her happy, but in a way, I also felt sad because I realized that she hadn’t been smiling much lately. 

Ruthie knows I’ve been sick, and my son has struggled too, so of course, being such a sensitive dog, she has also felt the pain.

Ruthie is like an angel.  She helps people.  She knows when people are in pain or sad and she goes right to those people.  She wants to help.  It is simply her nature.  Ruthie is a blessing, which I’ve also probably said before.

Sitting on my favorite bench, surrounded by trees and bright green moss, watching the beautiful birds, listening to their warm weather excitement and seeing sweet Ruthie smile, all made for a good Easter holiday and, a Green Healing experience. 

I’d like to share a few photos of my backyard beauties!  I hope you enjoy the virtual view.

Thank you for visiting DogKisses!  Please feel free to leave a comment.

Peace and Blessings.

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  2. You pull me out of my head and into the world, Michelle. After reading one of your posts, I look outside the window and SEE. I listen more attentively and HEAR sounds that suddenly come alive. This helps with the depression I feel sometimes after being too encapsulated in myself. The world is a beautiful place and you always remind me of that.




    • Hi Carolyn!

      Someone once said to me that all the beauty you ever want to see is in your own backyard. I can finally say I understand what he meant, even though I’d still like to travel to other places and see the beauty there too.

      I’m so happy to hear that my posts and the pretty birds reminds you of the natural environment. I think that feeder I bought was a speedy way to interact with nature. Maybe you could get yourself a hummingbird feeder if you don’t have one, or a birdbath.

      I know for sure that watching and feeding the Winter birds helped me with depression. The birds that came were beautiful, and strong to endure the weather. Now, they’re excited with nesting and making babies. The butterflies are out too and I have four pots of little flowers to plant.

      I hope you enjoy your springtime and that you hear many beautiful songs.




  3. Hello my sweet friend, so good to see you back, its good to see you, but I am so sorry that you are still in acute pain and suffering so… I hope that when the Sun finally brings her warmth you will also start to heal more.. Sunny days always help .. Here its been a long depressive winter and I confess I am more than ready for some Suns rays upon my bones..
    Loved the photo’s you have a wonderful aray of birdlife and i can just imagine you sitting on your porch..
    I am doing well, and I should be posting about the garden soon.. you can always catch those updates in my grow your own section..

    Sending you and your Son a big Hug from across the ocean, and a cheery smile to warm your heart..
    Love and Hugs Sue xoxox



    • Hi Sue! Thank you, although, last time I thought I was ‘back’ turned out not to be the case, so I never know these days. I have some time to myself, which will run out soon, but it sure has been a nice break. Mostly, I have slept or watched movies. My son went on a great trip that I hope to tell you about later. I’ll know soon how it went for him, and I hope the news is good. Me and sweet Ruthie have a day to do whatever we want!!! So not used to that.

      I’m glad you enjoyed my photos. I will definitely come over and check out your garden updates. I wish you a bountiful season!

      Sending you much love and many hugs, and thanks for the smile 🙂 It is always a pleasure to read your comments, and to know I am blessed with your loving wishes and healing energy.

      Love, Your friend,



  4. Your ability to treasure nature in the midst of intense suffering is a gift. Your sharing of it with us, a gift to all. Thank you for it. It matters and you matter. You make a difference in many lives, Michelle.




    • So nice to see your comment HL. My heart is gladdened that you see what I have to offer as a gift. You brought tears to my eyes. Mattering does matter, doesn’t it? Thank you my friend!

      Much love to you.



  5. Posted by Dalton, Thomas T Civ USAF AFMC 429 SCMS/GUMACA on April 3, 2013 at 8:31 AM

    Michelle, when I was younger and experienced something painful albeit short-lived people would tell me as a boy to “suck it up” or “tough it out” at the time this all seemed reasonable and achievable. Any more it has no meaning. I have asked my wife many times to stop apologizing each time I was in pain because it served no purpose and she surely wasn’t to blame. It is in good peoples nature to try to help ease your pain. This Pain and fatigue doesn’t lend itself to those kinds of remedies. Months ago I would have good days and was fully appreciative of what a gift they were, I told the wife I felt well enough to go dancing, just a figure of speech; I don’t dance. Lately I consider myself fortunate to get a good hour or two. Both you and this blog have given me a place to share what I can’t to anyone else. The truth is good days are probably not going to happen anymore. I have a brother that was studying to be an RN and he considers himself to be an expert on all things medical. His views are completely out of touch with our reality. But through all of that the Lord sent to you some of the most beautiful things in all creation to distract you for a while. If we don’t take just a little time to enjoy that which is within our reach then life will be very gray. I enjoy the companionship and never ending kisses and round the clock love from my Bischon “Anna”. She is my medicine dog. Please continue to enjoy the birds, Ruthie and anything that brings a smile. Those things are all that we have so enjoy. Please continue to write. I enjoyed your pics and just sharing. Michelle try to have a wonderful day, because you surely deserve one. I would be happy to share what I have learned about some of the meds have brought me some relief. Short of vitamin B-12 I have found no relief for fatigue, it just comes and stays. Please share your bad days with me and we can at least talk. No real relief but surely doesn’t hurt to have a friend that truly understands completely.

    //Signed// Thanks Thomas T. Dalton, GS-12, DAF Unit Chief, Material Integrity 429 SCMS/GUMACA-HILL DSN 586-0915, Comm 801-586-0915



    • Hi Tom,

      Thank you for this very kind comment. I also appreciate your invitation for me to share.

      I grew up in a time and place where people were taught to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and not to wash their dirty laundry in public. I learned what to say and for sure, what not to say, but keeping my opinions or strong emotions hidden never was a strength of mine. Someone once said to me that I wear my heart on my sleeve and that was before any diagnosis of CFS or Fibromyalgia.

      I’ve learned that people who have not lived in chronic, consistent long-standing pain, do not and maybe cannot know how to imagine what the experience is like. Some people have an ability to talk about what is going on with another person, in the moment, whatever it is, without trying to change that, but most people want to help and if they can’t, then I think they often feel helpless.

      Recently, an old friend of mine came to visit. She hadn’t called us for a long time. She explained later that I had, “made her feel helpless,” because she couldn’t give me what I needed. I was truly shocked. I thought back and remembered how reserved I’d been with what I shared with anyone, including her. So, I decided that I had not made her feel any way. I had never asked anything of her.

      I often answer, without thinking first, “Fair,” when people ask how I’m doing. This is never good enough. A few people will say something like well, that’s honest, but most people look terribly disappointed and ask why. “Why aren’t you better than fair?” Why aren’t they okay with me being fair, I usually wonder.

      I still hope for more good days. I wish I could go dancing again. I’d rather play Frisbee though. My son still asks me to play once in a while, but I must decline. I used to do so much with him. We have bicycles and I can ride on flat land for short periods.

      Like your Anna, my Ruthie is my medicine dog. She is altogether the most sensitive living being I have ever met. Honestly, she is a lot like me, only she doesn’t try to hide her real feelings. She always shows them! I love her for being that way. If only I had the same compassion for myself, I think, and there is the medicine. She teaches me to be okay with the way I am. She teaches me to accept, and calm down, because stress causes illness. She gets sick under stress. I can’t bare it, so I do try my best to stay calm. Dogs are angels.

      Tom, I realize I got off subject, but thank you for your invitation to share. I’m glad you find respite in my blog. I am honored. Thank you so much for taking the time to share some your life with me. I am trying to relax today as my son has gone on a mountain retreat with some great folks. This is a very nice thing for both of us that he was able to go.

      I hope today brings you one or two of those good hours. It is cold here. We had such a warm day yesterday, then it sleeted a few minutes ago. Amazing weather we are having these days.

      Wishing you Peace,



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