A Green Healing Backyard Beauty

Wishing you beautiful days in Nature!


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  1. Hi Michelle, Lovely photo. I just wish I could inject some of the vibrant colour of his plumage into you so that you could feel his vitality.. I just read how tired and in pain you have been feeling.. I wish I could express how I found healing in Qigong, I know I have spoken upon this before, but Im still plugging away here.. Because I KNOW how it helped me.. I told you I was hardly able to walk up my own stairs because of all the pain I had..
    If you search around YouTube and here on Spring Forest Qi-gongs web site.. There are small exercises you can do .. not strenuous, but breath is important.. and no doubt your alchemist healer was able to help I know…. Here is a link.. I hope you can follow on and find various ways to help relieve your pain levels……….

    Sending you…BIG Time… Love and Hugs.. Sue..
    The Link…….. http://www.springforestqigong.com/index.php/100-days-of-qigong

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    • Thank you Sue! I’m tired today, and yesterday, so I can’t reply with too much, but I am most grateful for your time to stop and write me.

      You are right and thanks for the reminder about my friend, the healer. He did help us. We haven’t been able to see him for a good long while, but that’s due to logistics. He is still there for us, so I will try and see him very soon. Neil wants to see him again too. He has some great ideas, and is still amazingly enthusiastic.

      I guess I fell hard Sue. I do remember your story about the stairs, and I know you worked hard to get where you are today in your health. I get sooo tired and stressed. I will go to the link again, and try to give a little more to the qigong exercises.

      Thank you again. You are a very special friend and I am in gratitude.

      Lots of Love,
      Your friend,
      Michelle (((hugs)))



  2. Oh michelle, so lovely to see you and the birds in action again. My first favorite the stunning male red cardinal. always brings good messages from the other side. hope you are doing well, your photography as always is amazing. love, sister Laurie



    • Hi Laurie, and thanks for your sweet comment.

      I also love the male Cardinal, and the female too. They hang out together most of the time, but he sure is bright isn’t he? I have read a Cherokee legend that tells of the male Cardinal bringing messages from the other side and I often think of this when I see this handsome bird in my yard.

      I am doing okay, but tired, you know. I hope you are doing well too. Thanks for sending your love and kindness my friend.

      Love, sister Michelle xoxoxo



    • Posted by Tom on April 29, 2013 at 8:42 AM

      Hi Michelle, i deeply appreciate where you are in the pain game. sometimes i think the Sun will never shine again. the wife and i are looking for a one level home, i am sure you feel like i do about stairs. i know that i look like a very old man when climbing them. it used to be that i got a few good days here and there, now things ease only for a few hours. when they do, i feel that i am walking on egg shells, afraid that moving too much or too fast will end the break. people think that you should be careful to avoid Opiates because they are known to be addictive, i dont think i will worry too much about that. without them i couldnt leave bed, i am very thankful to finally have them. i look at the pictures of your birdhouse and all of the colorful, beautiful birds. you have truly built a private paradise for yourself, i am jealous. i read a description here of what someone described their pain as and i have to agree, feels like a body-wide throbbing toothache. even typing can be painful, what a crazy thing. I appreciate that only people here can truly understand what Fibro is all about. to other people I may sound like a complainer but this thing consumes everything that i used to be. how is your son doing? give my love to Ruthie. my Anna is my little nurse, she is always so free with her kisses, i wouldnt want to imagine life without her, amazing animals. take care Michelle and i hope that for you the sun truly shines today.



      • Hi Tom! Thanks so much for your comment. It is good to hear from you and again, my apologies for my late response.

        I find comfort in that you understand about pain (and fatigue), but I’m sorry that you must endure it as well.

        I’m glad you are able to move. I live at ground level, thank goodness. No stairs for me.

        Tom, I really am sorry you are in pain. What you say about pain medication is true for me too, as I write anyway. I wish that I didn’t have to take medication the rest of my life, but it sure feels like I will unless some serious healing takes place. I get afraid of pain too. I think most of us who know pain are afraid of it returning or getting worse.

        Fatigue has been my beast lately, esp., brain fog. I have to think and take care of business, but this month I’m a week behind and last week I canceled four appointments. Sigh… I considered using one of those carts on wheels at the grocery too, but then it is so expensive to buy food, I never stay too long.

        I wish I was able to work and earn money. Yesterday I helped my son clean his bedroom. It was soo much dust in there, so it had to be done, but we were both worn out and when we finished. I think within five minutes of washing up, we both had to lie down. I think he also has chronic fatigue, but am not sure. At least he can breathe clean air.

        Chores are hard to keep up with. Today, I feel the pain, and my own breathing isn’t so easy after cleaning dust, but I walked outside with the first bird call this morning. The air is unusually chilly, but crisp and easy to breathe.

        I’ve had to see my doctor again too. He assured me that he believes I’m experiencing a flare that will get better. I think I am better than I was a month and even two weeks ago, so that’s good. I thought I was going to have to up my dosage of meds, but maybe my doc was right.

        Thanks for looking at my photos of the birds. I must admit, my backyard is very much a haven and many beautiful visitors come. I esp., love the Cardinals, Woodpeckers, and now there are two new birds. One looks like a “Cat Bird” and the other is all a rusty brown. They are both very pretty! One of them woke me up yesterday morning. I love that!

        Do you have nature in your yard or do you ever go on hikes. Personally, that is my life saver, and of course, my sweet Ruthie. She is sweet as ever lately. She snuggles up to me when I lie down and oh, what a sweetie pie! I am so lucky to love and be loved by Ruthie! I hope your Anna is doing well. Give her a doggie kiss from Ruthie and I 🙂

        Good luck in your move! I know that can be stressful. I hope to move soon. I want to be closer to people, I think. Either closer or further away. I’m sure if I ever find the right place, I will write about it.

        Thanks for asking about my son. He is okay. His mom is always in pain, and tired, so he has a challenging life, I think. I’d like to see things get a bit easier for us both.

        Well, it is Monday morning and the tasks are calling my name. I hope to hear from you again soon. Please know that I do so enjoy your comments, even if it takes me a little while to reply.

        Wishing you a good day Tom. Try to keep your chin up, and I hope you have more days without pain than the other way around.

        Very truly,



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