Green Healing ~ Backyard Beauties

The Red Family ~ A young Sir, a photo by Rosa Blue on Flickr.

A young male Cardinal singing his song!

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  1. We call all male cardinals “Cary” so it’s a pleasure to see Cary Cardinal here, there is a definite link between “cary” and our deceased dad. We truly associate out dad every time we see a male cardinal. So, thank you!!! Love and Hugs, Laurie



    • Oh, I am so glad to read this!

      You know, I used to believe in things I couldn’t explain or fully understand. Lately, I am not sure what I believe in, but I gotta tell you, there is one big bright beautiful male ‘Cary’ who keeps coming to the oddest places to talk and he stares right down at me! Places he never came before. Each time I’ve gone outside with sadness in my heart, he comes! Then, last night I dreamed about Tiny. I couldn’t recall the details, but I was smiling! I knew it had been a good dream. Today I saw and heard this young male pictured above. He was singing loud right beside my deck. If I believed as much as I used to, then I would totally know the Cardinal is communicating with us. I can say, I sure do suspect ‘he’ is.

      PS I’m glad ‘Cary’ spoke to you!

      Your Sis,



      • The picture of the cardinal reminded me of my father, so I smiled when I read Laurie’s comment about the link between cardinals and her dad. This is the second year that Father’s Day has found me with no one to call. My dad lived in the Midwest and loved to watch the cardinals in the winter. He always called whichever one that was living in the backyard, “Cardi Cardinal (pronounced car-di-NAL). He made it the name sound exotic or French? Over the years, I bought a variety of cardinal-themed things for my parents, so it was such a delight having looked at all the pictures of my dad yesterday to come across your photo and Laurie’s comment. 🙂 Always, Jan



        • Hi Jan,

          I also think of my Dad whenever I see the Cardinals, esp., when one appears suddenly and unexpectedly.

          I’m sorry you don’t have your Dad to call, but maybe in spirit, he said hello, and “Cardi Cardinal,” to you. Thanks for sharing your memory with us.

          I still miss my dad a lot, even after many years. Sometimes I dream about him. He’s always healthy and happy in my dreams.

          Thank you for stopping by my blog. I hope to get to yours soon and check out what you’re writing these days.




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