My Best Friend Walks on Four Legs

The original Miss ‘dogkisses’ is Ruthie Mae.  She’s from a royal bloodline!  I don’t know how such a grand dog ended up at the shelter, but she did, and I am one lucky woman to have met and adopted her!

Ruthie is home

Ruthie has been declared an Egyptian Beetle Hound Insect Hunter!  This makes her a very special dog.

I love her like I have all the dogs I’ve loved… Times ten!  Dog lovin’ is like that, I guess.  They are each special and unique.

Our Family Dog, a wonderful being!

I told you in a recent blog post about a camping trip with my family, and shared photos of the beautiful Blueridge mountains in North Carolina.

Ruthie is part of my small family, so of course, she went with us on our end of Summer, rather spontaneous outdoor adventure.


I forgot Ruthie’s regular dog food.

It was several days after we returned home that Ruthie got an upset tummy.  Within 24 hours, her condition had become a veterinary emergency.  She had bloody diarrhea and was vomiting. 

We drove her to a nearby animal emergency clinic, which is also a teaching hospital, where I trust the doctors and staff.  I believed Ruthie was in the best hands around.  This gave me much comfort, but I was still afraid for my best friend and companion.

Since adopting Ruthie Mae in 2006, when she was about seven months old, I’ve never boarded or left her behind.  Watching her walk into the cage at the hospital clinic reminded me of when we first met, but it was a nice big cage and there were interns and residents who stayed in the room around the clock.  They doted over Ruthie.

Fortunately, she only had to stay in the hospital one night.  They gave her much needed fluids, intravenous medicines and watched her closely. 

She was diagnosed with possible HGE, but for sure a serious gastroenteritis, due to a change of diet and dietary indiscretion while camping.  Abdominal x-rays showed also three small rocks in her stomach and small intestines.  The surgeon said she believes Ruthie will pass the rocks without a problem.

I am very grateful that Ruthie Mae was able to receive good health care.  She’s relatively young, in otherwise good health, and has many years of loving left to offer!  

She has recovered very well, but she did have a setback when I tried to re-start her regular diet of salmon and sweet potato.  As a result, she’s back on a prescription food and two medications. 

Because of Ruthie’s sensitive digestive system, she may need more time to fully recover, but I think she will. 

I’m very happy to report that she is again recovering well! 

dogs are awesome

I am a dog, Mom. See my Nose?

Ruthie likes to put her nose to the ground when we walk.  It’s possible she got into something again (dietary indiscretion), when my son took her out for a short walk.  She’s fast and strong for a girl almost eight! 

I’m working on keeping her nose (and GI tract) clean, but I must admit, this takes constant attention.  We may have to get a special harness, but I’ll try training her first.  Walking without smelling stuff on the ground is against Ruthie’s nature, but that’s the way it has to be from now on.

As to what I’ll feed her in the future remains in question.

All you dogs out there, give a shout out to the sky or a great healing howl for Ruthie Mae!  She’s a beauty ain’t she!? 🙂

Thanks for visiting dogkisses, a blog, by a woman, who loves a dog!

UPDATE March 2014

Ruthie is now on a prescription diet.  It’s expensive, but so far, it is the only food that keeps her tender tummy at ease.   I’m hoping to meet with either the nutritionists at the school of veterinarian medicine, which is around $200.00, or meet with a holistic vet to discuss other options for Ruthie’s diet.

We have incurred a lot of medical expenses since Ruthie was hospitalized in September, but the tests helped us to rule out common diseases and also, x-rays and ultra sound did not show impressive findings.

Ruthie Mae may well have HGE, but she has also been diagnosed with Intestinal Bowel Disease and will most likely be on a special diet for the rest of her life, which I hope is a very long and healthy one!

You may give to my campaign at www.GoFundMe.ruthiemae (Link is also on my right sidebar in this blog).

My goal is to raise money to help me pay off the debts from the medical bills, so that I may better provide for Ruthie’s ongoing healthcare needs.

Thanks for reading about Ruthie Mae!

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  1. Posted by Tiffany Pham on January 14, 2014 at 3:21 PM

    Hi there,
    I have a quick question I wanted to ask you about your blog. Do you think you could send me an email when you get this? Thanks



  2. Hi Michelle, what a scare your Ruthie must have given you both, and so sorry I missed this post when it came in… I have had a few days off here and there from blogging and the PC in general so I have now over 800 back-log of emails many of them posts from WP which I try unsuccessfully to wade through in the short time I have allowed myself on here…

    I am so pleased to hear she is recovering and Hope that since this post was published Ruthie is even more stronger and you managed to train and sort out her ground sniffing etc..

    Life has been full on recently for myself, as extra work load in supporting hours and harvesting, freezing, hoeing and weeding, plus taking time to Granny sit and walk out in nature to relieve the stresses of the day job.. As I needed to ground myself with Earth, and if Digging became too much I would walk….

    Its good to touch base with you and how are you?…. I hope you are feeling better than you did a short while ago….
    You are always in my thoughts Michelle, especially on my drumming evenings which I send out love and healing…..

    Take care for you are special, as is your Ruthie…

    Love Sue xoxox



    • Hi Sue,

      Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. I really do appreciate that, and I know how hard it can be to keep up. I’m glad you take time for yourself. I wish, often, that you were my son’s helper!

      Ruthie isn’t out of the woods yet, which has me worried, I admit. They say she has a rare GI disease, which causes bleeding and can be very bad! Fortunately, she did get to the hospital in time for fluids. I am so grateful for that!

      I haven’t figured out why she isn’t better yet. She is still on a prescription diet, which is very expensive, but whenever I try to give her normal dog food, she is immediately uncomfortable. Ruthie also has three small foreign objects in her gut, seen on X-ray, but the doctors said they are small, and rounded, so hoping she will pass them. She may need an ultra-sound if not better soon. I don’t know how to pay for it all. I am going to apply for a 500 dollar scholarship soon. That would pay for the ultra-sound.

      The rare disease means she will have to be watched more carefully than most dogs. She can’t afford to eat stuff that just about any dog could get into, in the yard or while walking. They eat gross stuff, you know? She’s a leash dog, but I will be the one walking her from now on, since I am acutely aware of my environment and can pay close attention.

      I’ve lost sleep lately, wondering why she isn’t all well yet. I hope to write soon that she is at least tolerating food other than the canned prescription. The tiny rocks (we think they are rocks) might be trying to pass through, so maybe that is making her uncomfortable.

      She still has energy, a great appetite, no diarrhea (which for this disease is a great sign), so I think she will pull through. The only thing they’ve learned about this disease, other than it is very, very serious, is that stress triggers it. So, my son and I decided it was best for him to move out on his own. There was always tension b/c he wanted to move, so I finally agreed.

      Well, sorry for the long response, but I needed to write it out, so thanks for giving me that chance.

      I am keeping a positive attitude. I am holding her as recovered in my visions. And, petting her a lot. I know she misses my son, but we still see him frequently. She and I take more walks alone together, so that makes her happy, and me too 🙂

      I wish you well my friend. You are often in my thoughts too, and always in my heart. I hope your family is well and give a kiss to your beautiful granddaughter.

      With love,
      Your friend, Michelle.

      Ruthie says woof woof. That’s dogtalk for thank you!



      • Awww….. loved that you responded with all of that Michelle, I am still here trying to catch up.. I know with all your loving care Michelle and your Ruthie’s knowing you need her love she is a little fighter and will pull through I am sure…. if you can, remember to ask for healing for yourself also… And as a Hands on healer myself, I know your hands when you pet her will be healing her..
        Try this:
        Imagine White healing light above your head, pull it into your body and allow yourself to feel its healing warmth, then push some of the light through your hands into Ruthie, ..
        My son who was a natural healer, but no longer practices, cured a cat of a complex problem by hands on healing…. So your energy I know will help her in her healing process

        Blessings and much love, oh and my little one is Brill, there is a new photo with a caterpillar on one of my posts 🙂
        Hugs Sue and Woof woof back 🙂



        • Thank you, Sue. I’ve been practicing what you said and also, invited ‘help’ for healing. Ruthie does respond! I will continue working with her, and for myself as well.

          I’ll come by soon to check out your little one!!!

          All my love,

          Liked by 1 person


          • Dear Michelle, its been a while so I thought I would catch up with you and Hope all is well with you all??? And hope that Ruthie is on the mend and you too…. I have been thinking about you over the last few days,, So always follow my instincts ..
            Big Hugs to you
            Love and Blessings Sue xoxox



            • Thank you for sending your love and blessings, Sue. I appreciate that and glad you followed your instincts. I’ve had a challenging time, for sure, but Ruthie seems to be slowly, but surely healing and we are working toward getting her to a ‘normal’ state of health. I’ve been tired and sick from time to time, but am on the mend myself. My son moved out, and that’s a big change, but if I get my work done in time, I’ll get to join him for a party this evening at his new friends’ house! I hope to make it there. I must say, I am very proud of him for trying so hard and succeeding at gaining more independence.

              As always, your note and well wishes mean a lot to me, so again, thank you!

              Your friend,
              Love, Michelle.


  3. She is indeed a beauty. Her eyes and muzzle remind me of our late pit bull mix Reese.



  4. What wonderful post!



    • Oh, dear one, thank you! I just read your email, and am thinking of you right now.

      Sending you a big virtual hug, and real love straight from my heart!

      Your friend,
      Michelle ‘dogkisses’



  5. I hope you and Ruthie Mae can come to a compromise over the “ground sniffing;” and her digestive system heals itself.
    Ruthie Mae is lucky she has such a good best friend!



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