This Mourning Dove

Beautiful Backyard Bird is the Mourning Dove

This Mourning Dove is Smiling!

Mourning Dove in October One Mourning Dove stays when I approach with the camera.

I hope you enjoyed the photos of this beautiful backyard visitor.


The following is a link about this bird’s life history. (

Please see related links (at the bottom of this page) for interesting posts (and pretty photos) about the Mourning Dove!

Thanks for visiting my blog, dogkisses!

A note to those of you who are aware that my sweet dog, Ruthie Mae, has been recovering from a severe GI upset that happened after our end of summer camping trip. 

I’m happy to report that Ruthie is doing well!

She is still on a prescription diet, Hill’s ID, which is expensive, but has helped tremendously in her recovery.  I’m working on transitioning her to a more normal diet by adding boiled chicken and rice, along with pumpkin, to the ID food.

I’ve been working on a post about HGE, which is a rare and mysterious condition in dogs and is the diagnosis Ruthie received in early September.  I’m not used to writing about such factual information and I’m tired these days, so it’s taking me a while to finish the post.  I wanted to at least offer an update. 

Thanks to all of you who have expressed your kindness and concern.  Ruthie and I are most grateful!

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8 responses to this post.

  1. Oh! I’m sorry to hear about Ruthie’s health problems but happy to hear she’s doing better!

    And it’s true! That mourning dove really does look as if she’s smiling, ha! Beautiful pictures, Michelle. As always, your blog is a treasure of peace and beauty.

    Love and hugs to you–and Ruthie!



  2. Your picture could have been taken in our backyard, mourning dove, fallen leaves and all. Maybe she flew down to do a modeling session at your place after reading your blog over my shoulder.
    Thanks for sharing and the up date on Ruthie Mae.



    • Your welcome Phy! Ruthie is doing better these days.

      You wouldn’t believe how many doves are here now. 15 or more! It is dove season, so they are taking respite here, I think.

      I gotta go make some serious decisions now. Wish me luck!

      Love, Michelle and Ruthie.



      • I hope the decision making process goes well. It sounds like there’s no “middle,” in town or out of town.
        Having lived in both, I did like the out of town when I was younger and had less health issues. Trekking to town (I walk every where) was fun if the weather co-operated, but sometimes the snow drift at the end of our road was so high, you had to scramble up many feet to get to the top and down the other side!
        Now, I think I’d like to live close to a small town for the “luxuries” I’m used to (real butter, fresh coffee, bread we didn’t bake, etc.) but have the space for a garden — my no thinking negative thoughts space — some trees to watch through the seasons, a spot where birds, bunnies, and squirrels feel safe and at home.
        Where ever you end up you will bring your wonderful self and an exceptional dog to brightened your town or forest home, and your neighbor’s lives.
        Take care and good luck!



        • Oh, thanks so much for your thoughtful and caring comment, Phy. I made my decision, at least officially as to the county I’m moving to. I’m under some strict rules b/c of my disabilities and housing. I had to deal with a mean woman, but the one who will be my new ‘worker’ is very nice. I’m still concerned about space and loneliness, but I’m going to try the little place unless by chance at bigger place comes available over the next week or so.

          My mom said she didn’t think I’d be satisfied and that what is inside is more important than outside, but this time, I’m going with my gut and outside is very important to me. I will have a veggie and flower gardens.

          There are older, bigger trees around and a perfect spot for my bird station. I hope my birds fare okay during Winter here, but then, I don’t know my moving date yet.

          I’m pretty tired and the weather is that kind that ought to make people either want to bake bread or go to bed, or both, in that order 😉 Freezing rain, cloudy and a wet cold out. I bet your weather isn’t much different, but I haven’t seen weather reports b/c both my computers have issues.

          Sending you my love,
          Michelle and Ruthie.



          • Good luck with the move, I hope it goes well. If you can have a garden and a bird station, you might get unexpected visitors like deer, ravens, groundhogs, skunks, etc. especially if you compost close to the garden!
            We’ve had roller coaster weather ,lots of wind and the temperature is all over the place. Heavy rain tonight, then gusty winds to 50 mph, At least most of the trees have shed their leaves. We had a storm a few Halloweens ago when there was heavy wet snow on top of trees covered with leaves. There was a lot of damage.
            Wish I could come down to help with your move. I know just how hard it can be whether its a few miles or a few hundred or thousand miles.
            So, my thoughts are with you during this time of change. May your new home bring you the peace, the inner tranquility you seek.



  3. I can see the Dove Smiling Michelle, and I am so so pleased to hear the good news about Ruthie… I hope her diet continues to suit her needs… Sending your good self much love and Healing also..
    Love to you
    Sue xoxox



    • Hi Sue!

      I’m so glad you saw the smile on the Mourning Dove! You have to take a close look to see it, but how pretty!!! She (or he) was from a new flock, and while the rest of them flew away, that one stayed. Now, they are here to stay and let me walk around them, much like chickens! I love my doves!

      I’m busy looking for a place to live. It’s challenging, esp., dealing with bureaucrats, but I’ve met some wonderful landlords, which is so unusual around here, and that gives me hope I’ve never had in this regard. I found such a lovely space. Lots of gardening going on, but I must wait, wait and wait more for my housing contact to call.

      I sure hope to write about ‘home’ soon!

      I miss blogging and reading. I look forward to being back full time.

      I hope you and your family are staying warm. Thanks for viewing my photos, and as always, I love a comment from you!

      Your friend,

      PS Ruthie says thanks too!



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