Trees, and a Squirrel

Trees, and a Squirrel by Rosa Blue
Trees, and a Squirrel, a photo by Rosa Blue on Flickr.

Nature is always good for your health!

21 thoughts on “Trees, and a Squirrel

  1. this makes me smile…
    I hope you are doing okay in your neck of this crazy world….
    and your Christmas was filled with dreams coming true…
    Take Care….You Matter….

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    • Oh, maryrose! How did I miss such a loving comment from you? My apology and my loss, because I was moving, sleeping on a bamboo floor (with a camping mattress that ran out of air before mornings), so I am now trying to recover from the spine pain it caused me.

      Wow it was a hard time.

      My son and I attended a beautiful Christmas service that was held in a restored, very old court house that had burned down the year before. It was beautiful and a divine interlude in my move.

      Thank you for stopping to visit my blog. I am always delighted by your presence here, and your very kind words.

      I hope the new year has been good to you. I hope you are well.



  2. Dropping in on you Michelle, to see how you are? and to leave you with a Yuletide Blessings, of Peace, Good Health and I hope as this year ends, so too will all of your problems as you go forward in the New Year with love and Purpose, Healing and Health, as you find your New Home where ever that may take you..
    Know dear Friend, you are loved.. And I thank you for your friendship and look forward to see you soon…
    Blessings to you your Son and Ruthie, Hugs
    Sue xox


    • Thank you, Sue.

      I am doing fair. Times are hard. I’m in process of moving, getting storage, trying to find dates, and help. It is stressful. My dog is not handling things too well, but she is okay as I write. My son’s new place didn’t work out, and so, it is really stressful, Sue.

      Please know I have not forgotten the wonderful award you gave me. I hope to be back to myself, at home in my new place, and blogging in the New Year. The New Year will surely bring joy and peace to my family. I am trying too hard for it not to work out that way. I know God is listening to my prayers, but honestly, I don’t understand all these challenges I am facing all at once.

      Much love to you, and many wishes of Peace and Blessings to you during this time.

      Holiday Hugs, Merry Christmas to you if I don’t get a chance to say that before then, and dogkisses to your kitty😉
      Love, Michelle.


      • My thoughts are with you, Michelle and sending you my vibes as always to give you strength to do what is needed… Sorry it didnt work out for your Son… Have Faith… ALL will come together Believe it! Manifest it..
        Hugs Sue xxxx


        • Thank you, my friend! I will try hard to keep the Faith! I will also try hard to manifest Peace in my family and for my son. I am tired, so God knows what I need. Love, your friend, Michelle. xoxoxo


    • Wow! Thank you Sue Dreamwalker!

      I love the title of the award! 🙂 I’m honored that you thought of me and as soon as I can, I’ll accept it. I look forward to that!

      Love, Michelle.


    • Yes, is quite the cutie isn’t it, thou, I’m not sure what Ruthie would say about a squirrel getting any attention on this blog!

      Speaking of Ruthie. She ate a poppy seed muffin and I’m waiting on dog doctors to call. She is crazy about food. I think she needs a squirrel and that just might satisfy her appetite! 🙂 xoxo


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