Open for Grace

Ruthie Mae inspired what turned into a beautiful walk and an emotionally moving time for me.  We ventured out just before dusk, which is often the time of day I’m drawn to go outside, particularly when I’m in a melancholic mood.  I can’t think of anything that could have helped me more than our time together did.  It was perfect!

Ruthie saw a daring squirrel perched on a big tree.  She looked surprised when it didn’t immediately flee upon her arrival.  First, she appeared perplexed.  After a short moment, she had a hunter’s gaze that is so much a part of who she is, and which I do love.

There were several interesting sculptures in the park where we walked.  My favorite one is of three metal figures in the shape of women, holding their arms toward the sky.  They remind me of my two sisters, so I call them, The Three Sisters, but I don’t know the true title.

We came upon a bench formed into the shape of open hands.  I was especially inspired by the quote. 

park bench of open hands

The message touched my low spirit, lifting me from melancholia, to an inner place of hope.

“And Never Cease to Keep Your Wait

for Grace Lamp Ready.”

Hands Open.  Lighting Brown.


Thanks for visiting my blog, dogkisses, and I hope you have a blessed new year!

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  1. What an inspiring bench! You never know what will make your day.



  2. You lift my spirits, dear one, It is so true, just reading your post and seeing the sweet, open clarity of your visions and words makes me smile and of course think….i have missed you and am so happy to hear from you. Beautiful post, beautiful poem, and of course, beautiful YOU. love from your soul sister, Laurie

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    • And you mine, sweet soul sister! Thank you for that today. I have missed you too!

      Michelle and Ruthie.



      • And I miss you both! Sorry I have been so quiet – stupid sinus/ear infection came back and have been feeling like my head is about to explode any moment. On my 2nd antibiotic now… *sigh*

        But though I have been forced to be quiet by the sinus headache induced migraine, that doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking of you two, many times, every day! I carry you in my Heart, always.

        We are always holding hands, no matter the distance between us, for we have been brought together in this Life, this time, so that none of us need walk our difficult journeys with these illnesses (and all the trials they bring) alone. We walk together in this.

        Deep gratitude, Michelle, for sharing your beautiful story of your walk and what you found – and for being open to Grace. That’s really, really, important.

        Overflowing Love & peaceful thoughts to you, my sisters,

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        • Love to You, Ash. Sending you healing wishes too. I hope your headache leaves very soon. I’ll show you a photo of the “Three Sisters” soon!
          xoxoxo (((hugs)))



          • Dear Sisters, I miss you and Ash so much, it seems like the winter is wearing me down, physically and spiritually. The gray days, the bare branches, day after day of whipping cold wind. Some times I do “hibernate” under the pile of blankets and not face the world when it is so cold. Sometimes I write. But, I do think of both of you, always. I am looking forward to Michelle’s Spring pictures, to Ash’s Welcome to the World monologues. It’s a tough time around here, everyone close to me is dealing with tough issues and I am feeling them too. Love to both of you, I’m sending you hugs and good thoughts and peace. Lexi slept on my shoulder today and it made me smile. Love, Laurie

              Warm wishes, Laurie

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            • Dear Laurie,

              Thank you for this message. I don’t know if I replied before, but I wanted to send a healing happy wish to you.

              The sun is shining here today, so I hope it is in your yard as well. I wonder what it is like up on Ash’s mountain today. I know it is still cold, but soon, springtime will be here! Just imagine the little things we will see that will lighten our load a little.

              I thought of you and Ash this morning when I walked outside with Ruthie. The sun shined down on the ‘Three Sisters’ …so lovely. They reach for the sky and as the light changes throughout the day, one is always darker (or lighter) than the other two. How appropriate, I think.

              With all my love, (to the both of you),
              Your Soul Sister,


            • Oh honey, I hadn’t heard from you about that post but how lovely to get it today. I sent you a post also, earlier, wishing YOU a HAPPY BIRTHDAY. TRULY SOUL SISTERS. there has been no sun here, none. just gray and bitter cold but am trying to focus on good things, small as they may be to keep me centered. I too, think of you and Ash all the time, Can’t wait to see the first buds on the trees, I will dance with happiness. Love you, Laurie and Lexi

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            • Oh, thank you, but I’m not sure what you mean by a birthday post 🙂

              I did get an AWESOME package in the mail today, from our sister Ash and lovely Rhia!!!

              Neil is sick, so I missed my party, but they are bringing me some food. Neil also got a new pad today! Yay! No bed bugs! Oh, what a life.

              I love my bath salts, the sugar scrub, and we are going to watch the video of Wolves now.

              Hope you see this Ash. I’ll try to pop onto FB later.

              Love, Michelle.


            • Ah, my soul sisters, hello from the absolutely frigid Mountain!!! It wasn’t bad this morning – actually got above freezing! Made it to 36 before the cold North wind started whipping, and now it is 14 degrees – on its way to zero or so, with wind chills far below. At least a bit of the snow melted today…

              HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MICHELLE!!!!
              I’m so glad your package arrived today, and you like it, my wolf-sister! Enjoy!

              Laurie, I think you need a care package, too, but I need your address for that! Just a few little things to cheer you thru the gloom! I know exactly what you mean about just wanting to hibernate. It’s been so bloody cold & windy up here, and I’m still dealing with this idiotic sinus infection… today I actually dragged myself out of the house to see the doc again, and am starting antibiotic number 3 tomorrow… *sigh* I have only left the house for doctor appts since November.

              Good thing there is lots to see up here. Have watched the snow & ice swirl & fall, taken short walks in the woods to track the resident fox & possum & deer, and of course there are my canine companions! Kodi & Kasha say “Hi” to everyone!

              Sending you both great Love & healing thoughts ~ and wishes for an early Spring! 😉


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  3. Walking in a [sculpture] park will present you with a different perspective each time. Thanks for sharing your experience of being “open for grace.”

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    • I really love this park and I expect Ruthie and I will have many, many times together there. In the springtime, we will see the rose garden too and also, there is a great walking/bike path that doggies can walk along too. It feels familiar to me, as this city/town was our home for years when my son was growing up, yet it also feels new. As to being open for grace, I am 🙂

      Love to you, Phy, and hugs too…



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