Will Return…

I miss dogkisses and all the people who have visited, along with the bloggers I know. I’m not well, but maybe I will return to blogging one day soon. I wish you all peace and love.

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  1. Sending you all my good thoughts. I have been thinking of you a lot lately, wondering how you were. This post answers my question. I will try and contact you through facebook in case you still check in there. I don’t have you new address, (as far as I know), so I can’t send you some healing.
    Please know you are in my thoughts.

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    • Hi Phylor,
      Thanks for your comment. My blog is lonely these days, but maybe when I can write again, and hopefully I can, I should start a new blog with a fresh start.

      My body has gone wrong in so many ways. The move truly did me in. I miss my home like I’ve never missed a place before, except when I left home for the first time as a teenager. It is really an awful experience.

      I have your address, I hope. I saved the envelopes from your cards, and hopefully I can find them. I guess I could go on FB and message you my new address? You are such a good person to think of me and be my friend, even as I have not really been able to offer much to you or anyone else.

      I hope you are doing okay. The weather is nice today. We had a flood and I dislike this place even more now. I spent four hours picking up things I wouldn’t want to lose, which was a lot of stuff! I had a fever and was sick and by the time I finished, the water was starting to come inside. My little corner apt., is THE lowest freaking point in the county. What luck aye? sigh… That creek is nice but when it rains, within minutes, my yard becomes that creek.

      Sending you my love and lots of hugs,
      Michelle, and Ruthie Mae.



      • I’m so sorry that the move has taken so much out of you physically and spiritually. It’s hard to settle in when your heart remains somewhere else.
        The flooding is something you wouldn’t think of when the creek is down. How far into your house did the water come? Not too far, I hope. When my mother’s basement flooded in 2005, I went to help sort through the wet stuff and salvage what I could. So, my heart goes out to you — I know how hard it is to feel awful and have to do tasks like pick everything up off the floor.
        My email is: phylorsblog@ymail.com. I don’t visit facebook much — I know I miss out on what’s going on in people’s lives, but I tend to get overwhelmed, log out and don’t return for a while. But, I do go there, so if you want to message me there, that’s just fine.
        Don’t worry about what you haven’t done in terms of our friendship. I think of you and Ruthie Mae as friends. I understand all too well the effect chronic illness.has on people’s lives.
        Sending good thoughts, and (((((hugs))))) to you and Ruthie May.

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        • Thank you, Phy.

          The water didn’t do damage, really, other than the first part next to the door. Why they installed carpet here, after last year’s flood is a mystery to me. Most of the apartments now all have tiles. It’s the stress of, “every time it rains, it floods,” literally. My neighbor had to be hospitalized because it stressed her so much.

          I thought I’d be settled by now. I like the wildlife and all, but I will look for another place. Even if it’s a little studio. I need my own little spot where nobody goes but me. There’s a lot of those types of places around here too, so when my lease is almost up, I will be looking.

          A big hug to you,
          Love, Michelle and my perfect companion 🙂 Ruthie Mae.



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