Dogs Make Good Neighbors

Four-legged Neighbors

Ruthie and Happy sure know how to be good neighbors.  They’re polite and respectful to one another.  They always greet each other with a bark or if there is time, several dogkisses!  They are good friends.

Happy has a busy schedule of walks, playing and sleeping, but she enthusiastically remembers Ruthie on her way home from her morning walks.  Ruthie is always happy to see her friend and neighbor, the dog, Happy!

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  1. Love your neighbor as yourself. Keep loving each other Ruthie and Happy.

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  2. Posted by spudandtankbeagle on August 6, 2014 at 7:45 AM

    Ruthie and her neighbour Happy are gorgeous! Such cute pictures too 😊

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    • Yes, they are precious. We haven’t had a “Happy” visit in a while. We miss her and hopefully, she’ll come ’round again very soon. Dogs are the best friends and beautiful too.

      Also, I enjoyed my visit to your blog! Thanks for stopping by mine to comment.

      Warmly, with dogkisses, Michelle.



  3. Awww so good to see Ruthie all Happy with her neighbours.. 🙂 Lovely photo’s Thank you dear Michelle, so pleased too to see you .. xxx Love Sue

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    • Yes, for sure! Thanks, Sue.

      I enjoyed my tour of your gardens growing so much! Thank you for sharing those.

      Love to you too! xoxo Michelle, and Ruthie 🙂



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