Essence of a Holiday

Less than two days after my most recent post, I got a Christmas wish!cropped-santa-up-close.jpg

My son and I had a great day together!

We had a late start, but when we did make it out, the traffic was gone for the evening and we made it to the electronics store where we purchased him his first Tablet.  He’s so excited!

We stopped for lunch at one of my favorite local restaurants in the center of Chapel Hill.

Strangely, when we approached the street-corner, a hawk that looked the same as the Red-shouldered one that lives in my little corner of the world, flew through the intersection in the sidewalk’s path!

I couldn’t believe my eyes!  That hawk was flying about five or six feet above the ground in plain sight.  People were walking by, but nobody seemed to notice the hawk but me, which I thought was odd.

There is no way I can prove things that feel more than random or meaningful in a mystical way, but I admit to thinking that perhaps the hawk is helping me.

Life has been mostly difficult for me over the past couple of years.  A good day with my son came as a true blessing and desperately, what I needed.

I feel like my body is falling apart and perhaps, the way I had my life organized already has, but my spirit is strong and awareness is intact.

Nature helps me survive the hardest of times.

I’ve watched the Red-shouldered hawk since early Autumn.  The majestic bird perches close to my door on nearby electric lines.  I can get closer than I ever imagined I would to a hawk!  Honestly, I feel that if I got closer, I would disturb the animal’s hunting endeavors, but wow!  What a great bird to hang out with!

Since I haven’t been able to blog regularly or read other blogs, then sharing with you the beauty and interesting parts of my natural world is a way I can communicate.

Thanks for visiting my blog and I hope you have a peaceful holiday.

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  1. Hello!
    You have very interesting blog. I enjoyed it. Well done!
    If you like music and fashion, please, look my blog too.
    I hope that you will enjoy it!

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  2. May the Hawks for ever fly over your Head Michelle… sending you my love… and wishing you well.. xxx ❤ Sue xxx

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    • Oh, Dearest Sue! Thank You.

      Oh yes. Hawk has been flying over my head! Quite literally! And everywhere else around me as well, but at the most odd times. Hawk appears whenever I’m thinking a particular thought or dealing with an ongoing situation. While on the phone yesterday, I saw the wings go into the small patch of trees that I can see from where I sit if I’m talking on the phone. I’ve read about Hawk medicine. Mostly, it’s about seeing the bigger picture and being aware, I think, because Hawk can see everything.

      Thanks for stopping to communicate with me. I’m tired and have joint and nerve pain. I hope you are doing well. Much love to you, my friend.

      Hugs to You and Many Good Wishes as Well, Michelle.

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  3. I have been enjoying a few days with my son, too…which always grounds me in reality. There’s something about being a mother that brings out the best in me and it’s easier to put my priorities in the proper perspective. Plus, it’s easier to get “out” of myself when I’m with my children. I enjoyed reading about your day with your son and the hawk story, too!

    It’s been a few years since my hummingbird mystery relationship when a hummingbird appeared to hover over me whenever I went outside. It was obvious enough to make me wonder about spiritual connections which graciously lifted me out of my ego-self into a mystery of things unknown. We moved away from that house and hummingbirds are a rare sight in my garden now, although one appeared last year. Will she be back this summer?

    Sending you much love and well wishes for a lovely holiday season!


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    • Hi CZ! It is wonderful when you stop by! I hope you are well. Sounds like you are doing alright 🙂 I’m happy to know you’ve had time with your son and hope the holidays are good for you.

      I wonder if being a Mother brings out the best in me. I sure hope so, but at times, I do have to pull myself back from thinking I am a super woman who can heal all wounds and make everything perfect! Acceptance helps me stay grounded and I love nothing more than a peaceful and/or happy time with my son.

      I hope the hummingbird appears in your yard again next year. I bet it will.

      Stay warm and I wish you a wonderful New Year!



  4. Jus read about your day with your son and sighting the hawk. I agree that this must have been a blessing and an affirmation. Sometimes you simply know. Keep faith in the blessings you receive…especially the surprising ones. Take care and may your new year be a healing one. Take care …

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    • Hi Leif! Yes, “sometimes you simply know.” 🙂

      As I get older, faith is more attractive to me. Faith in what I intuitively know, that I can’t always explain, and being alert to the surprising or unexpected blessings in life is indeed a part of that.

      I wish you a beautiful new year! Thanks for your good wishes of healing!

      Peace to You,

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  5. What a great story. The hawks are simply mesmerizing. Thanks for sharing this beauty and Merry Xmas!

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