Rembering Laurie ~ Your Spirit Walks With Me

spirit sisters sunset

Three Sisters in Spirit

I imagined us three, “Spirit Sisters,” as we had once and forever declared ourselves, and our beloved young Rhia too, gathering together on top of Ash’s blue mountain and also, in Georgetown, drinking decadent hot beverages by the river.

I thought about our time together and what we would do.  I wasn’t sure.  We can never be sure of much when fibromyalgia is part of the equation.

A new pair of shoes seemed right for such a special occasion.  I was going to meet Ash and Laurie!

I thought perhaps Ash might not be well enough for traveling away from home, which influenced the shoes I bought.

I chose the shoes with both my spirit sisters in mind.

Strong and sturdy, with a hint of flair.

“I’m a city girl,” Laurie had written to us about where we should have our gathering.

Thinking of our city-loving sister in the midst of wooded and wild nature made me smile.  I suspected the same was true for our mountain-dwelling sister, Ash.

The shoes stayed in the box for at least a year.

Every time I wore the shoes, I thought of the day I would get to meet Ash and Laurie.  I took good care of my new shoes.

I can barely stand the truth, which is that our slumber party will never happen.

Laurie will never visit my blog again, although, there will always be a place here where her spirit lives.  She will never call me again, tenderly reaching out to me.

“Michelle,” she said, in the softest voice.

“This is your sister, Laurie.  I’m here for you sweetie.”

The sound of her voice now whispers in my mind.

A few months back, I started thinking more often of calling Laurie.  I was planning to tell her how much she meant to me, but I was too late.  Laurie became ill and didn’t recover.

Interacting with Nature, in my shiny black shoes!

Slumber Party Shoes 


Laurie was dear to me, and she loved me.  I loved her too.

I didn’t get to say goodbye.  I wanted to call her when she was in the hospital, but I couldn’t because she was sedated.  I wanted so much to communicate with her.

I admired Laurie.  She was smart, a good mother and a great writer.  I was proud to have her visit my blog and give me compliments.

Laurie wrote beautifully at Hibernationnow’s Blog.

Her last post was a Haiku titled, “Play.”  Below is taken from that post.

“Play life’s chances, free
ask questions, be bold, stunning
Roar, grin, like tiger.”

Laurie left us too soon.

Sweet Laurie ~ May You Rest in Peace

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  1. Saw your like dear Michelle and hope all is well with you.. know you are being sent lots of love.. Sue xx

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    • Hi Sue! Oh, you are so lovely and such a dear person to send me a message. I think of you too. I miss you, and blogging. Life has challenged me over and over, in big ways. I hope to post soon. I just received a new table, that I’m now sitting at while typing, so maybe it is my key to come back. It’s a pretty table that my friend made for me so it is inspiring.

      Peace, Love and many good wishes to you and yours. Hugs, your friend, Michelle. PS I have a dog named Roscoe now. He’s a hound dog and presents a few issues, but for now he is my sweet boy and I can’t wait to tell you about him.

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  2. It has been too long since I last came here Michelle.. I do hope you are ok my friend.. Its been a while since you posted.. Just know I am thinking of you from time to time wondering how you are doing?
    And I send you my love and thoughts your way.. Love and Blessings Sue xxx

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  3. I couldn’t let this first week of the New Year pass without I came by to wish you a Very Happy New Year for 2106 Michelle… you have been in my thoughts and I send you love and my blessings.. I hope all is well with you.. You are missed.. Love and continued Blessings for 2106 and beyond.. xxx Love and Hugs Sue ❤

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    • 2016 that should read.. I cut my hand this morning and my typing is a but off! 🙂



    • My dear Sue, Happy New Year!

      I finally have home WiFi! Hoping to return to blogging very soon. I need a new monitor, but should have one by the weekend.

      I miss you too. Thanks for your message and especially, your thoughts of me!

      Times are still challenging, but I like my new place. I feel safe and have been resting a lot.

      With much love, your friend,
      Michelle. XOXO

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      • That is all that matters Michelle.. that you are happy in your new home.. and resting.. So long as you are OK.. I look forward to your posts when you get sorted out… Love and special thoughts.. Love Sue xx

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  4. Hi Michelle, its been a while since you posted and I have been thinking about you.. Wondering how you are?? just know you are always in my thoughts, I hope all is well with you and your son.. Love and Blessings, and big BIG Hugs.. Love Sue xxx<3

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    • Hi Sue! I will be in new home very soon and back to my desktop. I miss you my friend. Moving both my son and I has been most challenging. I got pretty sick. Things are looking up though and I look forward to returning to blogging and connecting again.

      I’m struggling with my health issues, but hoping to start PT next week at therapy pool.

      I hope you are well. Peace and Love,
      Your friend, Michelle. Hugs xoxox

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  5. Dropping in again on you Michelle.. Hope all is well with you? Love and healing.. Sue xxx

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    • Hi Sue! I’m doing okay. I have been offline until recently and my time is currently limited. That should be resolved soon, but I needed to make some changes, so other changes could take place, if that makes sense. I must say, I sure miss being able to connect to WordPress at my leisure! I’m learning some things though, like how important this online community has been and is to me.

      I hope you are doing well my friend. How is your garden growing?

      I’m growing flowers in containers. Lantana, of course, and this year some lovely bright red Salvia for the hummingbirds!

      I hope to be back soon. I want to write and also, catch up or at least, reconnect, but my heart is here and you are often in my thoughts.

      I adopted a dog, but she was more than I could handle. I had to part with her today. I’m taking a break from being a dog Mom for a while so that the grief from losing Ruthie can finish and I can move on. I’m going to start Aqua-therapy next week.

      Take good care okay. Talk to you again soon! Peace and Love, your friend, Michelle.

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      • Aww sorry to hear the adoption of a new dog didn’t work out.. But I am pleased you admitted it wasn’t right for you.. You do not need a dog which is going to sap your energy..
        I hope the Aqua-therapy helps.. I used to go weekly to gentle water exercises when my FMS was at its peak.. it exercised the muscles without putting too much strain on them.
        Good to know you are gardening in containers.. Growing even in pots is therapeutic..
        I am doing well… seems like I made another shift within myself, as I sorted out a few things in my head.. and feel perhaps for the first time in a long time Free!.. Hard to explain.. but I think I was still mentally clinging onto wanting to work.. Its almost a year in August since I took the plunge to take early retirement.. and only just now really settling to allowing myself the freedom thought!.. of not regretting it, as even though very stressful, I missed it.

        You take care and I am so pleased you are working upon yourself some more..I know you will still miss Ruthie.. but I also know you will not be too long dogless, for the Universe I am sure will send you another perfect friend… Keep that thought alive Michelle.. Love and Hugs.. and I am always here.. Hugs Sue xxx

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  6. Dearest Michelle.. I am so so sorry that your friend has passed and your meeting never got to be.. My heart goes out to you in your loss.. which must seem doubly deep with your emotions still so raw..

    Know I am here sending you thoughts, as I send healing to you and to all those connected with Laurie.. I did not have the good fortune to know her.. But I am sure she sounds to have a beautiful soul..

    A wonderful tribute you have paid your friend..

    Love and Blessings.
    Sue xxxxx

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    • Thank you, dear Sue. I appreciate your kind words as always.

      Laurie would have enjoyed your sanctuary and knowing you. You would have liked her spirited way and writing.

      Yes, my heart does feel raw. So much loss lately and changes taking place. I miss my friend, and sweet Ruthie Mae. I don’t have too many words, really. This post was difficult to write, but I wanted to offer something for Laurie.

      Thank you for the healing energy. I know Laurie’s family needs that too. She was a Wife and Mother. Her children are young adults now and I can only imagine the loss they know at such a young age.

      With love and many well wishes,
      Your Friend, Michelle.

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