dogkisses for Roscoe

I’ve been trying to publish a post in this blog for several months or more, but after such a long time away from writing, the endeavor is challenging. 

An honorable mention of Ruthie Mae, a wonderful dog, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2014 and now lives in my memories, feels like a good place to start.

Ruthie named this blog, “dogkisses,” with slight little kisses on my arm each time I reached for her bag of food.  She was forever a tender heart.  So sensitive.  So sweet.  Ruthie’s kisses felt like snowflakes melting on my skin.

Not long after Ruthie passed, my late friend, Laurie, a former fellow blogger who lived with chronic illness, also passed away. 

I was sad.  I also had to move.  Again.  Life has been hard. 

My writer’s voice seemed to have vanished for a while, but after settling into a new apartment, which meant that I could finally sleep, I gradually found myself making notes on random sheets of paper.

Also during my online absence, the bond I’ve always had with my blog and the blogging community as well, never abandoned my mind or heart, which I think is pretty cool. 

Aside from the logistics of moving and an extreme backlash of severe pain from fibromyalgia, during and after my son and I moved two apartments, twice, I became exhausted. Utterly exhausted.  

There is a lot I could say about the past two years and what led to my long absence, but that would take a while and more energy than I have today.

For now, I’d like to introduce you to my new and most special friend, Roscoe!  He’s a beautiful dog.  I don’t have many photos uploaded to this computer yet, but soon I’ll show you his beautiful hound-dog spots and multi-color coat. 


No Words for this Face!

I’m pretty sure Roscoe is a mix of German Shorthaired Pointer and Bluetick Coonhound.  His face reminds me of a Husky.  His eyes are an unusual green.  He has wonderful long legs, enabling him to run fast and climb high too!  He’s a thin guy, but some of us just can’t catch a pound or two for long. 

As I write, Roscoe reminds me only of a hound dog.  Whining all the time 😉

Roscoe and I have had a truly amazing journey together since we met at a rural shelter in April, 2016.  I hope to soon tell you about our adventures and for various reasons, a few several misadventures as well.

With luck and determination, I shall return soon.  Fingers crossed.  Thanks for visiting dogkisses!



8 responses to this post.

  1. What a beautiful dog. Love his green eyes.

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    • I agree! 🙂 I also love his eyes.

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      • Very beautiful eyes! And I love how you were able to capture them with your camera 🙂

        So glad to see that things are starting to look better for you as well. Have a good one, Michelle!

        /Adam Baker – The Doggy Institute

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        • Hi Adam! Yes, I agree, Roscoe’s eyes are so beautiful! I wish I’d had my camera today in the snow. He was entirely happy and I thought, in his element.

          Roscoe special needs, particularly his separation anxiety, continue to concern me deeply. I haven’t written about this on my blog, but I hope to very soon.

          Thanks for your comment and happy new year to you as well.




  2. So glad to hear that things are looking up for you. I, too, have been absent for various reasons. Perhaps I will find my way back. Roscoe is beautiful. Amazing markings!

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    • leiflife, Thanks for your comment! I hope you do find your way back. I loved your blog post and art! Thanks for complimenting Roscoe too 🙂 I can’t take any credit for his beauty, but he sure has a bunch of it!




  3. It makes me so happy to see you blogging again! I look forward to reading more from you. I’m trying to get back in the swing of things myself, after my own long hiatus. Roscoe is gorgeous. (((hugs)))

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