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Memetastic True Story Revealed

I wrote five stories about myself in an earlier post, MEMETASTIC BLOG AWARD. Only one of the stories is completely truthful.

I confess –this does feel like a confession and one which I hadn’t expected — Story number THREE is the whole truth.

I have an authentic Mile High Club button.  I earned it in college.flying free a mile high, image of mile high pin, nightlights on a plane

I couldn’t believe I found the button, or pin rather, when I looked for it yesterday.  It’s a shiny little pin that one would wear on a shirt, but I don’t think I’ve ever worn it.

It’s as shiny as it was when it was given to me by the professor, who eventually became my long time friend and mentor.  We went on several flights together, but that was the only time we did anything like we did the day we earned our pins.

The only bold-face lie out of the five stories I wrote is number four“I love Comic Sans, Oprah, and Dr. Phil.”

I didn’t know what Comic Sans was until several days ago when I received the Memetasic award from Deb, at

I’ve never watched a daytime television talk show, unless it’s a PBS special or something of that nature.  I read an article in Oprah’s magazine a couple of years ago, which I enjoyed, but I never watched her show.

I didn’t know who Dr. Phil was until I saw his face on a magazine, while standing in line at the grocery store, which was around about 2004.  I asked my friend who was with me to tell me a little about him.  She was altogether shocked.

The other stories are mostly true.  I’ll likely write about the truth in those in a follow-up post.

About my little wheel-chair in story # 1.  I actually loved the chair because it was the only way I could get around.  And the day I could walk again, which I remember vividly, I was a very very happy little girl!

I have a history with pilots and airplanes.  I don’t know why.  As a result, I’ve flown in old planes, small planes, huge planes and a few in the middle.  A few times, I’ve flown the planes myself, but have never attempted to land one.

My dad took me on my first plane ride when I was about eight years old.  He and his buddy, Carly, who had a plane, but I’m not sure about a license, were quite the pair together.  We lived in the country and Carly had a landing strip on his land.  One time they took one of my sisters and me on what my dad’s friend called the, “roller-coaster in the air.”  We did, “donuts.”

I had great fun, but my older sister has since told me that she was scared.  I was surprised.  She says she didn’t want me to know when we were flying. She was always doing what she could to make me feel safe.

The best times I ever had in airplanes was with a man, Rick, whom I once loved very much.  Flying was a hobby for him.  Sadly, he died in a motorcycle accident not that long ago.  As you may have realized if you’ve read parts of my blog, there is usually an element of something hard in my stories.

The funnest flight I ever took with Rick was when he rented a Cherokee plane for my son’s eighth birthday.  My son is part Cherokee, so this was very special.

Shortly after we were in the air, we looked back to see my son sleeping in the backseat of the plane.  At first, I was afraid that Rick would be offended, but then, he was never offended.  He was the most peaceful human being I’ve ever known.  He laughed.  He knew my son fell asleep whenever he felt safe and relaxed.

“I guess he’s really enjoying himself,” my friend said chuckling.  We had a peaceful quiet trip.  We landed at a great little place where we walked across the road to a country southern home-style restaurant.  My son got to fly the plane for a bit on the way back home.  My friend laughed about my son sleeping on his birthday flight from then on.  He said it was the greatest compliment a pilot could ever receive.

I guess, looking back, I’ve had lots of fun in the air!

Thanks for reading my stories.  As always, thanks for visiting Dogkisses’s blog!


I was recently given the MeMetastic blog award!  This award is a fun guessing game for my readers.  Read on…

A fun guessing game for readers!

The award was given to me from Deb, at

THANKS DEB!  I think 🙂

Once you receive the award you must do a few things:

  • You must proudly display the award in a post.
  • You must list 5 things about yourself and 4 of the 5 must be BOLD FACE LIES.
    (your readers must guess which one is the truth)
  • And you must then pass this prestigious award on, to 5 deserving bloggers.

Below are my five stories.  The five blogs I chose are listed at the bottom of the page.

Remember, only one story is the whole truth!

1) I was confined to a wheel chair, as a result of a childhood bone disease when I was a toddler.  The doctors told my mother I might never walk again.  I hated that chair!  My brother, who is ten years older than I am, used to take me and my little chair on wheels to the top of our steep road, which was deep in the mountains.   My two older sisters would stand at the top of the road, holding my chair, with me in it of course, until my brother made it to the bottom.  He would count to some number, which was their clue to let me go.  I would fly down that mountain in my little chair!  It was great fun!  The best I can remember, my brother always caught me.  My mother didn’t mind this game.  I wasn’t happy the day I put my foot on the floor and was able to walk again because I had to give up my little flying chair.

2) When I was fifteen I skipped school one day.  It was the first time I had ever done anything like that.  In fact, I never broke rules.  I was always trying to be the perfect student.  Anyway, it was raining that day.  I was driving my boyfriend’s truck.  My brother saw the truck.  He began chasing it because he didn’t like my boyfriend.  The road was curvy, but lucky for us, I had learned to drive several years earlier.  I was wearing a pair of, “Candies,” which was a style of high heel shoes popular in the ’70’s.  The heel got caught under the gas pedal.  We both wrecked.  I drove straight into a brick building at 80 mph.  My brother’s car slid into the building too.  The truck I was driving only had a small dent in the corner and I didn’t have a scratch on me.  My boyfriend had serious cuts and bruises.  My brother had to have nine stitches and it totaled his car.   I realized my brother must have done that out of love, so I stopped dating the guy and never saw him again.

3) I have an authentic Mile High Club button, which I had a great time earning.  A professor at a college I attended was also a pilot and ask me if I wanted to go flying.  Sure I told him.   He told me how he had always wanted the button, but never knew a woman brave enough to help him earn it.  I was young and daring!  In order to get the button and become a member of this club, we had to put the airplane in the hanger a mile high in the air, which we did, but not without turbulence.  The plane nose-dived.  I wasn’t the least bit afraid.  I thought it was great fun!  Shortly afterward we were flying normally again.  The professor, whom I obviously had great confidence in, couldn’t believe I didn’t get scared.  “I trusted you knew what you were doing,” I told him.  “I do, but I lost control of the plane.  We nosed-dived!”  he exclaimed.  “We did what?” I asked him.  “We are very lucky,” he added.

4) I love Comic Sans, Oprah and Dr. Phil!

5) I got caught speeding when I was 20 years old.  I had driven my dad’s car to a city an hour away.  It was raining hard and I had decided to see how fast I could make it back home.  I pulled over when I saw the blue lights, rolled down the window about two inches, just enough so I could talk to the officer without getting wet.  The officer asked if I’d been drinking.  I told him all about the wonderful drinks I’d enjoyed earlier.  He said he clocked me at 124 mph.  He and four other officers had chased me for five miles.  I laughed and told him that wasn’t a very long time at that speed.  I went to jail, lost my license and my father didn’t speak to me for a several months.  I learned some important lessons and never drove like that again.

Which story do you think is entirely true?

The Five blogs I chose as recipients!

Seeking Equilibrium

Jessie causing a calamity

Autoimmunemaven’s blog



You can visit the MeMetastic Hop to add your name to the list of recipients of this fantastic award.

I’ve heard that I’ll be hunted down by the creator of this award, pronounced meem-tastic, if I do not correctly follow the instructions.  I’m scared!

I hope you enjoyed my stories.  I also hope you will leave a guess in the comments, as to which one you believe is the whole truth!

Thanks for visiting Dogkisses’s blog!


Writer or blogger

“So, what do you write about?” the eye doctor asked.

“Pain,” I answered.  I could have said life, health or my childhood memories, but pain seemed as good an answer as any.  The conversations at the eye doctor have the feel of the ones at the dentist’s office.

“Really,” the doctor remarked with enthusiasm.  “Where do you write?”

“I have a blog,” I said.

“Oh.  You’re a blogger.”  His enthusiasm was gone.  He didn’t ask me anything else about my writing.

Okay, so I’m a blogger.

I haven’t personally thought of myself as a blogger, even though I see nothing wrong with it and obviously, I am one.

I’ve always looked at it like I have a blog.  I like to write and I write in a blog.

I don’t usually say I’m a writer.  I say I like to write.

Saying I’m a writer seems to imply many things that are not true for me, one of which is, that I make a living doing it.

My sister and I were talking over the telephone yesterday.  I brought up the subject of blogs, since I’d just been to that doctor.

“I’ve never even heard of a blog until you had one.  I don’t know anything about them.”

“Well, people call people with blogs bloggers,” I told her.  “Apparently, some people don’t have such great attitudes about bloggers.”

“Well, I don’t see why,” my sister said.

My mom was asking what we were talking about.  I could hear her in the background.

“Michelle’s a blogger Mother!” my sister shouted out, as if that was new news and kind of cool too.

I laughed.

“A what?” I heard my mother ask in the background.

“A blogger!” my sister said, again enthusiastically.

“Well, I knew she had a blog,” she replied, as if to say, well duh, but my mother’s tone changed when she added, “but I didn’t know she was a blogger.”  The way she put emphasis on blogger left me wondering what she thought of the word.  It didn’t sound like too much.

I feel like a writer.  I want to do it every day.  Sometimes, it’s all I want to do.   I don’t think I’m that good, but I enjoy the process.  I don’t like throwing away ten pages that it took to get one decent and maybe even nice sentence or paragraph, but I sure like it when I get it right.

When I don’t write, it’s because I’m either sick or too busy.  If I ran out of ideas, I think my memory would have had to have failed me completely.  I simply run out of energy or can’t concentrate.

Writer or blogger, either way, I like to write and I write in a blog.

PostAWeek in 2011


Image via Wikipedia

I like a challenge and I’ve decided to take part in PostAWeek in 2011.

The most challenging part for me will most likely be what to post.  I have plenty to say, but I often scrutinize my ideas to the point of wearing them out or giving up on them.  The reluctance or reservations I have about posting are usually because I don’t think what I want to write about is positive or will offer something good (because it isn’t positive enough) –but this isn’t how I really feel.  It’s what I think.

I want to feel free in my blog.  I want to feel free to speak my truth, whatever it is.  Of course I want what I write to have some resemblance of a, “silver lining in the cloud,” but in my heart I feel like it’s okay if it doesn’t.

There were plenty of days in 2010 when I wanted to write but didn’t because what I’ve gone through and how I’ve felt has been difficult.  I don’t want to let down the people who visit my blog wishing I felt better only to discover that I am sad or grieving.

I subscribed to The DailyPost and will do my best to participate in the community of other bloggers with similar goals to help me along the way, including asking for help when I need it and encouraging others when I can.

“If you already read my blog, I hope you’ll encourage me with comments and likes, and good will along the way.” (A Sample Post)

I look forward to this New Year!



A letter to my blog

a letter to a blog and dogs can ride horses

Dear Dogkisses’s Blog,

I’m writing to say how much I’ve grown to respect you since you were born.   I admit that you were an accident and I didn’t have a plan as to how I would care for you.

I remember what fun it was the first time I clicked publish.  The life in you began to shine.

Unfortunately, I don’t know your exact birthday, but it was about one year ago.  I’m sure I could find it somewhere on your dashboard, but I changed the dates of my first several posts.   I can’t believe I trashed the “Hello World.”  I’m sorry.  I thought it was terrible writing, but now I can see where it would be cool if I could see your first appearance.

I realize you are just a blog.  I know I can do almost anything I want to with you.  What I failed to realize when you were younger is that how I treat you has an effect on others.  The blogosphere doesn’t revolve around you.  You live within it.

I’ve been working on cleaning up your archives.  Not only did I click publish too soon, without doing a spell check, much less a full edit, I also failed to work harder at finding the right words, or better words than some of the ones I chose to use.

I should have watched more videos and read more about blogs before giving birth to you, but please know I’m trying to learn and do better in creating you and your, um… online presence.

From this day forward I will have a greater respect for you and your capabilities.


Your maker and caretaker.

Warrior Women with Blogs Award

Dear Rosemary,

I am absolutely delighted that you chose me as one of your recipients for this ‘lovely’ award!
Your ability to give support, encouragement and friendship, even as you are struggling is a special gift.
Your thoughtful and funny comments have brightened my day many times.   In your words I  feel your compassion and empathy.

Thank you,

Rosemary’s health blog: Seeking Equilibrium.

I am passing on this, ‘Lovely Blog Award’  to blogs written by Warrior Women.  Women who are carrying on in spite of illness and disease.  Also, to the warrior women who are dedicating their time to a blog that offers education, support and healing  for victims of domestic abuse and violence.

You can visit The ‘lovely’ blogs’ who are receiving this award by clicking the provided links in the list below.

My Foggy Brain –  I’m passing this on to you.
This is a blog by a creative woman living life with fibromyalgia, and like most of us, other illnesses as well. She shares how she manages to find joy in crafts and the love of her family, including her 4leggeds.

I’m a little biased because myfoggybrain is one of the first people I connected with and she continues to leave me very nice comments.   Aside from my personal regard, I find her blog inspiring and if you like crafts, such as scrap-booking, papercraft or making cards, then take a little trip over and visit her blog.

Thank you MyFoggyBrain

Victoria at Walking on Eggshells, I present this award to you.

This is a blog written by a mother who is brave and strong.  She tells us honestly and candidly of her experience raising a son  challenged with a mental illness.

Victoria carries on and walks forward in the face of circumstances that present her with a life of living moment by moment.  Revealed in her blog is her appreciation for the precious peaceful moments in time.

Thank you Victoria.

CZ at The Narcissistic Continuum, I present you with this award.

This is a blog that takes me into a peaceful place of healing and learning.  CZ is a gifted writer, experienced and educated in her subject.  Her blog offers creative and fascinating metaphors, along with well-researched facts to educate people about Narcissism, along with offering support for victims of narcissists.

I have personally found her articles life changing.

Thank you CZ.

Leslie Sigal Javorek, at IconDoIt, I present this award to you.

Leslie is a talented artist, which you will see if you visit her blog.  She creates awesome free icons and they aren’t you’re average icons.  They have interesting stories and tales and imagination behind them.

Leslie also lives with a terminal illness — and LIVES she does!  I am personally deeply inspired by her positive attitude towards living.

I am among those, both cursed and blessed, stubborn as hell and determined to survive.”  Leslie Sigal Javorek.

Thank you Leslie!

jeneli, at Almost Normal, I present this award to you.

This is a blog written by a young woman who lives with several serious ‘invisible’ illnesses, one of which is fibromyalgia.  One of the things I always remember about her is that she must take a long bus ride to see her doctors.  That one thing would wear me out!

Because I don’t look sick, and don’t always need mobility aids, people tend to assume I’m in perfect health–that I’m perfectly ‘normal.’ ”  jeneli

Thank you jeneli!

lostintranslation, “An Impetuous Buffet of Loving Indulgence” — I present this award to you.

This is a blog written by a woman who loves to write, which I very much appreciate.  Some of us just have to write. She has a  refreshing youthful spirit and questioning mind, the latter of which seems to get many of us a bit, ‘lost in translation.’

I am just a girl who loves to write… circles…in squares….in the margins…on fresh sheets of notebook paper…on hotel stationery…in different colors…in cursive or print or Word…on napkins….on your soul…from my heart.”  lostintranslation

Thank you lostintranslation!

“Mo,” at Mo is blogging…I think, I present this award to you.

This is a blog written by a woman living with multiple chronic illnesses.  Mo writes frankly about the pain and fatigue living with these illnesses.   Her blog also reveals her gratitude for family.  She has found the love of her life, (who I wish had a single twin!).  Surely, it’s a blog worth visiting!

Thank you Mo!

To the recipients:

You can decorate your blog with your award, or you can simply stash it into your box of goodies, where you may go when you are worn down and need little treasures — things reminding you that you are not alone. Or, simply, just to let you know that one person appreciates your work.  I believe our blogs are very much a part of our work in this world.

This award is a way to say thank you to another blogger, or your favorite blogs.   You may present this award to a blog(s) of your choice by posting it on your blog and giving a link to the blog(s) you awarded, along with a little about why you chose the recipient(s).

To see more clearly than my foggy brain can tell you about accepting this award, please go see Rosemary here.

A note as to creating this list. At first it felt a bit daunting.  I was too tired.  Brain fog had the best of me.  I can write a post without too much thinking involved.  I hope that doesn’t sound like I don’t care about what I ‘post’ because I certainly do — but in general, writing a post is a relatively easy task.

I wondered if my giving an award would cause you to feel obligated to post it on your blog, which is why I mildly modified the, “criteria,” and again, I’m trusting is okay by Rosemary.

As I worked a little on this post, now and then, it gradually became an insightful and enjoyable experience.   I’ve learned a little more about each person through the process of describing her blog.  I’ve been reminded of my gladness over stumbling upon and having the honor to communicate with these women.

Thank you Rosemary, for the gift, and the ensuing inspiration of this post.

Mom says thanks!

Tiny here! I know, I'm cute.


kamama, Cherokee for butterfly

dreams of being in a cocoon and then, I was a milkweed!

Monarch Cocoon

Kamama, Cherokee for butterfly.

I once dreamed I was almost a butterfly– almost. The dream was ridden with  anxiety.  I felt trapped.  I wanted to be free but woke up before that happened.  I was glad to be out of that dream.

Shortly afterward I dreamed I was a milkweed plant.  Now That was an awesome dream!

dreamed I was a milkweed plant -- I was free

Milkweed in seed

I had several Milkweed pods in my freezer when I had these dreams.  I was studying and preparing to start a business planting butterfly gardens, which I did the following Spring.
It’s hard to describe the way I felt dreaming I was a milkweed plant.  It’s been many years and I still remember.

As a milkweed plant I could feel the process of pollination.  I knew that part of me was being blown by the wind around the field and touching the other plants.  I felt connected.  I felt healthy.  I felt free.

The life stages of a butterfly remind me of  starting and maintaining a blog.
The connections I’ve made with other bloggers is a similar experience to the way I felt in my dream of being a milkweed plant, which is a feeling of being connected.  There is an interdependence going on when we are writing our personal stories.  One person’s words touch me, my words touch someone else and then another might read a comment or find a link to yet another blog and it all goes round and round.

Like the wind in my dream carrying a part of me across the field of milkweed,  our written words travel across this place where we share our stories, giving birth to new growth in the form of knowledge and friendships.
kamama, Cherokee for butterfly, cocoons, milkweed and dreams of being free
“– a gift to my people the Cherokee, who honor the butterfly, kamama, in their daily lives as they honor and respect all things in the natural world.”  Geyata Ajilvsgi.

Please click on the below links for specific copyright information.

Wikimedia Commons, File: Monarch Butterfly Cocoon 2.jpg,
by Greyson Orlando.
Wikimedia Commoms, File: Milkweed-in-seed2.jpg,
User Mdf.
IconDoIt, the blog, Butterflies are Free” by Leslie Sigal Javorek.

Butterfly Gardening for the South, (Absolutely my favorite book on planting a garden to attract butterflies), by Geyata Ajilvsgi, (Introduction, pg x1)

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