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A Campaign for the Sweetest Dog in the World

UPDATE:  5th June, 2014 

Thanks so much to the people who joined in to help me with my campaign!  I decided to cancel the campaign, mostly because my health worsened and I am no longer able to keep up with the necessary updates. 

I am truly grateful for the feedback and donations.  Ruthie is doing pretty well.  We haven’t figured out the best diet yet, but she’s hanging in there with my home cooked meals, mixed with the canned Hill’s ID. Continue reading

Christmas Wishes

May Peace be with You

Lake water and morning mist

Merry Christmas!



A Spring Break

I’ve been dreaming of a vacation.  I’ve gazed at beach houses and found a lovely little place.  Pets are allowed.  The building is a light pastel like the color of seashells.  The beach there is quiet, especially in springtime, and you can talk to locals at the coffee shop.  Surprisingly, the rent is quite reasonable. 

The only problem is that I can’t afford to take a vacation, so I’m going to see my mother. 

“You can nap and I’ll cook you three meals a day,” she told me last night. 

I don’t think any place on earth could offer me anything better! 


It’s almost time to start thinking about what you might plant in your garden. I encourage you to plant a few larval food plants so that you may get to watch a butterfly happen in your own backyard.

Beautiful Butterfly, Share your Magic!


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A Book of Cacao

From the heart, for the heart…CACAO.

gift from the heart, for the heart

Life is a little easier with a good book and fine chocolate.

A look inside!

The story of this book is chocolate!

Quite the story isn’t it?  I’ve never seen a “book” quite like this one.  It came as a surprise gift from a dear friend.  I like it!

A story that's good for your heart!This book is a story of friendship, love and very fine Cacao!

Below –a couple of interesting sites to visit.

The World Cocoa Foundation

UliMana, Health Benefits of Chocolate and Raw Cacao.

Inside a Cacao (Theobroma Cacao) fruit

Inside a Cacao (Theobroma Cacao) fruit via Wikimedia Commons


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Butterfly, A Beautiful Life

Watch the butterfly happen!  Two minutes of transformation.

NationalGeographic, “Great Migrations: Butterfly: A Life”

The best part is near the end of the clip.  I hope it plays for you.

1937 flowered hat

In 1937 the lady was brave --have a colorful peaceful holiday

Have a colorful bright holiday!