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I am Free.
I once had four legs with webbed paws.
I swam in rivers, lakes, ponds and the ocean.
I plopped down in big ‘ol dirty mud puddles too.

I absolutely loved water!
I fetched sticks and balls
and anything my human friends threw for me.

I loved it on earth!
I had a great human mom
and a terrific big brother to play with me.

I went camping and traveled
all around the country
with my beloved human family.
We had lots of fun!

I loved them very much and they loved me too.
I once ran so fast into a stick that I had to have surgery.
I was very enthusiastic about fetching!

I swam in just about every river in the southeastern United States.
I camped in most of the national forests.

I went all the way to New Mexico and once lived on a horse farm in Texas.
I was named after a horse that my human mom’s friend knew.

I did lots of fun things during my life on earth.
I totally digged food and raw meat bones!
I ate all sorts of things that my human family thought I shouldn’t have.
I once ate an entire bag of Halloween candy!

Chocolate, caramel, suckers, chewing gum, even the paper.
I liked everything in the bag, except for the very hot red balls.
I tried each one but that was no fun.

I was a very good girl but I did steal toys from neighbors.
I was kind of spoiled.

As I got older I didn’t care much for other four-leggeds in my territory.
I did like one in particular.
I loved visiting her and running in her grass.
She lived on a farm at my human aunt’s house,
so I guess, we were first cousins.

I lived on earth almost 13 years.  That’s almost 90 human years.
I enjoyed my life and loved my family,
so I will tell of that and our wonderful years together.

I want my human family to remember our fun times.
I want them to be happy when they think of me.
I am Free.

In Memory of my Free Girl, who blessed this earth from 1993-2006.