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Green Healing ~ Plant People and a Bucket of Beets

“That’s a picture right there,” a staff member remarked today when she saw the red bucket of beets. 

Beets in a Bucket!

Green Healing Happening!

She was right and it’s a wonderful image, but the best part is that we each took home a beet or two.  I’ve already eaten a little orange one.  I’ve never seen one that color and wanted to try it right away.  It was great!

We also ate our first carrot today. Yum!  Fresh vegetables taste better than ones that traveled thousands of miles, and it sure feels good to eat food that I helped grow.  It also feels good to see and experience the gift of life from nature.

It seems like most days I meet a garden friend.  I saw a few butterflies and many bees today.  My friend and co-volunteer touches bees and said she once kissed a bee! 

Bee Kisser and Milkweed

She kisses Bees!

The creatures of the gardens always captures the heart of Plant People.  I met the little green guy, pictured below, in a garden behind a restaurant where I had lunch with two friends after group today. 

Garden Friends in Nature

A Green Healing Garden Friend

Today was another good Green Healing day in the Horticulture Therapy gardens.  We were blessed with good food, each of us had something to offer and as always, we shared a mutual kindness and empathy that soothes my spirit and makes me feel a little lighter. 

We ended our day with hope that the newly planted sunflowers will grow big and tall, which will bring smiles to many different faces.  We also planted Loofah seeds!  Isn’t that exciting? 

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One Beet a Day

A beet a day to keep the doctor away

PHOTO CREDIT:  MiriamWilcox via Flickr

A Taoist Alchemist has been working with my son and I for about four months.  He replied to an email I wrote while my son was in the hospital last year.  I wrote more than several emails during that time, but most of them carried the same message, which was that my family needed help.

I couldn’t believe it when he wrote me back.  He offered to help us and he has, in more ways than I could ever have imagined.  He quickly became crucial to the plan for recovery I was working on, which did get my son discharged.

The Alchemist is also a semi-retired Master Clinical Nurse.  He worked with the most severe cardiac patients in the hospital for about thirty years.  You’d never know by looking at him that he’s been around long enough for that history.  He has a youthful spirit and is in excellent health. 

He practices several modalities of holistic healthcare, including homeopathy, Chinese medicine and Oi-Gong.  The man has spent years studying these healing arts, along with nutrition and holistic healthcare.  Today he enjoys assisting people in prevention and recovery from just about any disease, including a stressful life.

The first time we met was to talk about my son.  Of course, this led to discussing my son’s childhood, background and me.  I was in his office for my own treatments shortly afterward. 

My toes had hurt for a while.  I kept waking up in the night feeling like somebody was pulling my toenails with pliers.  It was extremely painful! 

I briefly mentioned this pain, but I wasn’t there for the toe pain.  I was there to figure out how to help my son.  I was there because the energy I felt around this man evoked in me hope that my son could get better, possibly even well, which is not what psychiatry has told us for nearly a decade.

The Alchemist gave me a homeopathic remedy the first day I went for a treatment.  I told him that I hadn’t responded well to homeopathy in the past, but he said give it a try anyway.

The next day, the toe pain was gone.  It never returned like it was.  I’ve felt it on a much milder level, but only a couple of times.  They had been hurting nearly constantly and at one point, I recall being afraid of having to use a wheel chair if the pain continued.  The doctors said it was likely Rheumatoid Arthritis or Lupus.

I was surprised when the pain vanished after one treatment from the Alchemist.  I really didn’t know what to think.  Perhaps the homeopathic remedy worked.  Perhaps the energy the Alchemist carries is that of a true healer. 

I believe in healers.  I believe some people have access to energy that can heal sickness and disease.  Healing may not always look the same as the pain in my toes disappearing overnight.  Healing is a process and it takes time, along with a little determination, which brings me to the subject of BEETS!

“I want you to eat one beet a day,” the Alchemist said.  I cringed.  I’ve never eaten a whole beet in my life and that’s counting the obligatory servings I’ve had from the predictable holiday side dish.  I wasn’t sure I could do it.

“Can you make that face again?” the Alchemist asked me, laughing. 

“I don’t like the texture,” I told him.  “They are mushy,” and my face crinkled up again. 

“Oh, they’re not like that raw.”


“Definitely,” he said.  “One raw beet a day for both of you.” 

“I want you to prepare this for your mother,” he then told my son.  “Do you think you can do that?” he asked him politely.

“Sure,” my son said enthusiastically.  He likes cooking.  He’s also pretty good at it.  Since he’s been living with me, we’ve split the chores.  His includes cooking and washing dishes.  (Yes!)

A beet a day goes a long way!We’ve had some great meals lately.  I have more energy.  I still have chronic fatigue and pain, but some days, I feel good.  Some days, I have energy.  I do believe a beet a day is a good thing!

My son is doing as well as I’ve seen him in ten years.  He still has challenges too, but we both have a little more energy and many more reasons for hope.

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Resources: Taoist Healing and Chi Nei Tsang by Dennis Lewis