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Illuminating Blogger Award

My enthusiastic thanks to CJ, at Food Stories, for giving Dogkisses’s blog the Illuminating Blogger Award! Thank you CJ! 

Blogger Award

“A fabulous award that anyone can bestow on their fellow bloggers for illuminating, informative blog content.”  CJ

Visit Food Stories via above link.  CJ is a nurse, with type-11 diabetes, offering interesting food facts and education, along with ‘illuminating’ tasty recipes! 

Below are the five blogs I’ve chosen for this award:

Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary

IconDoIt, the blog!  (Deb also has a nature blog)

Learning From Dogs

The Soulsby Farm

I enjoy many blogs when I have time to read.  It’s hard not to choose more bloggers.  In the interest of time, I can only offer five.  The ones I chose have particularly ‘illuminating content’ via images and of course, each of them are also informative and interesting.

Again, thanks to CJ at Food Stories for the award and creating the Food Stories blogroll/nominee page.

Thanks also to the blogging community for offering interesting and illuminating content 🙂

Accepting the Award (See below)

Just follow the steps below:

The Nominee should thank the person that nominated them by posting & including a link to their blog.

Include a courtesy link back to the official award site ( in your blog post.

Share one random thing about yourself in your blog post.

Select at least five other bloggers that you enjoy reading their illuminating, informative posts and nominate them for the award.

Notify your nominees by leaving a comment on their blog, including a link to the award site (

I hope you have fun!

Oh yeah, one random thing about myself…

I like good thrift shop finds!  Today I bought a nice mirror for my son framed in thick strong Bamboo.  It’s pretty, matches his furniture and I saved about 150 US Dollars!  Only spent 8.  Pretty good 🙂

For the sake of illuminating content, I’d like to share a photo from the horticulture gardens where my son and I are volunteering and having many ‘Green Healing‘ Days!

Image of Merlot sweet peppers

Green Healing Merlot Peppers

Please see Terms of Use for copyright information on images and text in this blog, by Michelle, ‘dogkisses’ and/or Dogkisses’s blog.  Thank you for respecting this license.

Kreativ Blogger Award

I love it! My thanks to

A sweet award!

My thanks to for this very nice gift.

The blogging community is one I’m proud to be a part of for several reasons, the best of which, I guess, is that I have a sense of belonging.  I could say the best reason is because I’m among many bright, intelligent, generous and genuinely caring people, some of whom I’ve become friends with, because that’s true, but if I didn’t feel like I belonged, then I probably wouldn’t be here blogging.

For a long time, I wrote silently in my journal, always wishing that one day I’d be able to write a book, or maybe newspaper articles, (or anything for that matter) and that somebody would want to read what I wrote.  And then I discovered blogging, rather accidentally.  I saw the Publish button and thought how cool is that!

The first comment I received was from a woman who told me that my home page wasn’t configured properly.  This is important for a blog.  I didn’t realize at the time that this sort of unconditional thoughtfulness would be an ongoing theme in the blogosphere.

What does this have to do with my having received the Kreativ Blogger Award?  I’ll try to tell you.

It’s about belonging, being heard, being acknowledged, being appreciated, and hoping that I’ve been able to add something of value to a wonderful and inspiring community of people from all across the world.

Now, of course, with an award, there are rules. 

1. Thank the blogger who presented you with the award.

Again, Thank you Deb! I love your blog.

2. Post a photo of the award.

Hope you can see the pretty award above.

3. Share ten things about yourself that readers don’t know.

I don’t know what all you know, but here goes.

1. I don’t know enough about computers to be operating one, but I do it anyway.

2. I have a hard time relaxing.

3. My Dad raised Beagles.

4. I wish I could live my life closer to the land.

5. My heart is broken in several places.

6. I’m scared a lot.

7. I don’t feel as strong as people say I am.

8. I believe humans have the potential to make the world a better place.

9. I feel the energy of thoughts.

10. I would not vote for any of the Republican Presidential Candidates, even if I was a Republican.

3. Present this award to six bloggers.

1. Ash, @Wolfdreams –Ash is a talented writer. She has experience in medicine, from the patient’s perspective, along with having done years worth of reading and research. As a result, Wolfdreams is a resourceful health blog for people suffering from chronic illness, or for family members who would like to better understand and relate to an ill relative. Ash has other areas of interest that she writes about too. Go visit 🙂

2. Laurie @Hibernationnow –It’s about life, with some poetry. Go visit 🙂

3. Sue Dreamwalker @Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary –Definitely a Kreativ place to visit! Full of art, stories, inspiring blog posts, and all sorts of surprises! Go visit 🙂

4. John Byran-Hopkins –A very cool blog! Awesome photos and interesting posts about food history. Go visit 🙂

5. Leslie Sigal Javorek @IconDoIt, the blog! –A talented artist and writer! IconDoIt offers free icons, clip-art, and a fun-filled history behind her images. Go visit 🙂

6. Ediblesubstance (A foodie’s thoughts) –A fun blog with great photos and awesome recipes. Check out the post with photos of edible dresses. Very cool! Go visit 🙂

As always, I enjoyed accepting this award.  I hope the bloggers I chose enjoy it as well, and that you may pop over and take a look at the blogs.

Thanks for visiting Dogkisses’s blog!

Writer or blogger

“So, what do you write about?” the eye doctor asked.

“Pain,” I answered.  I could have said life, health or my childhood memories, but pain seemed as good an answer as any.  The conversations at the eye doctor have the feel of the ones at the dentist’s office.

“Really,” the doctor remarked with enthusiasm.  “Where do you write?”

“I have a blog,” I said.

“Oh.  You’re a blogger.”  His enthusiasm was gone.  He didn’t ask me anything else about my writing.

Okay, so I’m a blogger.

I haven’t personally thought of myself as a blogger, even though I see nothing wrong with it and obviously, I am one.

I’ve always looked at it like I have a blog.  I like to write and I write in a blog.

I don’t usually say I’m a writer.  I say I like to write.

Saying I’m a writer seems to imply many things that are not true for me, one of which is, that I make a living doing it.

My sister and I were talking over the telephone yesterday.  I brought up the subject of blogs, since I’d just been to that doctor.

“I’ve never even heard of a blog until you had one.  I don’t know anything about them.”

“Well, people call people with blogs bloggers,” I told her.  “Apparently, some people don’t have such great attitudes about bloggers.”

“Well, I don’t see why,” my sister said.

My mom was asking what we were talking about.  I could hear her in the background.

“Michelle’s a blogger Mother!” my sister shouted out, as if that was new news and kind of cool too.

I laughed.

“A what?” I heard my mother ask in the background.

“A blogger!” my sister said, again enthusiastically.

“Well, I knew she had a blog,” she replied, as if to say, well duh, but my mother’s tone changed when she added, “but I didn’t know she was a blogger.”  The way she put emphasis on blogger left me wondering what she thought of the word.  It didn’t sound like too much.

I feel like a writer.  I want to do it every day.  Sometimes, it’s all I want to do.   I don’t think I’m that good, but I enjoy the process.  I don’t like throwing away ten pages that it took to get one decent and maybe even nice sentence or paragraph, but I sure like it when I get it right.

When I don’t write, it’s because I’m either sick or too busy.  If I ran out of ideas, I think my memory would have had to have failed me completely.  I simply run out of energy or can’t concentrate.

Writer or blogger, either way, I like to write and I write in a blog.

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