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Green Healing ~ Tiny Light

A pretty little yellow bloomI am a tiny yellow flower!  I bloom now and again.  I live in a small clay pot and have two close neighbors.  They also live in clay.  One is a miniature rosebush.  She blooms tiny yellow flowers like me!

My other neighbor hasn’t bloomed yet.  We don’t know the plant’s family origin, but it has interesting rounded leaves that offer me a bit of shade.

We are a nice little community on the west side of a plant-lover’s deck.  We like our home and the clay that holds our roots together.

Our caretaker loves each of us, but I suspect she has a soft spot for me.  Her mother told her that I was, “just a weed,” and suggested that she, “pull me up.”  Obviously, this advice wasn’t taken and she let me grow.

Well, one day, I bloomed!  Our plant-loving caretaker was so surprised that she called her mother to tell of my appearance.

“Oh, Mother!” I heard her say.  “You should see how beautiful the little flower is!  It’s a lovely soft yellow and only last one day!”

I was proud to be talked about in such a grand way!  I started blooming more and more.  I love being a flower so appreciated and enjoyed.  My caretaker says I’m part of a Green Healing journey she’s on in life.  That makes me very special to her.

My name is unknown to me and my plant-loving caretaker, but that doesn’t matter.  I am an awesome tiny light; a soft bright spot on the west side of a lively deck!

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Green Healing ~ Lotus and Little Frog

“Hey,” one of the Horticulture Therapy Interns whispered to me during a recent group session.  “Did you get a look at that Lily?” 

I looked across the way toward the pond garden.  I couldn’t believe my eyes!  It was floating almost three feet above the water and extraordinarily large. 

“That’s a Lily!” I exclaimed. 

“Uh huh,” she murmured, smiling in a playfully delinquent way. 

She knew I would get excited and I did!  I quickly found myself standing on the side of the garden’s frame taking pictures.  I was in awe.

Beautiful Lotus Lily! 

Image of Large White Lotus Lily flower, "dokisses blog photos"

Lotus Lily

“I finally understand about the Lotus now,” a co-volunteer and friend said as we stood there, altogether captured by the flower.  By that time the intern had joined us. 

We talked about acknowledging the darkness in the waters where the flower comes from.  I’ve noticed the dark waters of the ponds, as well as all the life living in and around them.  There’s the frogs, the various kinds of Lily pads, some with intricate designs and one with a smiley face.  Pretty little red fish swim around and all kinds of moss and plant life grow that I can’t name.  Of course, there is my gorgeous winged friend, whom I met there at Noon one very hot day. 

So, after hanging around the pond for a few weeks, a surge of adrenaline hit me when the large white Lotus flower appeared.  Nature took me again to a place where I feel connected and my senses peak.  This surely qualifies as a Green Healing.

My companions and I were standing on the garden’s frame when the Horticulture Therapist walked over to ask that we re-join the group.  I suspected by the look in her eyes that she would rather not see any of us up there again.  She’s a terrific therapist and I respect her a great deal.  I also trust her.  I won’t be standing on the sides of our pond gardens anymore, besides, that’s for “Little Frog!” 

A cute little pond frog

Possible Prince Charming?

"little frog" posing by the pond garden

“Little Frog” definitely has potential!

Back at the gardens this afternoon, I checked the pond where the Lily was showing off for us.  The plant looked very different after four days!  In fact, I think I’ll end with one more photo of what it looks like today.

Lotus Lily Flower, Closed Petals

The Lotus Lily Flower, Closed Petals

There were also new Lilies coming up.  Some stay on the water when they bloom and the others grow on top of a long stem, straight up toward the sky, like this beauty did. 

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