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Super Moon!

A supermoon is a perigee-syzygy, a new or full...

A supermoon is a perigee-syzygy, a new or full moon (syzygy) which occurs when the Moon is at 90% or greater of its mean closest approach to Earth (perigee). The March 19, 2011 supermoon is just 221,566 miles (356,577 kilometers) away from Earth. The last time the full moon approached so close to Earth was in 1993, according to NASA. it is about 20 percent brighter and 15 percent bigger than a regular full moon. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I recently discovered a wonderful blog, Learning from Dogs, where Paul Handover has posted a couple of great articles about the “Super” moon tonight.

Both articles are educational and poetic.  I highly recommend you visit the site and read about this moon.  Plus, it’s a doggone great blog to visit and definitely worth your time.

Below are the links to the posts, by Paul Handover, from Learning from Dogs, about this, “very full moon!”

“The full moon — very full!”

“That beautiful moon.”