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Read “Virtual Green Healing” by Leslie Sigal Javorek @ IconDoIt, the blog!


Also, check out Leslie’s Art on Zazzle! You’ll see widgets in her blog displaying her designs and links to her stores.  Thank you Leslie!  You are a very dear friend!


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I’ll get to explaining the title of this post in a minute, but first, a little preamble is called for.

While I’ve been laying low in the background for a few months, I’ve been silently enjoying reading my favorite blogs (Dogkisses) and Green Healing Notes, along with a ton of books. If you’re a regular reader here at IconDoIt, you’ve probably noticed that I’ve mentioned Dogkisses several times and that the author of those two blogs is also a frequent commenter here. So what’s that all about, you might ask?

One of the greatest serendipities of writing a blog and commenting on blogs other than your own, is that you have the opportunity to come to know people from around the globe with whom you already have something in common (an interest in the subject…

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Man of Action from IconDoIt

“Man of Action,” from IconDoIt, the store, on Zazzle.

this man of action rocks! (direct link)

I absoulutely LOVE this “Man of Action” pin/button so I purchased two at a very modest price from IconDoIt’s store on Zazzle.

I can’t wait to give them for Christmas presents.

Bloggers know how much other bloggers mean to us.  My friend Leslie, from her blog, IconDoIt, is a talented creative survivor!

Leslie has been an inspiration to me since I first discovered her blog.  I’m quite sure I would love her art even if I didn’t know what an awesome person she is.

Check out the “Man of Action” via the link above and click on image to visit IconDoIt, the blog.

IconDoIt also has some wonderful holiday cards.  My favorite so far is the “Sugar Plum Fairy.”

My first purchase was the “FenceSitter” poster and I gotta tell ya, it is fabulous!

With each purchase Zazzle offers coupons for your next purchase and a discount for you to offer a friend.


PS  This is shared from my heart, with love and appreciation for Leslie and her amazingly strong will to live.  I do not benefit in any way financially for sharing this with you.


The Fence Sitter

Fence Sitter for Lady DogKisses aka Michelle. Image by Leslie S. IconDoit, the blog)

Fence Sitter

I wrote to my friend, Leslie Sigal Javorek, trying to describe the images and feelings I have when I consider ways to help my adult son in his healing journey, which has in the past meant navigating the mental healthcare system.

Leslie is a talented artist and author of the blog, IconDoIt, which is how I first came to know her. 

The drawings of the “FenceSitter” surprised me.  I loved them right away. The insight I saw in the image amazed me.  Little details, such as the red velvet fairy-like trousers and the white ruffled shirt reminded me of myself.  

The cute alligator came first and the dogs later.  They were perfect really.  I’ve only played with painting and drawing a few times in my life, so the Fence-Sitter was the first time I had seen my experience and feelings in a tangible form.

The woman I imagined can never decide which side of the fence she should be on.  “She has one leg on each side,” I had written Leslie.  “I’m not sure what is around her or the fence.  She simply can’t decide which road to take or what opinion to have.  She’s always wondering which side has less potential for harm.  Hard choices are on both sides and the fence is starting to hurt.  She needs to be free.  She knows in her heart she will probably never fully stand on either side of the fence.”

I haven’t always been a Fence-Sitter.  In my twenties I had strong opinions and was not afraid to express them, at least to people whom I trusted.  I was reluctant in academic arenas and sometimes in the jobs I held.  I knew what I liked.  I knew what I thought was right or wrong.  I knew what I believed in, but over time, I lost my footing.  Everything changed when my son was diagnosed with a mental illness.


“Fence Sitter” Image copyrights belong to Leslie Sigal Javorek.  Visit her here: IconDoIt.

Also, I wanted to share that Leslie has a store on Zazzle where she sells her original art– (IconDoIt, the Store).  Her art is very cool!  Thanks for visiting DogKisses.

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